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Monday 8:00 PM on USA Premiered Jan 11, 1993 In Season





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  • basicly it is wrestling with better people then smackdown but batista,rey rey,and the undertaker.

    i really dont watch raw that much anymore cuz u no i have a personal life i try to watch it but never do watch it so my goal is to try to watch atleast 1 second of it.lol
    ok well raw is ok i really forgot what happened in the i dont no 10 weeks or soo.so i kinda lost track.but when i did it was a decent show featuring decent people but eric bishop he was a little ohhh you know what i mean.I like how vince trys to take on DGenerationXand always loses especialy in wrestlemania i think lol!!
  • Actors unite!

    I recently stumbled apon this again for the first time in about 10 years, I still see grown men parading around in spandex.

    Im not debating whether its real or not as we all know its fake but you think it would have progressed over a 10 year period.

    As far as I can tell they have the same sort of characters as they did when I was a kid but then at least they had a personality.

    Im not sure if its just because im from the Uk but I really dont see whats going on with this.

    I say bring back Brutus the barber beefcake, million dollar man and Mr Perfect.
  • WWE RAW is one of the three WWE brands, the other two being Smackdown and ECW.

    I think WWE RAW is the best out of the three brands. For some reason, the feuds are just better and the main event is always good. It's 5 minutes longer than Smackdown, meaning more can be done in the main event. Championships also switch hands here and there are a lot of good matches, with great wrestlers like Randy Orton, Edge, Shawn Michaels, HHH, John Cena, and Jeff Hardy. There's also great play-by-play from J.R. and Lawler. This makes it a great brand.
  • raw is the best fo all the brands

    how can you not like raw and it definetly better than smackdown and e. c. w. its alot better than b4 cause it now live but it been live for a very long time so im just sayin if you dont watch raw your really missin out. my fav on raw is randy orton them my second fav is john cena. they should make this show 8 to 10 that would make it alot better than it is now but its really good now too. oh yeah two more thing u cant see me and randy is going to kill anther legend with the rko!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Not As Good As It Could Be.

    Although it is the "Flag Ship" show of World Wrestling Entertainment, it is second best to Smackdown! Granted Raw tends to have more "Big Name" superstars, but the storylines are way overused and rather dull. The titles seem less significant, and the match outcomes are overall too predictable. When it comes to announcers, I feel they are both overly pro "Goodguy", which doesn't offer a bias outlook. Instead, it results in an one-sided approach. On another note, I think J.R. is "Losing It" when it comes to calling matches.

    I am also annoyed with Raw's excess use of John Cena!
  • Watch it if you like storylines.

    I think Raw needs a bit more fine tuning. I think it's best storyline wise but I think it needs good wrestling like it's counterpart Smackdown. Raw has good wrestling but it mainly focuses on storylines while smackdown is where you get your fill of wrestling. Raw has good announcers JR and Jerry the king Lawler are pretty good even thought they often over exaggerate but not as much as Tna's announce team. It looked like 2007 was gonna be Armmagedeon (not the pay per view) I mean having the wwe champ lose to K fed is not the best match for a new year. Overall Raw is worth two hours of my time ussually.
  • Raw is the number one best wrestling show ever! Better than TNA!!!

    Raw is way better than TNA and Smackdown. Mostly better than TNA. I'll tell you why! Raw is the main show of the WWE. It always gives you what you want which is: Great matches, great rivalries, great wrestlers, and great Divas. They are so beautiful... Anyway Raw has everything a wrestling show should have.

    Raw is the best in it's game, it has the most fame, don't mess with WWE because it will be your death T.I.M.E.
  • Raw is the number one best wrestling show ever! Better than TNA!!!

    Raw is way better than TNA and Smackdown. Mostly better than TNA. I'll tell you why! Raw is the main show of the WWE. It always gives you what you want which is: Great matches, great rivalries, great wrestlers, and great Divas. They are so beautiful... Anyway Raw has everything a wrestling show should have.

    Raw is the best in it's game, it has the most fame, don't mess with WWE because it will be your death T.I.M.E.
  • the best wwe brand i have ever seen.a quick 4.5 stars.

