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  • lost it's touch

    I used to watch raw every monday but now the show is way predictable,including smackdown.The show wouldn't be fun to watch if you know whats gonna happen. I know its fake but when big show stated losing most of his matches it got even more fake.like when john cena had the championship and had it like for a year without losing.he faced everybody for his title even newcomers like umaga,i knew cena was gonna to win because he won every match he was in.also like the storyline of mr mchmaons death that was ruined cause of chris benoit death, i knew he was gonna make up that he faked is death in the new storyline.What im trying to say that wwe in genaral is to predictable and if they cant step up their game they should call it quits.
  • This is cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This show has many superstars and many things that have to do with paper views. It is action packed and cool. I like the superstars and general managers of Raw. Batista, Rey Mysterio, CM Punk, Cena, and Kane are my favorite wrestlers in Raw. they are powerful superstars. These are the superstars I don't like: Edge, Chavo, Van Neely, Zack Ryder, Kody Hawkins, and Stinstky, and M.V.P, and Umaga. I wish Undertaker and Ric Flair were back. My favorite hall of fame wrestlers are the Rock, Mick Foly, Undertaker, Rick Flair, and Hulk Hogan. These is my reveiw of WWE Raw.
  • The best wrestling show out there right out.

    WWE Raw is one of the best wrestling show ever. It used to be even better when they had the Monday Night War, but those days are gone. I remember back when it used to be called WWF. I think that was Wrestling best era ever. The Rock, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, The original Undertaker, and many more wrestler that was part of the "Attidute" era. The wrestling show that is now can never be compared to the Monday Night War. Don't get me wrong it still a good show up today. It one of the longest running show in TV history.
  • I love Raw and the WWE.

    I love Raw and the WWE. It's the best wrestling show on television. i've been watching this show since i was a little girl and have never stopped. i was hooked from the momment i first saw it. i love everything about raw. it's the best show ever. i love the matches the fueds the wreastlers. it's awesome!!!!! raw beats all the rest when is comes to wrestling shows. it's one of my personal favorites. I can't wait to watch it every monday when it comes on. Raw is the best. i can't get enough of it. it's just really good.
  • Do I love wrestling? Yes. Do I love RAW? No, but I feel forced to watch it.

    If I'm not working, studying, or hanging out with a couple friends on Monday night, you can find me watching Monday Night RAW. I've always enjoyed wrestling. The psychology, storylines, and athleticism have always entertained me. There was a time when you could easily find something compelling in wrestling. Whether it was Sting fighting the nWo, Stone Cold Steve Austin owning any person who stood in his way, The Rock verbally destroying someone, or even classic matches from greats like Rob Van Dam, Eddie Guerrero, and Kurt Angle, there was always something great. Then 2005 came along, and John Cena and Batista came to the main event to entertain kids below the age of 12. After that, watching RAW, or Smackdown! for that matter, became a guilty pleasure. From there, the women became nothing more than sex toys, the main event became a repetitive kids' show, and classic matches became PPV exclusive(which are still a rarity). However, RAW still has its moments. Shawn Michaels, Chris Jericho, and Jeff Hardy are amazing athletes and always manage to put on some great matches and segments, divas like Mickie James and Melina still manage to keep the women's division on life support, and rising stars like Mr. Kennedy and Santino Marella add to the show as well. It's too bad that Vince McMahon takes time out of the show to fuel his own ego with the "Million Dollar Mania" segments to add to the show. It's too bad that wrestlers like Triple H and John Cena take over the main event and refuse to put over anyone slightly interesting in order to keep their spot and annoy anyone above the age of 12. I watch this show because it's one of the only places to watch some new wrestling on TV, not because I'm a huge fan of WWE. If you do watch RAW, I advise you to not go bragging about it. I'm seriously embarassed as a human being to watch some of the terrible segments shown these days. So if you like wrestling, I suggest watching only once in awhile to see that match of the night with Chris Jericho or Jeff Hardy. Otherwise, you will most likely find nothing else but money giveaways, a 4-minute divas match, and some idiotic repetitive segments with John Cena, Triple H, and many others who are there to bore the crap out of us. I mainly watch for the one day that something big will finally happen once again. However, that hope has severely decreased over the past couple years, and I may be done with this show for good in a very soon time.
  • The best Wrestling show ever. I've been watching raw since it began some 15 years ago.I have never missed a Monday night raw. I was had a knee surgery on a Monday morning and still had to watch Raw that night in the hospital.

