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  • WWE RAW is the 5 STAR show that I love! Unbeatable and my weekly fix!

    WWE RAW is the greatest drama ever. It is the perfect thing to look up to on a boring Monday. It has good action to. I love watching the rivelrys grow and how the WWE Superstars are all well actors and great with their themes. It is hard for me when I miss it. But I would look up the results the next day anyway. I mean it when i say it is a 5 STAR SHOW and it's in my top 3 favotite shows. It is cool unlike TNA no afence to ALL the TNA fans I just don't like how some of you criticize the WWE. WWE RAW, it dominates!

    P.S: DX RULES!!!
  • Raw is a good show but they just waste too much time showing useless crap and drama instead of wrestling. If you want to see more wrestling and less drama smackdown is the show for you.

    Here are some examples of times that you would wish there was more action on Monday N. RAW : Cena yaps too much , Carlito's Cabana is a waste of time , Mcmahon is Trying to find a bastard son, king booker is always talking about being a king an useless crap , and William Regal has the dumbest game shows I've ever seen , and besides this is wrestling not a game show program . On the other hand SmackDown minimises the Drama and brings more action to the table , and seeing hornswoggle is always entertaining plus they've got Undertaker, the highest rated wrestler in this website.
  • John Cena and Randy Orton, what more could you ask for?

    Between John Cena, Randy Orton, and all the other great wrestlers, RAW is the perfect show. It has all the best wrestlers from the WWE. It is always 5 times more entertaining than ECW and SmackDown! John Cena is the perfect champ!! He is young, has great mic skills, is an amazing wrestler, and can easily keep an audience entertained. And the same thing can be said for Randy Orton! John Cena has been the first to do a lot of things like best Umaga and the Great Khali. He is an underdog that has overcome many great challenges. Also he is the only superstar in history to come out of his first and only four WrestleMania's with a championship. All of this makes him the best Champ ever!!!
  • This show has John Cena, Randy Orton, and it had DX, but thier injured, and it has Booker T, Lashly, Umaga, Mr Kennedy, and its the best WWE Brand.

    I love Raw more than Smackdown, i like Smackdown too, but i prefer Raw cause it has John Cena and Randy Orton. It is the best Brand in the WWE. It has the best commentairy team in Jr and King. It also has the top title in all WWE. Which John Cena has it.
  • Wrastling? I dont get it.

    I just dont get how watching cartoonishly big walking pharmacies toss each other around a square box in matches with pre-determined winners is entertaining. I understand winners need to be pre-determined because if they didnt do it, deaths in the ring would occur frequently. But I still run into people who think this is real. The wrestlers are basically stunt men in staged matches determined by that creepy old guy Vince who runs the whole operation.

    Im suprised this show is still on the air after everything that has gone on the last month. Even more suprising are the performers who pump themselves full of steroids and other pharmaceuticals when they know they are more than likely to be dead by 60. Is the money really worth it? Back in the 80s I used to work at a place where the night shift guys loved to watch "wrastling". I didnt get it then and I get it even less now. Its a shame that Benoits wife and kid had to die to put a spotlight on this so-called sport.
  • Raw is a good wrestling show.

    I like watching Raw. They have great superstars. My favorite wrestler`s on there are John Cena, Bobby Lashley Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Jeff Hardy, Super Crazy, Mr. Kennedy, and Cryme Tyme. I watch Raw every Monday night. I love wrestling. I`ve been watching wrestling since I was little. Raw is entertaining. Raw can be funny sometimes because of the superstars. So I will always keep watching Raw every Monday.
  • The Big boy of all the wrestling shows.

    Every Tuesday morning at 2:00am I grab the remote and switch on WWE Raw and sit back and enjoy the best damn TV show in the world.
    Whilst I do enjoy many other shows such as Smackdown, ECW or TNA, Raw has always been the leader of the pack with the better storylines and superior superstars branching out from John Cena, Triple H, Randy Orton, Shawn Micheals and many others.
    Every week we get somthing different but one thing that is always the same is the buzz we get from the openning theme mucic to the very end when we see the WWE logo flash across the screen.
    The show has been around almost 14 years and with nearly 750 epioseds on its belt you can't deny that it isn't popular.