    WHOA raw rules i mean really look at their superstars jeff hardy, john cena,umaga,triple h,shawn michaels,etc. the list goes on and on and it quite frankly will never stop!
    their show was the first to hold the diva search by the way just another great quality they have.all wwe fans watch this because smackdown has two good superstars (BOOO!)
    if anyone ever and i mean ever cancelled raw i would be furious.raw is a great wrestling show that has all the skills to pay the bills.no wonder why they have been around for like 14 years.even if you don't like wrestling you'll like this show trust me everyone does.
  • Ok I see that cena is still the champ. He has bin the champ for 7 mounths now. It was a suprise to me that undertaker showed up.

    HOLY DAMM ok at WM we are going to have a thiple theat match if the undertaker moves to RAW. It is going to be the undertaker vs cena vs hbk. If the undertaker moves to ECW it will be Lashley vs the undertaker in a exstreme Hell in a cell match. If the undertaker stays on smackdown it will be batsita vs undertaker in a speacal match. At raw if the undertaker does move there HHH will come back at WM to team up with HBK and if X pac moves from wrestling secsiety X. It will be a 6 man tag i do not know who the oponets will be.

    Does any one know where China from DX is?
  • I Love this show.

    I Love this show it is amazing, Can't wait for another blockbuster royal rumble tonight. Everybody Will be suprised with the outcome i think and i hope it has a few twists involved anyway bring on 2007. Also give kane a chance to prove himself on the smackdown side aswell,.
  • what a show with Superstars such as Triple H Edge Randy Orton Shawn Micheals Carlito and the Divas such as Mickie James Victoria and someothers wwe RAW is defnitly the #1 show in the wwe right now sure you got Smackdown! and ECW but they are the B shows!!

    What a great show their so many memories In this show ever since I was like 4 years old I watched The times have changed but it is still great I don't think TNA stand's a chance aganst the WWE Iam looking forward to see what comes next in the wwe with the superstars and Divas the tittles and see witch show comes out as the best my vote is for RAW Smackdown! is 2nd best and ECW 3rd WWE will always be number1 in the wresling world hey it has been for how long? WWE will live forever I know it!
  • This show set the trend for all wrestling promotions.

    They have come up with a lot of different ideas. But I think its Vince's arrogance and it's constant use of older stars that are past their prime just for name recognition. I hope that someone else decides to take over the RAW brand or else its going to be driven into the ground.
  • WWE is the best

    WWE is awsome, i have been watching since I was like 3 years old and it has gone through its rough times and its great times. In my opinion now is a litte bit of a rough patch, but as wrestling history has shown it will eventually get better. But even though it is on the decline right now i still love it. The pure skill of wrestling is what draws me most to the show. Not many people have a any idea how much work goes into putting on just one match let alone a whole show every week. I watch it for the sport of it and the storylines are sometimes a extra bonus
  • This is like the best show of fighting history its like jumping in bloood but kool blood dont u evenm wish u was a wrestler man i been watching wrestling since when hulk hogan was back!

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  • this is the cutting edge lol ya this is a an awesome show,best sports entertainment has to offer

    this is the greates show of all wrestling
    its the best dam sports show period in itself
    smakdown got nothing on raw
    and also nobody, i mean all its wrestlers are on smakdown lol
    if you dont like raw then u dont like wrestling
    it puts it all together, wrestling, charisma, drama, u name it, love, it has it all
    i realy dont know wat else to say since i watch this show every week and its ppv are way better than ecw or sd! if u dont believe me then u should watch it yourself and then judge this show for yourself, if not then lay on ur bed on monday night and think about raw divas lol, k im done
  • What happened to my favorite show....