    The best Wrestling show ever. I've been watching raw since it began some 15 years ago.I have never missed a Monday night raw. I was had a knee surgery on a Monday morning and still had to watch Raw that night in the hospital. My favorite wrestler's are Stone cold Steve Austin because he does not take crap from anyone not even the boss. But my most favorite athletic wrestler is HBK Shawn Michaels, because he as some of the most exciting matches ever you don't have to like him but you have to respect his talent. So tune in ever Monday.
  • One of the shows on my "To Watch" list x]

    Even though I have been watching it for a while, I'm still not sure about some things. Like, whos on RAW and whos on Smackdown. I never know if one of my favs are going to be on. I never liked wrestling. Heck, I didn't even know there was RAW and Smackdown. I never knew when it would be on. I've learned alot since then. I know now that it is all acting, but it looks so real. Some of the fights cause actual injuries. It is pretty funny. The fans show who they "like and dislike." Just look at how they respond to wrestlers like MVP, JBL, and William Regal.
  • RAW dominant brand

    RAW is the most dominent brand of wrestling it has been around for 15 years it has some of the best wrestlers around like jeff hardy, john cena, chris jericho and lots more. There GM is William Regal at the moment He debuted in 1998. In 2008 people recon that RAWS jeff hardy superstar will be most likely to take the gold this year. This year Mr.McMohan said that "the one thing we do on RAW is we put smiles on peoples faces. and we do it on a global basis".

    RAW is the greatest brand out of smack down raw and ecw.
  • wwe monday night raw is a wrestling show. it is claimed to be the red hot brand of sports entertainment.

    world wrestling entertainment's monday night raw is very entertaining to say the least. the only thing it is lacking is the pushing of young superstars such as shelton benjamin. raw generaly uses wrestlers that are past their prime to battle for the championship. other things that they can work on are 1. they should use more athletic talent. 2. they should also stop cutting so many promos. and 3. they should push more younger talent. there upsides are 1. they can and will give you a quality match. and 2. they will show you promos that are sometimes entertaining such as the triple h return promo.
  • best wrestling show today

    what can i say about wwe raw. this is my favorite wresling show today and is the top wwe brand. the story line are reused but not over used. this brand has the greats like triple h, Shawn Michaels and various legends come and do a couple matches. this show is more about heavyweights and is generally more out there and more hardcore then other brands of wwe. this show has more talent then the other 2 brands put together but they don't use then like they could if they did they could make a new attitude era. good show give it a try.
  • Awsome

    I know that it's fake but still u don't think jumping 30 feet on to another wrestler is not going to hurt.I like watching them going at it taking hit after hit but still going on some of them have to be tooken out in streachers and some walk out but still it's something fun to watch and a way to kill some time.I like almost every wrestler (except a few like orton)There is no better way to spend a monday night then watching raw. It's all about the match and how they fight it it's all about the pain and how they inflict it.
  • No Disqualification: Hornswoggle vs. Mr. McMahon JBL vs. Chris Jericho Paul Burchill vs. Brian Kendrick Mark Henry vs. John Cena Melina vs. Maria HBK vs. Jeff Hardy

    Monday Night Raw 2/11/08

    No Disqualification Match: Hornswoggle vs. Mr. McMahon (0/5)
    This was a stupid match which I was glad to get over early. It had no wrestling at all and was a complete waste of time. These matches involving Hornswoggle are getting predictable since it's obvious by now that they aren't going to let the little leprechaun get hurt. Hornswoggle wins. JBL vs. Chris Jericho (3.5/5)
    This was a physical match that was great to see after the terrible opening. I like how it was given some time to develop. Personally I would've liked it if more actual wrestling moves had been used. Jericho provided the high points of the match, since JBL isn't that great a wrestler. I like the clean ending. It was interesting to see Umaga come out afterwards and take out both JBL and Jericho, but I feel he won't win at No Way Out.

