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  • Where to begin? This show is slowly getting better, with faces like John "Super" Cena and Rey Mysterio, and Heels like Alberto Del Rio and The Miz, and even up and coming talent such as Mason Ryan and Evan Bourne, Raw has no where to go but up!

    Monay Night Raw has been on the air for 18 years now. For all wrestling fans, it has been the go to show for a long time now. The real reason Raw is stil here is because of the Monday Night Wars. That got people intrested, and that has kept them here. Cheers to Monday Night Raw, for it is the longest running weekly episodic television show in TV history! This show has been cemented in the mind and hearts of the Television world, and it will always be there, no matter what. Well...As long as they dump Micheal Cole it will be there forever!
  • WWE Monday Night RAW is good, but not a s good as it used to be.

    After about 10 year's abscence from wrestling, I started watching this show again in March and I enjoy it, but wrestling just isn't the same anymore. I last watched wrestling back in 2001 or so until wrestling became too stupid and the energy that made wrestling so enjoyable just vanished into thin air. So anyway, Monday Night RAW features some of WWE's superstars like: John Cena, Randy Orton, The Miz, Jerry "The King" Lawler, R Truth, John Morrison and many more. So what do I think of WWE Monday Night RAW? Well, first off I'm sick of Michael Cole. I wish that he would just SHUT UP! He is the most annoying man on the planet! I'm also sick of Vickie Guerrero always shouting "EXCUSE ME!" all of the time. What has happened to WWE while I was away? Anyway, the wrestling matches are decent and some that are actually really good. My favorite segment from RAW was when The Rock was making fun of John Cena. Unfortunetely I'm "Anti-Cena." I can't stand all of the hype that John Cena gets, Most of his fanbase are kids so they mostly rig the matches so John would win to make the fans happy just so Vince McMahon can get money and if anyone's Anti-Cena, they take the sign away because they don't want the kids to be upset. I hope The Rock crushes John Cena at WrestleMania XXVIII. If John Cena wins, I'm done with WWE. I like all of the wrestlers in RAW and I hope that wrestling can be real agin instead of being used as entertainment.
  • This show is GREAT

    Raw is a WWE Show which was made in 1993 Which made The WWE On the MAP.7 years later SmackDown was made in 1999 But back to Raw,Raw has been on for about 18 years and it is close to having 1000 Episodes and is the longest running Episotic TV Show In HISTORY.On Raw and in the WWE You can find Entertaning Superstar's like John Cena,Randy Ortan,Shemas,CM Punk,The Miz and many more. As you know the WWE Champion is The Miz, the U.S Champion is held by Shemas,The Tag team Champion's are The Coore/Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater and there are many more champions in the WWE but i think that's basicly all you need to know about the WWE,for now by (Buff_Wing_Boy
    P.S I might of spelt 2 names wrong
  • WWE-Wresting Will End

    WWE Raw is a great show. But after 2007, Raw hasn't been that great. 2006 was a great year for Raw. Edge and John Cena and Rob Van Dam had a rivalry. Raw continues to have its moments but it does not come very often like it used to. Ron Van Dam should come back to ECW or Raw. And Edge or John Cena or someone really good besides Randy Orton to be WWE Champion. Batista being Champion for a day was really lame. Batista being WWE Champion, period, was really lame. Legacy is getting really annoying because it's a horrible tag team. Rhodes and DeBiase beat the life out someone during Randy's match and then he kicks them in the head. It gets boring after a while. They've been doing this since Unforgiven 2008. If you just got into wrestling, you should probably watch the old wrestling videos on youtube or somewhere like that.
  • WWE Raw features some of the best Pro Wrestlers in the whole world with lots of good action and such good storylines and drama. Each week is different from the last with superstars who perform live every week

    I believe Raw is way better then TNA with Raw very good and unpredictable every week not like Smackdown or ECW where nothing huge might happen like a world title change with a match that wasn't announced yet and they got lots of great storylines and great superstars with great future stars like Ted Dibiase Jr., Cody Rhodes, Kofi Kingston, Cryme Time, Lance Cade, and Santino Marella. There are always very great diva wrestlers like Melina, Candice Michelle, Melina, and Beth Phoenix. And always the main events like HBK, Batista, John Cena, Randy Orton, CM Punk, JBL, Rey Mysterio, and Kane all great reasons why Raw is the best Pro Wrestling Show in the World
  • men in tights i don't think so