    Several things make it far better than the compition.
    1.Gripping Plots (Somtimes)
    2.The best announce team JR the fair one who praises all the athletes and the level headed one and King the comical guy who will always make you laugh.
    3.Personal one this really but I believe that many superstars on Raw are better than the rest.

    Raw is the main reason that I have been watchinh WWE for the last 8 years but I won't deny that on odd occasions it can be kinda dull but even with that I'm going to give WWE RAW 9/10.

    Turbo 1.20
  • RAW: An Extremely Overrated Wrestling Show.

    Raw is the most overrated wrestling show of all. I know people get all excited about John Cena, Edge, King Booka DX, and the rest of the Raw roster. So let me break it down for you on why Raw sucks. Does Raw have cool theme music? Yeah. Does it have entertainment? Yeah. Does it have presentation? Yeah. But that's just it, that is all Raw has; presentation. It sucks you in at first, but when you get into it, you will be wanting to change the channel. Okay, so let me talk about John Cena. John Cena has virtually no in-ring ability. Meaning he isn't athletic, and has four or maybe 5 wrestling moves. The lowest worst wrestler has more moves than John Cena. Shoulder Block, Clothline, F-U, S-T-F-U, and that is basically it. My uncle could give me the F-U. And then there is DX.DX could have been so much more than what they are right now. I admit, they do have funny back-stage skits, cool music and cool entrance. Everything about them is cool except maybe the actual wrestling. I mean they are very talented and all, but the WWE isn't using them right. And now Edge. Edge is an extremely talented individual. He has a variety of moves, and he is very entertaining to watch. But, again, he just isn't being used right. All they ever do with him is make John Cena look good. All of his matches are predictable. He belongs in a better wrestling promotion like TNA Wrestling but that is off subject. Umaga is a joke. He is't credible. Those type of gimmicks just don't work anymore. His finishing move is a thumb to the neck. Wow. Amazing. That is worse than the F-U. But the problem with Raw and the whole WWE in general is that they have basically removed quality wrestling from the equation. The trouble with the WWE fans is that they get so sucked in by the wrestler's on-screen personalities. They get sucked in by John Cenas's entrance, by DX's humor, by Edge's character, that they totally forget all about the wrestling. So something like Vince's limo explosion goes from being too much, to being something totally acceptable. They don't even know it. Subconciously, their minds are always convincing themselves that the match they saw was great when infact, it was garbage!!! And don't get me started on the RawDivas. They are just random bikini models. And half of them are whores!!! There, I said it!!! They do playboy poses, bikini contests, and bra and panty matches!!! Um... Where is the wrestling here? And sadly, Raw is the best of the 3 WWE shows. Basically, watch Raw for the entertainment if you must, but don't expect any great matches which is supposed to be what wrestling is all about.
  • The Monday night fix for any WWE fan. It has fighting, bruising, brawling, and babes. It is RAW!

    The best damn sports entertainment show, period! The punches never stop rolling in these two hours of action. Not only is it entertaining but there is a true element of beauty, and not from the Divas alone. The wrestling done by HBK and Triple H is absolutely stunning. The stories are compelling and keep you wanting more. Everytime I watch I get an adrenline rush that is undeniable. The Superstars, the Divas, the announce team, the fans, amp me up for what is the greatest two hour event of the week. The way the show is presented is unbelievable. I actually had the opportunity once, way back in 2002, to watch Raw live. It was incredible. It is truely the best there is of it's kind. Every night you are a part of history, there is NO exception.
  • "The best Wrestling show"

    One of the best sports entertainment shows of all time, I honestly think this show is the pinnacle of all great wrestling shows, like WCW and ECW, I think it is better than both combined, just look at the athletes in WWE today and you will realize just how good they are. They have some of the best moments in history. Although their can be flaws and mistakes, most times the show goes good, and we see great storylines. I have been watching wrestling since I was 5, that is 12 years, and I still like watching it to this day.
  • its a classic every time i watch it i love my favourite show on wednesdays on foxtel its surpurb my rating 10 all the way