    Paul Burchill vs. Brian Kendrick (2.5/5)
    This was the debut of Paul on RAW. Burchill wins the match. It was a good way to introduce Paul onto the scene. Hopefully in the future Paul will use a wider variety of moves. Also Paul's sister Kati is very attractive. However, I don't like how recently Kendrick has become a jobber.

    Mark Henry vs. John Cena (.5/5)
    This match was predictable as it was obvious that Cena would win. Lately the big guys like Henry have just been jobbers to face wrestlers. I thought this was the same old garbage with Cena overcoming the odds. Mark Henry tapped out to the STFU.

    Melina vs. Maria (3/5)
    At first I thought Maria was going win since she is being pushed for Playboy. However, it surprised me when Melina won because of the distraction from Jillian at ringside. I see a rematch. Melina pulled off some decent moves and Maria is improving but still not good.

    HBK vs. Jeff Hardy (5/5)
    In my opinion this has been the best main event on RAW so far this year. There was great wrestling and it had you on the edge of your seat. HBK is still one of the greatest performers in the WWE today. In the end Jeff wins. I thought it could've gone either way. In other parts of the show we had McMahon announce a steel cage next week between him and Hornswoggle. I think somehow they will once again have the leprechaun escape harm. Also Kennedy came out and did a promo with Flair for their match at No Way Out. It was pretty obvious Flair wasn't going to forfeit, but it was still a good segment. Also Candice was advertised as returning to RAW soon. Once she comes back she will probably win back the women's title.

    Overall I feel the only matches worth watching were JBL vs. Jericho and HBK vs. Jeff Hardy
  • WWE Raw has been around for a while, and its still the greatest show on TV. Its heaps better than TNA, and is the dominat brand in Sports-Entertainment. Nothing parallels its action, drama, and intense Pro- Wretling.

    Monday Night Raw is great. The greatest champion to ever exist is on this brand, and his name is Randy Orton. Young, great shape, and as disrespectful as ever, hes tgoing to be champ for a while. He has a match coming up against John cena, the guy with the power of the script, bt it wont work this time. Ortons destined for Manias main event this year, and john cenas going to have to wait, using his royal rumble title shot early like an idiot. What an idiot john cena is, and a great champion randy orton is. But anyways, watch WWE RAW!!!
  • completely idiotic

    Ok, i will admit, i was a wrestling fan when i was little. But now all it is is a bunch of predetermined "wrestling" matches with unfunny drama. Also, with all the steroid use and deaths going on, why the hell is it even still going. Are you kidding me? There is now a death toll on a TV show. If people want to follow an actual sport, follow football! Its really hot right now! Quit wasting your time watching this fake crap! Besides, if your an adult and watching pro wrestling, you probably dont have a life. So watching TV shouldn't even be on your agenda.
  • Some changes should happen and some shouldent. But any way Isay they t.v. show still run and still make some money to get some new logos and some new outfits and new titantron for Raw, Smackdown, and ECW. I just trying to say is the t.v. show is the best.

    I think that Raw is O.K. but its alright to watch it.I don't think they should change anything about the show. The should keep the show the same same people, same looks, same names, same titantron, same comintators. But they should make a new logos for both Raw, Smackdown, and ECW. Some wrestlers should change their looks some should stay the same but taht is what I say. They should sencer out some of the language clean because the kids who watch it will learn some bad words and get them in trouble. To sum it up some changes should happen.
  • One of The Best Wrestling Shows Ever!