    How can any grown man watch this BS its terrible, i don't see the point of watching men in tights talk on microphones for two hours and wrestle for 20 minutes. I can understand watching this if you were a kid or something but when you see grown men cheering in the crowd it makes me feel so sad for them, their friends (if they have any), their families, and god forbid if they have kids. Why watch something fake when you can watch something like the UFC where they actually beat the s*** out of each other now thats something to watch
  • Raw is AWESOME!! The MIZ is NOT "I'm the MIZ and I'm retarded"

    I like people like... John Cena one of my faves
    DX one of my faves
    Kofi Kingston
    Evan Bourne
    Mark Henry

    Top 3 favorites on Raw are Cena HHH HBK.

    Hate people like...
    Randy Ortan and the rest of legacy
    Sheamus or as I like to call him GAYmus. Get a tan white boy no one is as white as you

    Big Show (I used to call him Big Toe)

    I think the divas should wear better clothes.

    People like Stone Cold Steve Austin and the Rock should still be there. I remember watching them when I was only like 4 years old. They should guest host.

    If it wasn't for CM PUMK (On Smackdown) Jeff Hardy would still be in the WWE. If Jeff ever comes back to wrestle ever again he should be on Raw. If not he should guest host too.
  • I don't agree with that Evilgenius guy who gave RAW a 5.0

    I don't agree with him because he's probably one of those people who only like to watch the segments and stuff. Well, I like Segments and promos to, but I watch Wrestling for the Wrestling. I am a true wrestling fan,because I watch WWE RAW, SmackDown!,the new ECW brand that WWE brought back, and I watch TNA. I can't watch CZW or ROH because my TV does not have the channels they are on. Anyway, the wrestling and everything is great, and RAW has some good storylines that get
    you hyped up for the upcoming matches, and Pay Per View matches. That's why I give a RAW a perfect 10!!!!!
  • Monday Night Raw is a World Wrestling Entertainment show that provides action drama and suspence it features many superstars such as John Cena, Shawn Michaels, Randy Orton and more.

    I think WWE Raw is a show full of entertaint and action however at times the show could be very predictable and sometimes they have the same main event two weeks in a row which is not very interesting the episodes that catch my eye are the episodes with great and long wrestling matches although the promos cut backstage or even in the ring may be funny at times or interesting at times I believe that the wrestling matches make the show all in all I think WWE Raw Is a pretty decent show beacause Raw Is Jericho thats the end
  • WWE Raw is one of the best wrestling shows ever. I am a huge fan of wrestling and every Monday night I always make sure to catch WWE Raw.

    I have been a fan of wrestling for a long time and one show that I never miss is WWE Raw. Every Monday night I watch it. With superstars like Triple H and Batista and John Cena this show is the best wrestling show in the history of wrestling shows. I don't think that I have ever missed an episode. This is must see T.V. for me every Monday night. Most of the matches are great and the main events are always so totally awsome. Even the interviews are cool. This is without a doubt one of the best wrestling shows that has ever been on the air.
  • WWE Raw rocks. I watch it every Monday night at 9:00 on the USA Network. I stay tuned.

    I love wrestling. I`ve been watching wrestling since I was little. My favorite current wrestlers are John Cena, Shawn Michaels(DX), Carlito, Jeff Hardy, Ric Flair, and Cryme Tyme. WCW was the best wrestling show beause it had a lot of wrestlers. I hope it comes back on the air. They brought back ecw so why not WCW. TNA is also a good wrestling show. And I don`t ecw because it`s boring. If they bring back WCW then I`ll be happy.
  • Provided, it was not as impact full as the Trump or Batista episodes but The Million Dollar Man did what I was dying to see a Legacy vs Legacy match up!