    Beginning as WWF Monday Night RAW, the program first aired on January 11, 1993 on the USA Network for one hour. The original RAW broke new ground in televised professional wrestling. Traditionally, wrestling shows were taped on sound stages with small audiences or at large arena shows. The RAW formula was very different than that of its predecessor, Prime Time Wrestling: instead of taped matches, with studio voice overs and taped chat, RAW was a show shot to a live audience, with angles as they happened. The first episode featured Yokozuna defeating Koko B. Ware, The Steiner Brothers defeating The Executioners, WWF Intercontinental Champion Shawn Michaels defeating Max Moon and The Undertaker defeating Damien Demento. The show also featured an interview with Razor Ramon.

    RAW originated from the The Grand Ballroom at Manhattan Center Studios, a small New York City theater and aired live each week. The combination of an intimate venue and live action proved highly successful. However, the weekly live schedule proved to be a financial drain on the WWF, and taped shows began airing every other week. From early 1994 to September 1999, RAW was shown live on one Monday and then the next day (Tuesday) next Monday's RAW was taped. This meant that RAW was live one week and taped the next.
  • thhis show rock great action!!

    Im here to talk Chris Benoit id be realy sad for his family but there dead too.He was one of the gratest.he has had so many champonships the Heavywheigt champion the United States champion and a whole lot more. He could have dominated ECW he is the greatest to me I salut Benoit!
  • "The Chariman is Dead"

    I like the curve ball at the end with Vince McMahon getting blown up RIP Vince
    On to the Draft:
    Raw won with getting Bobby Lashley, Snitsky, Mr.Kennedy, and King Booker
    Smackdown lost by getting Torrie, Flair, masters,and Kahli
    ECW was fair with the pick up of Benoit and the Boogeyman they only could of gone up from where they were
    Smackdown also lost a lot of quality superstars and in return did not replenish overall one of the best raws in quite some time
  • Raw is a good entertainment show for WWE. And at times is a great wrestling show.

    Raw has declined, the last several years, but it's still fun to able to look forward to Mondays,and be able to watch the show. I have been watching Raw since the attitude era days, and so I know Raw is not as good as it used to be. I think that one day it can be a better show like it once was. With the future WWE stars and veteran ones, I don't see how Raw could ever falter, so It will be around a long time, Raw, Smackdown, and ECW are all good products, but Raw has a knack that always keeps you watching.
  • Raw is a good entertainment show for WWE. And at times is a great wrestling show.

    Raw has declined, the last several years, but it's still fun to able to look forward to Mondays,and be able to watch the show. I have been watching Raw since the attitude era days, and so I know Raw is not as good as it used to be. I think that one day it can be a better show like it once was. With the future WWE stars and veteran ones, I don't see how Raw could ever falter, so It will be around a long time, Raw, Smackdown, and ECW are all good products, but Raw has a knack that always keeps you watching.
  • I am giving this show a good review, mainly because it was exceptionally good at one point.

    This show was very good back in the Attitude Era of wrestling and before that era as well. The show was a bit different from Smackdown, because the show was always focused more on entertainment than on wrestling itself. Raw has had great matches such as the TLC match in 2002 when Kane won, the Hardy Boyz reunion, and the controversial birthplace of the Muhammad Hassan gimmick, but all of that is no longer, thus the product needs fine-tuning, because it needs some alterations. First the show needs to lessen the promos and segments, and have more wrestling and better wrestling if that.

    We need a credible champion, Cena was always a mid-carder in my eyes simply because his wrestling skills do not match with the likes of Shawn Michaels, Benoit etc..

    The roster needs a big change and hopefully the draft does not do stupid things like put cruiserweights on Raw. There are some other problems like having as weak mid-card and IC division, as many mid-cards are in the tag team ranks, and we do not see much from that division where there are many possibilities.
  • This Show is definitely something to watch and talk about. With ever changing story lines and plot twists, this show is a modern soap opera.

