WWE Monday Night RAW

Season 15 Episode 32

Return of Vince McMahon

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Aug 06, 2007 on USA
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Return of Vince McMahon
Vince McMahon makes a speech, Match #1: Battle Royale for the New Raw General Manager, King Booker interview, Match #2: Rory vs Snitsky, more with Vince, Match #3: Mickie James vs Jillian Hall, Carlito's Cabana with John Cena, Match #4: Jerry Lawler vs King Booker, Mr. Kennedy comes to the ring, WWE Dating Game, Match #5: John Cena vs Umaga, one last time with Vince.moreless

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  • The best Raw that has been aired in a while.

    This episode of Raw was a very good episode, as the return of the mr.macmahon character seemed to make the show more exciting and energise the show. The show started ofdf with a battle royal with nearly all the roster in it. The wrestling in this match was not the best, but the winner William Regal was the best choice to win the match and therefore became the Raw GM. Next followed a King Booker promo which was as good as it always is hyping his match against Jerry Lawler. Then came a squash match Snitsky vs Rory from the highlanders, this was a waste as it was hardly a match snitsky won in 10 seconds. Mickie James vs Jillian Hall was an average diva match nothing speacial happened. Then came carlitos cabana with speacial geust John Cena, this was a very good carlitos cabana as Cena was very funny in what he was saying, Cena then beat down Carlito and Regal comes out and says that Orton and Carlito can choose Cenas oppenent for the night. Now the dating game was up next this was probably the best bit of the night. It was incredibly funny with Ron Simmons winning the game and getting a date with Maria, possibly setting up a feud with Santino and Ron in the near future. Umaga vs Cena was next up I thought that it was a decent match with umaga turning face at the end by beating up Orton and Carlito at the end of the match. Regal then sets up a match for next week, Cena & Umaga vs Carlito & Orton, this could be an intresting good match. Then at the end Vince is told that he has a 3rd illgetimate child, I can't wait till next week too see how this deepens and who the other child is and also who the mother is.

    Overall a very good Raw on the entertainment side of things. But they really did need more actull wrestling as there was not enough.

    An 8.9 out of 10 from me.moreless
  • " A third McMahon"?

    The night started off with McMahon letting coach now that he wants every Raw superstar in the ring. He then announces that there would be a battle Royal to see who the new General Manager of Raw would be, He also stated that he will talk about US Congress, The I.R.S, and the Hypocrisy of the media. The Battle Royal was first it appeared that the Sandman had won the match until, William Regal rolled back in the ring to eliminate the Sandman to become the new GM of Raw.Vince then started talking about the U.S congress wanting to investigate the WWE.There was a brief interview with king booker where he talks about his match with the King. Jillian then comes to the ring and helps Lillian Garcia promote her new album. Jillian then starts to sing You Drive Me Crazy. Mickie Jame interupted and they begin thier match up. Jillian Hall won the match and gave Lillian an evil look. Vince McMahon named Coach the assistant of Regal. Regal asked Coach to get participants for the WWE Dating Game.Next was Carlito's Cabana where John Cena was the guest he did an interview with his self and then started to fight Carlito, Orton the interfered and was scarred off by Cena. GM Regal then made Carlito and Orton decide who should face John Cena.Orton and Carlito Convinced Regal to have Umaga take on Cena. Vince then spoke about the McMahon Family on how he wants to bring them back together. King Booker then took on Jerry the Lawleer in a match where the loser must crown the Winner as the King next week on Raw. King Booker won in an impressive match up.Mr. Kennedy then spoke about what he did to Bobby Lashley and he said Kennedy repeatedly until the commercial break.Orton and Carlito the pumped up Umaga for his match. Then we had the Dating Game where Hacksaw, Ron Simmons and Santino Marella fought for Maria. This was very entertaining as Ron Simmons won. Coach then signed for a summons for Mr.McMahon. Next Umaga took on John Cena in a match where Umaga showed off his talent.Orton and Carlito then interfered. Orton and Carlito then tried to get Umaga to attack Cena but instead he attacked them. GM Regal then made the tag match Carlito and Orton vs Umaga and Cena. Mr.Mcmahon was then leaving the arena the same way he did when his Limo exploded. He went into the Limo and then Coach stopped the Limo from closing. Coach then informed Vince that he had another McMahon running around.

    Top 5 Raw momments.

    5)Regal as GM

    4)The Dating Game

    3)Carlito Cabanna

    2)John Cena vs Umaga

    1)The Return of Vince McMahon and his 3rd child Summons

    Overall Raw gets a 8.8/10

    *Regal kept calling Umaga Umenga LOL!!!moreless
  • Actually it was a pretty decent show!!!

    Well it started out pretty well as McMahon made a battle royal match where the winner would become the new Raw GM. I knew after seeing the final four none of them would be it and knew someone left and would come out with one person left to win. Regal was that man.

    Then McMahon is now a face. I was happy with that since I wasn't a big fan eith his last rivalry.I just liked Trump being a part of it.

    Now McMahon is having legal problems and Coach tells him at the end of the night another McMahon is "running around" somewhere. McMahon's face was weird as it was more scared and upset then angry.

    Regal was also a pretty good GM in his first night. I couldn't tell whether he was a baby face or baby heel. He screwed Cena and then at the end he scred Randy Orton and Carlito. I liked that. I also liked the daating game. I saw this coming last week how Santino was turning heel. This week he was more of a heel which I do not want becasue he was the typical WWE heel. A scared one afraid just like how he ran away when he saw Umaga. Also I would like to point out his "broken arm" did anyone notice when he rean out of the ring how much weight he put on that arm. Well the cast was slipping off it and his elbow was almost completely out of it. I'm just glad it wasn't really broken because it would have snapped right then. OUCH!

    Good comeback episode though. Thankyou WWE Writers please have another good one next week! Please!moreless

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    • King Booker: Triple H is no king! That is blasphemy! He's no more than a phony, just like my opponent tonight Jerome Lawler. He's no more than a pretender to my throne. And I will prove there is only one form of royalty here in the WWE. Now, there is a decree of a special ceremony next week in the Mecca, Madison Square Garden, where the loser of tonight's match between Jerome and I, the loser will have to place the crown on the dome of the winners head. Which will be I! I will vanquish Jerome once and for all, and will set who is the true king of kings, which is I…King Booker!

    • William Regal: Bachelor number 2. He loves drinking, gambling, and having a very limited vocabulary. Please welcome Ron Simmons.
      Ron Simmons: DAMN!
      William Regal: (sarcastically) I didn't see that one coming.

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