    Provided, it was not as impact full as the Trump or Batista episodes but The Million Dollar Man did what I was dying to see a Legacy vs Legacy match up! Teddy gave it his all, however Orton has experience on his side. Once Teddy gets at least 5-6 more years he will main event shows like his father couldn't dream of or pay for. As you can tell I'm a huge Wrestling fan and I invite you to join my reviews and thoughts at WWE The Return! It is a blog that I have created which will provide videos, photos, articles and polls every now and again for all fans to enjoy. So please, visit my blog at http://wwethereturn.blogspot.com and follow me also at http://twitter.com/wwethereturn Join me and be a part of the madness!!!
  • Outstanding

    WWE Raw is sooooooooooooooooo simply outstanding and very high paced action, that I tune in every week to watch all of the high flying action that is WWE Raw. Not only do I tune into Raw but I also tune into ECW, Superstars, SD, and some PPV's. Some of my favorite wrestlers include John Cena, Triple H, Shawn Micheals, Matt Hardy and even Randy Orton and Legacy (RAW) Christian, and Finlay (ECW) Rey Mysterio, Jeff Hardy, CM Punk, and even Chris Jericho (SD). Some of my favorite divas include Mickie James, The Bella Twins, Maria and EVE
  • Simply the best

    How do you review a show with so much history? with so much diversirty? You go back as far as you have to and remeber what it was when it first started and how it became what it is today...a cult phenomenom.
    A major Televison landmark. As you probably know Monday Night Raw was born on the USA network in 1993 and started out as a one hour wrestling show featuring superstars of the World Wrestling Federation ( what was the WWF now the WWE for legal reasons )Wrestlers as high profile as Macho Man Randy Savage, Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, were major highlights of the show, as well as up and comers such as Shawn Michaels,the 123 Kid, Razor Ramone, and many more, who would use Raw as a launchpad for their career.

    From the begining Raw was a show that displayed so many of these talents in the ring as well as behind the curtains. Color commentary from the likes of Bobby the brain Heenan,Gorilla Monsoon,Macho Man, and even Vince himself would provide with insight and detail of the action and drama as it unfolded before our very eyes. The main idea and focal point behind Raw was that it was not taped, but filmed live in front of an audience and that anything could happen. It was exiting and unpredictable the more it grew and grew into a larger scale production. Viewers would tune in each week to witness the continuing fueds between the bad guys, good guys, and all the weirdos inbetween. This was the first time wrestling had been broadcasted Monday nights nationwide on a major tv network. It worked well because fans of the WWF would especialy be drawn on after seeing the Sunday night Pay per view matches, they would crave more action, more drama and more spectacle.

    Soon Raw would be rivaled by an opposing company know as World Championship Wrestling whose owner Ted Turner thought it would be a good idea to go head to head, putting his show at the same time slot as Raw, and eventualy 1uping them by making it debut an hour early. This era from 1995 - 2001 became know as the Monday night wars.

    The WCW was hell bent on stealing and converting the WWF fans. Ratings went through the roof, as both companies battled to outdo the other at any cost. With the addition of many recently acquired fromer wwf wrestlers it looked like wcw Monday Nitro had the advantage and was succeeding in winning over the fanbase, but Raw was still a contender, and managed to innovate themselves. Raw continued to introduce push new fresh talent. Likewise Nitro would follow suit. The overall quality of in ring action and interesting storylines kept Raw going, even when the company looked like it was really suffering, top performers like Bret Hart, the Undertaker, and Shawn Michaels delighted audiences, though the competition remained stiff. In 1997 the wrestling industry was on the verge of revolution, tons of fans were enthusiasticaly watching Nitro instead of Raw. Soon Raw would take drastic measures and became edgy, over the top and controversial, where as Nitro would also crank up the heat but,extreme superstars like Stone Cold Steve Austin, and The Rock paved the way for what was called the attitude era of wrestling, with their brand of harsh language and intense physicality.