    Raw used to be my reason for looking forward to Monday nights. I\\\'m all about the excitement and drama that Raw provides, but I have to say, lately, I tape it and don\\\'t bother watching it. Its frustrating to watch 2 hours of the same few people every week. Raw has a phenominal roster right now, from Randy Orton, Edge, Nitro, Victoria. But sadly, they don\\\'t get used to their best potential. Instead the show has become the John Cena/DX 2 hours. Hopefully they\\\'re remember they have wrestlers other than Cena, HHH and Michaels. When they do, I\\\'ll so be back to cheer on my favorites again.
  • the best show ever

    wwe raw is great the best show in the world it is just soooooooooooooo entertaining the things they do is unbelivable im old enough to know its fake but it just looks so real of course its fake if you just hit someone with a normal basebase bat over the head you would probaly die but with barbwire wrapped around it you would die but its great when they fall off ladders into tables your eyes are just glued and you cant get enough of it and raw is just as good as the pay per views i think and there music rules
  • Raw is Exciting

    This show is awsome. I love John Cena. He is my favorite wrestler. I love the WWE championship. Though the championships looked fake to me at first, i love the fact that they work so hard to win the belts. Putting your body on the line like that is awsome. Umaga is cool and so is Carlito. I love Jeff and Matt Hardy and they should be the champions right now. Here are my champiomships i think the holders should be right now:
    WWE Championship:John Cena(of course)
    World Tag Team Championships:Matt and Jeff Hardy
    Intercontenintal Championship:Carlito(he is cool)
    WWE Womens Championship:Mickie James(since she is the best diva left)
    I love this show!
  • DX john cena and the hartey boy won at

    I\'m so gald that batista won the match and that john cena team won and dx\'s team won . i just knew that john cena team was going to win because that my man and he always does it best and tonight he and his team broght it. for the big show that bad he is so big and they lost to john cena and his team ..... lol
  • More extreme than ECW or Smackdown.

    Let's face it, Smackdown has no extreme people and matches like RAW. ECW had too much hype. But RAW meant its name. You see, there's blood, hammers, chairs, ladders, and tables. Smackdown, on the other hand has some decent wrestlers and has some bloody times, but not so many. RAW gives the right image of what real wrestling should be. It is fake, of course, but TNA Impact (notice that I compare it to many things) is so fake it's stupid. But what I don't like is that RAW has more of a villainous image than smackdown. Did you see the main event at Saturday Night's Main Event? It was Raw Vs. Smackdown, and RAW lost. But how?? Becuase the evildoers always lose right?
  • The dominant brand in all of sports entertainment.

    Although some of them are bad at acting and this show is completley fake I somehow got into watching it every week. I won't go into much detail about what's real and what's fake because well if it's real I will be able to notice it. But on to the show this brand contains the best superstars from people like DX, The Rock, Stone Cold, Edge, and Randy Orton are my only favorites on the show. I can't stand John Cena for some reason oh yeah now I know! He wants to be black! I also can't understand how girls can like the guy he looks like my white pet monkey on crack. But besides John Cena this show is one of the best things on there just get Cena on Smackdown! and your homefree!
  • This is Monday Night RAW!!!!!

    This show is the best out of all the WWE Shows, better than Smackdown! and even better than ECW, WWE Raw is the gereatest ever, and I remember when the 1st Raw went on the air it was a great show and ever since then it's been great.

    From The Hart Foundation to DX, there's been rivalries from Jerry "The King" Lawyer and Bret Hart to John Cena and Edge, this is a must see for any WWE fan of any age and also I don't think this show will be going anywhere, it will be here for a very, very, oh did I already say that very long time.
  • Are You ready?

    Raw is off the hook. DX and John Cena are the best. Cryme Tyme, Jeff Hardy is something to watch and Randy Orton is the best heel. Raw is better than ECW and a little bit better than Smackdown. I don`t like how Vince Mcmahon, Chairman, is running the show. He`s ruining it. Latest edition on Raw Eric Bishoff ruin the show! it was the Worst Raw Ever! John cena is the reigning WWE champion. The next edition of raw better be better. DX are the one of the best and they`re funny. now they go up against two spoil brats, randy Orton and Edge. Raw is going kind of mixed up now but still BOSS!
  • A shadown of it's former self which struggles to maintain the interest it once held of over 7 million people per week.

    What was once the F1 racing car of cable TV is now just a simple V6 Turbo. It's not exciting, mind numbingly awesome, loud, proud and absurd anymore, rather, it's simply fast enough to overtake, it's mildly fun to watch occasionally and all in all it's mediocre. RAW has become a shadow of it's former self.