    WWE Raw Is One Of The Best Wrestling Shows In The U.S.A,Not even Around the world You can Say!This Show is Not Only Intense,But It Has Great Performance.But The Wrestler Do Their Best To Entertain us a hard As They can.With the blood And The Punches It Is Unbelievable To my Eyes!Some people say Is Just A Act(FAKE)But it Doesnt Matter.The wrestlers Do Their best And what They do is their job!So We Can say Thanks to The wrestlers of America.Wwe Is Ia Great Company,if you see the letter W on any material this can make them rich!This is My Review.
  • RAW is a good show and is the dominate brand in WWE, far exceeding Smackdown and ECW. On a scale from 1 to 10, I give this a 20. I know I know that 20 isn't in the 1 to 10 range, but this show is just that GOOD!!!!!

    RAW is such a good show, every part about it from the storylines to the photographers to the divas and i know there is people out there who agrees with me. Although I started off liking Smackdown first and disliking RAW, but now Im a big fan probably one of the biggest fans. WWE was beeter when it was then WWF but it is still good. One match I haven't seen in a while is the Tables, Ladders & Chairs match better know as TLC. I hope to see it in the future.I'll be looking forward to seeing what RAW brings tonight.
  • great show

    the best show on tv rite now. Its got all the best wretlers like john cena dx jeff hardy and lashly when he comes back!!! Rite now, john Cena is injurd but he should be back in 6 mounths. Hopfefully when john cena comes back hell bear randy orton becuse hes the worst wrestler on the wwe and hes the champ which sucks. I aslo like smackdown but thats not as good. Accept for batista the unertaker and a couple others its not that good... oh and ray mysterio. I love him. I also watch ecw sometimes. i like cm punk on that show. i liked it better when bobby lashly was on it.
  • Sorry, but wrestling went out years ago.

    Sorry, but wrestling in general is really stupid and fake. I don't understand why people enjoy watching a bunch of scripted stuff and a bunch of fat guys fight each other, or "fight" I should say. I mean, even when wrestling was popular when I was little, I never liked it. My cousin is obsessed with wrestling, and I honestly don't get it. The whole entrance by wrestlers is so stupid. I mean, its a bunch of white guys who wanna be black, and I'm not racist, but its just sad to see. These wrestlers make their own rap music now and its just really a terrible thing to see because most of it is horrible. But anyway, this show is really past its prime.

    I love every minute of this show it's so amazing. I am happy I watched this with my dad 1 night or else i would have never cared. Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet
  • ugh

    i hate wrestling. this is ridiculous!! wrestling could not possible teach kids more to be annoying, violent, and racist. and i'm not just some person that sees commercials and is like "thats so messed up" no. i used to watch wrestling with my sister when i was little. it did nothing for me, it wasnt education, if anything gave me nightmares. now my little brother watches it and i could not hate it more. especially when i see episode while hes watching it. its horrible in EVERY single way. its demeaning to women. its racist. its MINDLESS violence. i hate wrestling.
  • Monday Night Raw is a favorite of mine, with that being said, it's a Complete Waste of Time.

    I have not been a wrestling fan all that long. I started watching it only six years ago right when WCW went down. Raw was awesome to watch at the beginning but over the last four years it seems to have lost my interest. Granted, I check internet sites daily for spoilers and news on what will happen each Monday, but it's hard to not look. So I would say this to anyone who is thinking about watching it. Be very careful, it is adicting and can be very hard to stop watching. Remember it's a soap, and it can drag on forever. Characters (real people) come and go and the business will always trump the every day fan. With that being said, I do not hate WWE or Raw, I actually am a huge fan of what these men and women can do. The moves, finishers and acting ability surprises every week. Sad events like what happened with Chris Benoit can easily change what you feel for this product. And the news "MEDIA" has taken it upon themselves to make Vince McMahon look as evil in real life as his character Mr. McMahon. So watch it, enjoy it, but remember, it is a business and it will continue no matter what highs or lows it may hit.
  • WWE is very intresting or was during the times that I watched it and of course Wrestling was never my thing. It was something to watch with my dad though.