    Raw pushed boundries, and explored taboos, often relying on adult themes and situations to get ratings, but the bottom line was, It was selling out the window. Ratiings were literaly shooting through the roof and soon Raw was back on top, and from that moment on it soared. Raw would go on to win the monday night war ,eventualy running WCW out of business and buying the company, and the rest is history. Raw went on to break major tv records becoming the longest running weekly series ever. It clearly cemented itself as the greatest wrestling show in the history of television.

    Raw has given us so many unforgettable moments, storylines of all sorts, characters that were truely great and definetly not so great. How about when Vince Mcmahon's,limo blew up with him in it? or when Stone Cold gave the executives an un welcomed beer bath? or Kane finaly unmasked himself for the first time, or that horrible incident with an imposter Kane disrespecting a dead body. How about when Goldut gave Ahmed Johnson impromtu CPR, which caused him to rage. So many moments..so many great matches too. Weve seen oustanding proformances by HBK,HHH, The undertaker, Jeff Hardy, Steve Austin, The Rock, John Cena,Kurt Angle. Just about every wrestlers whose anybody has competed on RAW. What other show could pack so much variety into 2 hours? its got everything rolled into 1 complete package. Raw is an unstoppable force, and as far as I'm concerned will always remain the number 1 wrestling show on the planet. Bar none.
  • this the raw that i want not like in 2006.

    with now wwe focusing on wrestlemania and both world champions on smackdown, raw is currently having no world champions. but i like the fact that orton is going after triple h or the other way around as both of them have personal issues between themselves.but having orton vs triple h is getting pretty boring considering we seen that like 10 times this year. its good cena no longer have the title but i pretty much chose him over Edge .i hope wwe would just unify the world titles and tag tigles so that only one champ could represent the wwe.
  • no way out was cool lol

    It is really gud i wacth this show live every time it is on,and i wacth all the ppv and when the ppv the time is really late becasue i live in the uk and it on live at 2.00 till 4.00am and i tried to keep my eyes open lol

    i just wacth no way out ,lol ,luv the macth when triple hhh won the undertake and the undertaker it all time favourite off mine.and randy orton vs shane OMG have u seen triple hhh face when he did the rko last week live show amazingggg.and the raw elimantion macth when chris jerico did the code breaker and then ray did 619 and then edge did the sphere and pinned him that wasss coollllllllllll
  • WWE Raw is the "A" show within the WWE. It features the likes of John Cena, Batista, Randy Orton, Chris Jericho, JBL, etc.

    Raw gets better and better each week in my opinion, and is home to my favorite superstar, Randy Orton. If any WWE show is worth watching, it's Raw, infact, it's the only WWE show I watch these days.

    The wrestlers on this brand are interesting to watch, and the storylines are great too. Recently Orton's "Legacy" storyline kicked off, and it's been very interesting seeing it play it, since no one sees what's coming, and if they do, they question themselves, much like I do. However, some of the storylines are just plan boring, like the JBL/HBK storyline they have going on right now. I mean I know what it will lead to, but it's just holding HBK back, and will cause JBL to win the WHC, which will cause ratings to drop.

    The diva's, well... I don't really like the diva's of Raw, the only one that is fun to watch is Kelly Kelly, and sometimes Beth Phoenix... Ok, Beth Phoenix is great to watch ALL the time, I love the "Glamorella" storyline that's going on with Beth and Santino.

    Raw also creates interesting characters for superstars, such as the "Dolph Ziggler" character, who has really proved himself in the ring.

    I have no problem giving Raw a 10 out of 10.
  • This Review is on my opinion on last nights Raw!!!!!!!!!

    This was a great show with average action except main event, and as good as last week. Opening Segment: Y2j and Steph McHHH'sman: Y2j had a great opening segement like last week,and great with what happen to him. **** stars

    The opening match with Mysterio and Miz: Was a good match for only 3 1/2 minutes like in IC title tournament, but little notch down, but still good. But really out of all big men why did they pick Mike Knox. I could feel better with Mark Henry. Match: **1/4 stars

    Regal vs. Punk: The same as last week, but less time, and less enterataning, and finish is getting me po'd, and Punk better win title next week. *1/2 stars

    Orton vs. Kane: Was good for not hype up, but good but torn between anger and liking finish, but good. **1/4 stars

    Funniest Moment: Marella: "Peace out G's"

    HBK vs. Cena: Was a solid-great match overall and finish was good, and good way to help out average show. **** stars
  • For 15 Years WWE entertained with shows that were RAW!