    What can I say about this show???...action, excitement, drama, sex appeal, and reality. Though I will say that just the thought of professional wrestlers being this interesting makes many come to find that it is in fact entertainment and not reality, it is still a guilty pleasure. Each week, new story lines are made, new rivalries formed, and you, the viewer, are always having to be strapped into your seat. The shows action is unparalelled, with broken tables, broken bodies, broken minds, ladders, chairs, hot women, and a commentating staff that is emmy worthy. The hot new stars such as Bobby Lashley, John Cena, and The Great Khali always will keep you on the edge of your seat.
  • I love wrestling (mainly Raw), I watch it every Monday Night!

    Raw is war, is without a doubt the BEST Professional wrestling has too offer today. Each week we see into a fictional world, of pumped up superstars performing to their maximum. Pro wrestling has come a LONG way since I started watching in the 70's. Antagonistic, and carefully plotted story lines, fuel an action packed show, Vince McMahon is a genius. With a stable of unbelievable talent, Raw is War plain and simple, make Monday nights not just for Football anymore!! Monday night has become my favourite night of the week,Thursdays as well for Smackdown. WCW just can't compare as far as I'm concerned. No name, over the hill,talent. Raw is war RULES!!!! And "That's the bottom line!!"
  • Wrestaling

    WWE Raw is the Monday night professional wrestling television program for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and is the primary broadcast of the RAW brand. WWE Raw is generally seen as WWE's flagship program over its sister programs, SmackDown! and ECW, due to its longer history and its preference over the other brands.

    It currently airs live on USA Network, and on tape delay Wednesdays on mun2, and Sundays on Telemundo (in Spanish) in the United States, and in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland on Sky Sports 3. It also currently broadcasts on tape delay in Canada on The Score and Global Quebec, in Australia on FOX8, in Portugal on SIC Radical, in Malaysia on Astro Super Sport, in New Zealand on SKY 1, in India and Pakistan on Ten Sports, in the Philippines on Jack TV and RPN, in Chile on Chilevisión, in Mexico on 52MX, in Peru on ATV, in Romania on TV Sport, in South Korea on XTM, in Spain on Sportmanía, and on AFN Xtra. Raw is also currently being aired on Etv in South Africa. Occasionally, Raw is aired on same-day tape delay when WWE is on an overseas tour.
  • WWE raw is the reason that television is so Great

    Every Monday night I always change the channel to the USA network because 2 hours of pure excitement can't get any better then WWE raw. From the high flying moves of Jeff Hardy, to the Power moves of the Great Khali and John Cena. John Cena has never backed down from any challenge, which is why he recieves so much respect as WWE champion. Melina as Woman's champion is terrible because her screech deafens us and she gloats too much with her poor ring performance. Shawn Michaels still is the Heart Break Kid with his elbow drop and sweet chin music. And then we have Mr. Mcmahon who everyone hates and yet he has become ECW world champion. He can never fight his own fight without umaga and Shane helping him. Ric Flair is still the greatest champion, even if he gets betrayed by Carlito, Ric Flair will come back and beat him so bad because he is not the dirtiest player in the ring for nothing. These are the reasons why I love to watch raw, plus all the beautiful divas and bone crushing moves.
  • WWE RAW rocks. I watch it every Monday night at 9:00 on the USA network. I stay tuned.

    I love wrestling. I`ve been watching wrestling since I was little. My favorite current wrestlers are John Cena, Shawn Michaels, Carlito, Jeff Hardy, Super Crazy, Ric Flair, and Cryme Tyme. WCW was the best wrestling show ever because it had a lot of wrestlers. I hope it comes back on the air. They brought back ecw so why not WCW? TNA is also a good wrestling show. And I don`t like ecw because it`s boring. If they bring back WCW, then I`ll be happy.
  • I have been watching Raw for about three years now. I never miss it. I personaly like it better than Smackdown.