    When I watched this program a long time ago it had the most talented people I had ever seen on television and the stunts they did were crazy dangerous and I mean it was like action,adventurous and hilarious at the same time. I never thought that wrestling could be funny as well. When i watched WWE in the past it had my favorite wrestlers: The Rock, Chyna, HHH w/x crew, Socko, Lita, The Hardy boys ,Christian & Edge, ,Undertaker,Kane w/ g/f Torii ,John Cena, Shane & Stephanie McMahon w/ Test, Chris Jerico,and Stone Cold Steve Austin. There was so many but they stood out the most (Especially The Rock and Jerico insults lol) they were the main reason i watched all the drama lol. Well I miss it and it simply isnt' the same.
  • WWE Raw is great!

    WWE Raw is a great show. You can't miss this. I previously said Raw is bad but now its good.

    With superstars like Triple H and John Cena, it will be a great show for years to come! The first good thing is that the McMahons usually show up on Raw, not Smackdown! or ECW. Vince,Shane,Linda,and Stephine spice up Raw and make it better, while Hornswoggle makes it wacky.

    Also,Raw has Heat to help it. Raw will try to defeat ECW and Smackdown!.

    So watch DX vs. Randy Orton and Umaga next week! It will be great!

    WWE Raw has a potential to dominate WWE.
  • Going into Cyber Sunday, this installment of Raw is supposed to serve as a set up for matches and finalize the big feuds and rivalries for the upcoming Pay Per View in addition to herald the long-awaited return of HBK.

    The show starts out with a recap of HBK delivering Sweet chin music to Randy Orton. Orton marches into Regal's office demanding retribution so Regal, playing the face in his home Country places Orton in 3 matches for the night facing Jeff Hardy, Mr. Kennedy and HBK.

    First match: RKO vs. Jeffy Hardy- A good, all-around match that was interrupted by Mr. Kennedy. It's a shame this match never reached its conclusion as it was the best of the night.

    Second Match: Santino Morella vs. Val Venis- The most noticable thing about this match was the gut on Venis. It's too bad as he was once a well-respected wrestler, but now jobbing to the likes of Santino. The match was decent at best with this being the best outing from Morella in a while. Of course, Morella gets the win by grabbing the ropes almost on top of the bliind referee. On an unrelated note, Maria looked absolutely beautiful this night.

    Third Match: Randy Orton vs. Mr. Kennedy- This match started out as a slow headlock fest with the two exchanging various locks. As the match started to get good, Jeff Hardy charges the ring and gives the DQ win to Orton. This was the first time Kennedy looked decent in a few weeks. Perhaps he's working his way back into favor after the Signature labs debacle.

    Fourth Match: Umaga vs. Andy Simmons- A totally pointless match with a no-named jobber who confessed that he was afraid of Umaga. Before the match, Vince comes out to monologue that HHH is going to suffer at the hands of Umaga. After each throttling of Simmons, Vince announced that there was a different choice the fans could choose for Cyber Sunday so Simmons was made as an example to HHH by first getting squashed, then bleeding and finally being tossed around like a pinball inside a steel cage. The worst part about this was the jobber never got a move in. Fifth Match: Jillian Hall vs. Candice Michelle- Thankfully, a very quick match that had Candice winning. Candice has vastly improved in the ring, but her techno stripper entrance takes away from her newfound skill set. Sixth Match: Brian Kendrick vs. Rory McAllister- This match just served to establish the Highlanders as heels. Rory got the quick win by putting his foot on the ropes that the referee looked like he was in position to spot. Cade & Murdoch were at the announce table during the match playing the gracious faces again.

    Seventh Match: Cody Rhodes vs. Hardcore Holly- A pretty good match considering Holly has been injured for so long. Both were fundamentally sound, but Holly comes out ahead at the end by delivering the Alabama Slam, staring down Rhodes and walking to the back. In this match, Rhodeds was supposed to gain Holly's respect by beating him. At the end of the match, Rhodes may have earned Holly's respect with his effort in the match.