    Granted, the flagship program of the WWE (and as the longest-running episodic show ever on cable TV)--like everything else--has changed with the times and as such, it nowadays caters more to the casual fan and to families with children, instead of the hardcore old-school fans of years past. Despite that, declining ratings, and "creative" writers who couldn't write out of a paper bag creating sloppy storylines that aren't entertaining in the slightest, the company still comes out on top of the sports-entertainment empire, considering TNA (Total Nonstop Action) is bascially the second coming of WCW (World Championship Wrestling), but in the worst way possible--the same bad booking decisions by a non-fan of the business that's running the show, the same fights over creative control, and the same shoddy writting by Russo--hence why it barely registers under WWE's radar.

    Hell, WWE considers other forms of television more competition than it does TNA and that's saying something!

    Thus, having said that, because of the WWE's longevity and the fact that it--despite backstage politics--focuses on new superstars instead of merely putting all attention on the veterans of the company, this fan of wrestling will always stick with the company that been on top of things for 15+ years, hoping that something does happen to turn the business around and out of the slump it's in.
  • Well I liked the show! Was cool. Found even where to check it online http://wwelivestream.blogspot.com/

    Well I liked the show! Was cool. Found even where to check it online http://wwelivestream.blogspot.com/

    I really liked Jericho vs Shawn Mitchael last man standing match. Gotta check it out. Rest of the matches were good too. Liked to see D-Lo Brown in the action. Hated divas, but well. Stephanie Mc Mahon and Batista angle was cool. Hope the RAW will continue this way.

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  • A good show to get hooked on.

    If you seriously wanna know how I feel about WWE Raw, well let me just put it in two words-LOVE IT!

    The storylines are pretty decent and for the most part, everything keeps going into twist and turns. I have watched this show since the beginning of 07 and I haven't looked back since. Im waiting anxiously for the return of John Cena, my favorite wrestler and I hope that he beats Chris Jericho for the WHC at Survivor Series. Well, that's all I have to say about this show. See you on other reviews and you can beat your butt on it.
  • wwe has become pathetic the stoylines are just too predictable and repetitive the monologues are terrible.to much flaws in part of the wwe an their clueless writers.

    As a former wrestling fan wwe is nothing but a joke now, santino morella are you kidding me! he is the intercontinental champion! what a waste of human time! i remember when the wwe story line's use to be at least decent now is a complete disaster. When vince russo lead the attitude "era" his story lines were incredible the hottest "era" of them all.Now they have a bunch of writers who don't have a clue about how wrestling works and Vince is just looking for shock value who are you going to sign next for a mach at wrestlemania Britney spears vs kane? no wonder t the rock has been declining invitation by wwe. steve i loved him as a wrestler and the entertainer that he is but not as a sell out to Vince, the only reason he appeared in cyber Sunday was because of course he is under vince McMahon's contract.flip the channel to spike tv and watch TNA WRESTLING instead.
  • Good wrestling show, But needs to improve.........

    I used to like this show a alot, and I still like it but its going downhill fast. My favorie superstars are Chris Jericho because he is one of the best wrestlers in wwe and other wrestling shows, I dont care if he's Heel or Face. My other one is "HBK" Shawn michaels because hes just the best. Theres nothing I could say. They should bring back Rob Van Dam because.....he's a the best hardcore,tecnical,high flyer wrestler that wwe as ever seen. I think that the show has too much minor matchs and then the like two or three big matches. Overall: 9.5/10
  • What happened to the good storylines?

    I remember the good ol days when wrestling actually had good storylines. Nowadays, seems like the writers can’t produce good or original storylines and hence keep repeating the same ones over and over again. Plus it doesn’t help that superstars keep switching brands all the time. I was seriously devastated to see Triple H leave RAW to go to Smackdown. Since then, I slowly stopped watching RAW, and I’ve never liked watching Smackdown. Poor storylines combined with poor drafting choices have made me lose interest in WWE completely. I don’t know if I’ll ever watch wrestling again, at least not for a couple of years.
  • Not as good as it used to be, but it is an awesome show!