    I have been watching Raw for about three years now. I never miss it. I personaly like it better than Smackdown. I even got the rest of my family to watch it to. More recently I got my friend and his whole family to start watching. I think the commentary team is better too.
  • best wwe brand on!

    on wwe raw, you can find top class acts, such as HBK shawn michaels, the game triple h, carlito, edge, randy orton, john cena and many more. where else can you see such talent like that? every week, you get to see to class tag team action, great women action and thrilling main event action. not only is raw just wrestling, you get great drama with it aswell, such as the great loved antics of d-generation x, mr.mcmahon taking revenge on bobby lashley, the rivalry of shawn michaels and john cena. raw in my opinion, is the greatest roster of wwe on television!
  • Love the wrestlers, love the wrestling. Love it all!

    I've watched this show for over 2 years now though I hope I watched way before that. This show will make you go nuts about it. The wrestlers are totally awesome! The moves are just simply outstanding... once you watch a match it will make you crave for so mch more. The matches are absolutely fantastic. The TLCs are way brutal but 100% outstanding. And once you start loving it you choose your fave wrestler... you cheer for them at home or even in the stands. You'll start hating the enemy of your favrite. This show will change many things about you. So many poeple ask "Why the hell do you watch this show" Answer: It's what you call entertainment and what you describe as brutally entertaining."
  • Another version of wrestling entertainment that never fails to excite me.

    WWE RAW is one of my favorite things to watch on Monday nights, and on other days. Anyways, it includes some of my favorite wrestlers of all time like Shawn Michaels, John Cena, Randy Orton, The Great Khali, Umaga, Jeff Hardy, Ric Flair and Divas like Torrie Wilson, Maria, & Mickie James. I never knew about it for a while until I really got into wrestling and heard about RAW on SmackDown. Like SmackDown, it has great matches and interesting things happening during each episode. It's really funny when they show Vince McMahon nowadays, ever since he got his head shaved at Wrestlemania 23.
  • Raw is great, but I like Smackdown a little better than Raw.

    Raw is great in a lot of ways, like it has the best wrestlers. Wrestlers like John Cena, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Umaga, and much more. None of my favorites are on Raw. I don't even like John Cena, Shawn Michaels, and Triple H. 3 of the most popular wrestlers. The good things about it are that whenever Vince McMahon comes out, something bad happens to him, every time he comes out, DX comes and does something bad to him. Raw is still great in a lot of other ways, they have more extreme matches. Overall, I still like Smackdown better than Raw and give Raw an 8.5.
  • good

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  • Malina Needs to shut up!!!

    Who else thinks that Malina should shut her f*** mouth. She goes on and on about being the "Top Diva," which she's now. plus who really beleives that her hair is real. Come on you can see that she got hair extentions just so that people can pull it. and she thinks that she is hot. please i've seen dog poop prittier then her. she's just a fake, a poser, a well slut. she is Sofa king we Todd ed. i bet that the only person she knows that is famous in K-Fed, and he's not much of a star. never was!!!

    Rate Me!!!
  • A show with many inovative ideas.

    How many programs on tv today combined real life with fantasy, not many. WWE is at the cutting edge. Having a hair match to shave a billionaire's head is one way to increase ratings that nobody has ever even thought of before. The owner, Vince McMahon is a genius. He makes his own fans hate him just to get ratings. The plots and story lines keeps the fans entertained. This is the greatest men's soap opera on television today. The interactive web site keeps the fans up to date. It also gives them a place to argue their points about their favorite wrestler. They can also play along with the show for prizes.
  • I never did grow out of watching this ...

    Whilst most of my friends grew out of watching wrestling years ago, I'm almost ashamed to admit I'm still an avid fan! What first attracted me to it was women's wrestling: I was impressed with the fact that the women or "divas" in the WWE could kick butt and look great doing it! I'm as interested in the soap-opera side of it as I am the sports side - in fact without it I would probably stop watching as no other sport has been able to hold my interest. It's always fun to watch and I much prefer this to the SmackDown! brand due to the better story-lines, better wrestlers, better set and more prominent women's division.
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