    The primary problem lies in the rehash of storylines over the past few years. There's the constant battle of John Cena everyweek which leads into what is 95% of the time, a predictable comeback for the watered down street rapper from Massachusetts. He gets beaten down but out of nowhere comes back to win the match, and the love of the fans with the IQ of 50. It's not that it's not enjoyable for a lot of people, it's just not good enough to warrant being called amongst the greatest shows on TV, or indeed worthy of a score that reflects too much beyond average. Aside from that formulaic time waster, we have the battle of the mid carders reaching for IC gold that either fit into the heel mould, or the face mould and then a whole bunch of mediocre undercards.

    The characters have also suffered from becoming a bit monotonous recently as well. What was once a TV show that prided itself on unique characters from Hart, to Michaels, to Austin, Rock, HHH, Angle has finally reached John Cena with a whole host of other performers who struggle to be anything but bland. The characters being bland and uninteresting leads to problems of coming off as too formulaic, with nothing there to maintain interest.

    The wrestling aspect still remains though, and thankfully it hasn't degenerated into the mindless brawling of the rock n wrestling era. There are still plenty of good matches that don't involve the Comeback Kid which aren't as predictable as the result of the 2008 US election.

    The problem with RAW is that it's bland, monotonous and mediocre. Until they find a shining star and build around that star, it's not worth anything more.
  • WWE Raw on USA, Monday night on 9:00pm est.

    WWE Raw hits for everyone. As a fan of the show and also a Lance Cade fan, This show is the best. I really like it. It's is the best since when ever. Also I wanted to add that this is the best show ever. Also I like it when Shawn Michaels and Triple H make Mr.McMahon a fool. I also will be happy if the tag team Championship is been defened by teams, like Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch. The divas are so hot as well. Like Torrie Wilson. Hot diva, knows her way around. Torrie is so hot!

    Lance is so hot!
  • this monday dx WAS GOIN TO APPOLOGIZE FOR THEIR behavior but didntE THEY WOULD RATHER TALK ABOUT MR. MCMAHON LIKING A CERTAIN ANIMAL, A certain bird, A ROOSTER also known as cock.

    raw is one of my favorite tv shows of all time and im GLAD dx is back together but they could be better if john cena joined dx. ITwould make the perfect team, 3 STRONG LEADERS joining yto be one gynormous machine. one thing that i dont like about john cenas story line is that its always with edge. I am sick and tired about edge mumbling on about the title is rightfully his and he would be A great champion. NEWS FLASH: to be a champion you really have to win notBY disqualification OR cheating its wrong andit doesnt make you a true champion it just makes you a loser.

    --John Cena -----------
    I love you cena!
  • Explosive wrestling action!

    You know what they say; RAW is war! Full of action, drama and suspence RAW is the home of great wrestling. Many WWE superstars battle it out on this show like John Cena, Randy Orton, Kane, Umaga, Edge, DX: Triple H and Shawn Michals, the chairman of the WWE Mr. McMahon and more. RAW is also home to the WWE Championship. Rivalries begin and end with surprising results. One of the biggest rivalry is between DX and the McMahons. Not to mention heaps of action in the ring as well. This show is not for peace-lovers.
  • I really like it.

    I like watching Raw with my friend, Cadefan22. We watch it until the show ends. The one thing is that Cadefan22 cries each Monday night when her two most favorite Raw superstars, Lance Cade and Shawn Michaels goes at it and it bites! Mostly, I help her to calm down and watch more of Raw. She felt much happy! Anyway, Raw is so good to watch Monday Night and I hope the show will be better in time! I hope one thing for sure is that Randy Orton better be a babyface than a heel before Everyone will hate him!
  • cool

    man kill me if you think that raw sux i could kill someone if they took it of the air but raw is on macth for smackdown my favorites are the rock,hhh,hbk,hulk hoagan,cmpunk,jeff,619 and cena i think that thay shuld put wcw back on they put ecw back on why not wcw raw is the best show on tetevision because of the super stars e.g.kane HHH,HBK.i always wonderd what would be it like to be on tele
    i recken it would be jamen my dad always watchs news he does not know what he missing. if they bring back wcw i will be happy
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