    Many people like to knock wrestling and say that it sucks or is not a good use of two hours. I say that they have not seen Monday Night Raw! As the red brand and the flagship program of the WWE, Raw has entertained millions around the world for over fifteen years. I have been impressed greatly by this show and even though it can get a little dry a times, it never stays that way for long. As a fan of wrestling, from my years as a child, to the here and now, I will always be a fan of the WWE and Monday Night Raw!
  • It's great, but is less better than Smackdown.

    Raw is great in a lot of ways, like it has the best wrestlers. Wrestlers like John Cena, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Umaga, and much more. None of my favorites are on Raw. I don't even like John Cena, Shawn Michaels, and Triple H. 3 of the most popular wrestlers. The good things about it are that whenever Vince McMahon comes out, something bad happens to him, every time he comes out, DX comes and does something bad to him. Raw is still great in a lot of other ways, they have more extreme matches. Overall, I still like Smackdown better than Raw and give Raw an 8.5.
  • Wrestling in all WWE shows is real. Nothing is scripted. WWE shows rock and Raw rocks the most

    WWE Raw is the number 1 wrestling show of all time to this day. No other wrestling show beats the entertainment and wrestling we see every Monday Night on Raw. Sometimes, Raw is bought to our TV's live and some times it follows the two week schedule. Nothing is scheduled. WWE Raw is the only place to catch up with your facourite superstars such as Randy Orton, Rey Mysterio, Batista and more. Everybody has a favourite wrestler, mine is Orton. The superstars of Raw can really step up to the ring and demand challenges and title shots. When it comes down to wrestling for the title, it's every man for himself. Every superstar wants to hold the belt and the belt is only a sign of saying, "I am the champion". It's about being known as the champion and the top of the roster. Like I said, Raw is the very best wrestling show in the whole wide world and no other wrestling show tops Raw. Raw should be on TV.com's top lists.
  • raw is cool

    i think raw is the best because it has batista cm punk jtg shad john cena hbk randy orton y2j jbl kofi kingston ted diabase jr micheal cole jerry the king lawler cody rhodes beth pheonix mickie james charlie haas candice michelle val venis rey mysterio shane mcmahon mr.mcmahon william regal melina chuck palumbo hacksaw jim duggan duece hardcore holly jamie noble jillian hall kane matt striker lance cade layla paul birchill paul london katie lea burchill lillian garicia santino marella stone cold steve austin snitsky rory mcallister ron simmons robbie mcallister edge undertaker sabu sandman tommy dreamer umaga big show
  • Raw is a WWE production which stands for Worldwide Wrestleing Enteriment. Also is very exciting to wacth if therre is alot of action! Like someone cutting off someone when there ready to say something very important!

    Two nights ago WWE had a pay preview called The Great American Bash. No one lost they're title that competed in the event, so whoever was the challenger lost. HHH won agianst Edge, CM Punk won agianst Bastisa. Michelle McCool won the Divas Champion belt agianst Natila. The Divas Championship belt is a new belt in the WWE, but newer on Smackdown a WWE brand. Now on to another thing but still about the WWE, Raw wasn't really that exciting last night but, Mr. McMahon got hurt 3 weeks ago when trying to give away 1 million dollars away to WWE Fans. he is recovering at his home and I belive he should be back on Raw in 3 weeks or so.
  • TNA is no match compared to this show!

    I just love this show! I've been watching it since a little kid and I still watch it today!
    "But it's fake!" so? About 3/4 of the TV shows are fake!
    It's just entertaining and fun to watch. The storylines are awesome and totally funny! It's also interesting o.O Santino Marella makes me laugh my head off everytime he say something, which is a good thing. I love to see who will be paired up in the future and who's going to have a fued with who! The draft lottery every year is interesting too.
    The pay-per-views are worth the money and so are the events. I just absolutely love this show and TNA is nowhere near this show!
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