    Final Match: RKO vs. HBK- This was pretty much a Welcome Home match for HBK as he dominated most of the match, but Kennedy interrupts and assists Orton with a double-beating until Hardy comes in for the save. The stare down takes place as the show goes off the air as Orton and Kennedy walk back to the lockerroom which sets up a probable tag match for next week.

    Overall, this was a decent show with the amount of matches, but still, the matches could have been much better without the interference. During the show, there were antics involving Hornswaggle and Coachman which were supposed to be funny, but failed miserably as the whole scene has gotten stale. Once again, the "Save us" Matrix commercial plays, this time it interrupts King and Jr. which is possibly a bit of foreshadowing that something big is about to happen.
  • How the mighty have fallen...

    It makes me sad to say that WWE RAW is passed his prime, it's not the great wrestling soap opera anymore that i enjoyed watching in the begining of the year 2000...there aren't any real stories anymore, the matches are overall bad and predictable.
    Make no mistake my friends i am a wrestling fan and there are a lot of talents that i still enjoy watching such as: Orton, Benjamin, Mr.Kennedy, King Booker, Edge and hopefully Chris Jericho (when he returns soon:P). But all of you must admit that you have to be pretty slow not to see how the storyline will develop and who will win and lose.
    The WWE writters lead by Stephanie and Vince McMahon are incapable of presenting us with a decent storyline or feud, they have spent 3 years (2005, 2006 and 2007) focusing on a single superstar John Cena, who overcome the odds over and over again and always defeated his opponents fair and square with the same move, even if you are a fan of John Cena you have to agree with me when i say they only focused on building John Cena as the "invincible fighting champion" and as a result the matches got boring and predictable and that my friends marked the downfall of the WWE.
    You see the WWE as great wrestlers but most if not all of them aren't used the proper way. Shelton Benjamin, Paul London, Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy, Mr.Kennedy are just a few examples of good wrestlers who aren't given an opportunity to main event, and i seriously hope this situation changes.
    We need more main eventers, guys like Triple H, HBK and Undertaker won't last forever and when they go away the WWE might get into serious trouble.
    You have a new WWE champion in the form of Randy Orton, you have a lot of returning superstars, so please WWE you can make something good out of all this instead of giving us bad wrestling memories like Unforgiven and No Mercy.
    All i want is to be interested in the product again...
  • What was that?

    That how it all strated i was about 6 when i could not find something on tv i look and looked and then i saw The Hardy boys alone with Lita of course. Afther having a hard fougth match on RAW i said Go back What was that? I started watching wrestling ever since then. I remember my frist PPV WrestleMania 17 the best PPV ever! Yeah thats rigth ever! The Rock vs Stone Cold Steve Austin a battle to the end for the WWF/WWE championship MainEvent. Vince Mcmahon came and ceated for Austin to cast The Rock his tittle .
  • this is why I watch this show,great show.

    From the start to the end Raw was fantastic,first match was for IC belt jeff hardy vs umaga,a really good match 4 stars.
    london/kendrick vs WGTT was a highlight,both these teams deserve a shot at the World tag team belts,but the eventual winners London/kendrick wll go to unforgiven and hopefully win them.
    HHH using his sledgehammer on Umaga....10 stars.
    The mcmahons funally confronting each other...priceless.
    Kennedy screwed himself by announcing he was the "son" unfortunatley he is NOT.
    I know the WWE used injuries and storylines to cover for the suspensions of several wrestlers,it still turned out to be a great show,all up one of the better RAW's this year
  • WWF Raw Better Then WWE Raw

    WWF Raw was so much better with the wresters and i was a great of it years ago until these storylines went over the top and not much action wasnt happening.
    The wresting today has got so much worst over the time and it was years ago much more really to enjoy..
    Dont you agree...
  • The greatest show on tv.Must See

    The greatest show ever. You have to watch this if you like action.The best action show ever.John Cena is great.Great story matches and gret names like Snitsky and Undertaker. Better than Smackdown or ECW. People who watch this like good shows.This shows is on usa.yes yes yes yes.Okay so this i s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s ssssssss s s s s s s show is awesome dude.
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