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  • WWE raw rocks. I watch it every Monday at 9:00 on the USA network. I stay tuned.

    I love wrestling. I`ve been watching wrestling since i was little. I used to have action figures of wrestlers. My favorite wrestlers are Stone Cold, The Rock, John Cena, Kane, Carlito, Ric Flair, and Shawn Michaels. They`re all on raw. WCW was the best wrestling show because it had a lot of wrestlers. I hope it comes back on the air. They bought back ecw so why not WCW. TNA is also a good wrestling show because its a six sided ring. WCW and TNA are the best wrestling shows. I don`t even like ecw that much because its boring. If they bring back WCW then i`ll be happy.
  • very good

    a very good show that is better than smackdown but the problem with wwe is (and you have to ammit) its all fake no matter what anyone says it is all put on except a few little thing i mean they all work by some sort of storyline but they are good actors any way its good and john cena is the best but they could do with more super stars and more lite whights soz about spelling but im a little dumb lol but it has to be one of the best shows out there even if it is a bit fake - 121matthew
  • I'm a Chain Solider how about u?

    Two questions for yah (are u ready) that right D-Generation X has return but their facing a conflict with the Mcmahons. Although wrestling is fake I still love it no matter what. Where week it's a new thing. I something the whole family can enjoy in certain occasions but the show it's cool. I've been a wrestling fan since 2000 and I love it. I like John Cena (doctor of thuganomics) Dx (are u ready) and basically the rest of the clean wrestlers on both Raw and Smackdown. This show couldn't get any freaken better. I just saying that Raw is fun to watch and smackdown. Diva action is cool also it sort of brings th man out of someone or everybody, but it do be some acidents on the show. Anyway watch Raw and enjoy the show
  • who could of guesed

    wow wow wow a very great show. man who would og gused that John Cean could go to smack down. But first he gots one more shot for his titel against edge in a tlc (tabels ladders chairs). jeffy hardy is the No. condeder for the inercontental champinship because he beat the leandgen killer randy ortan. but Jeff got a littel help by carltio. carltio came to halp is because randy came and attack carlito. Man DX are they ok. they had to fight finly willam regal and Mr kendy. DX won but it was no over yet they went against the big show. DX thought they had the big show but finly an d mr kendy and regal iterfeared . then DX was beaten by the mcmanons Badly then Mr. Micmanon claimed he will go agist DX . so it willbe the mcmanons and the big show aganst DX and it will be hell in a cell
  • Like a lot

    I love Raw because of its so many cool stuffs and gimmicks and unlike SmackDown more legends are here isn't that cool! Well guys I really love this because this show just really rocks, I like wrestlers like Cena, HBK, and to add my list HHH well generally DX! Well this show is amazing and it is just fun!!
  • Raw is now a shadow of what it was. While showing glimpses of the excitement and entertainment it used to produce, they have expanded the rosters far too much and now they are forced to make rival shows(Smackdown). They are missing the key superstars that

    I have reviewed on this before, but i have had a change of opinion. After watching summerslam and recent wwe programming, the writing is fine and the current superstars are also fine. But what they are missing is a talent like stone cold steve austin, the rock, hulk hogan. There is no longer a heel superstar, the calibre of the old triple h, a superstar with the charisma and electricity of the rock, or a superstar with the pure respect of Hulk Hogan. Bring back the greats and the WWe will again, be a success, and put their stardom beyond doubt.
  • Why did Lita get a shot at the womens title?

    Lita has wrestled maybe 5 matches in about two years, why did she deserve a title shot? Victoria or someone else should have gotten that. This is just ridiculous, Lita and Edge are now going to be out on Raw everynight bragging, and whining about how great they are, and not appreciated enough. I say give Mikie James a re-match, or some other diva, because Lita does not deserve that Womens championship. She deserves a good kick in the butt, maybe a broken nose. This is just dumb, I cant get it out of my head. So someone please tell me, Why did Lita get a title shot?
  • Not at all how wrestling *should* be anymore.

    As I've come from a family that regularly watches wrestling, I've always been around it, and occasionally watched it myself. Of the WWE programming, I'd have to say RAW has always been my favourite. However, things seem to have changed for the worse fairly recently, and it doesn't look like they're going to get any better. Now, yes.. I do know that most of wrestling is simple gimmicks and choreographed moves and such, I'd like to start off by saying that. I, however, often found RAW quite entertaining in past years. It depresses me to see how horribly wrong a show can go over the years. RAW, and the WWE in general are a good example of that. I'd like to start of with the recent changes the WWE seems to be making.
    First of all. There's all these stupid and annoying storylines that seem to be popping up everywhere. Over-dramatized, unemotional garbage that alot of fans seem to love and eat up. I think it's ridiculous, and I really think the WWE needs to start firing some of their storyline writers, since these are and have been no good for a while now.

    Second is a huge difference from what I remember. Alot of the "matches" no longer rely on much talent. And in many cases there are slip ups where you can see that things are pre-determined to go one way or another. The gimmicks of some of the wrestlers seem to play into this at times.

    The third thing is one of the worst mistakes the WWE could've ever made. Bringing back the ECW television show and it's roster, treating it like it's on it's own, when they make it blatantly obvious that it is not.

    The WWE seems to be misusing alot of their talent. I mean c'mon.. Rey Mysterio as heavyweight champion? It'd do them well if they brought back the hardcore title as well, and stripped that sorry excuse for a wrestler, Edge, of any title he has or will ever have.

    Even the female wrestlers have suffered a large downgrade. Now being referred to as "divas" that seem to only be around for their looks and an occasional match. While having to take off 90% of the clothes on live TV half the time. The Quarter Million Dollar Dive Search, is an insult to all of wrestling. And makes it look like all a woman has to do to get into wrestling is look good.

    I think the WWE is sometimes insulting to one's intelligence as well. Such as the recent "who's the father of Stephanie's baby?" gimmick with Triple H. Degeneration X is a huge downgrade from what I remember of the old DX. And the WWE is keeping far too many wrestlers that are passing or well past their prime. While trying to promote those that are going nowhere, instead of those that could actually go somewhere.

    Case in point: Carlito in a stupid Trish Stratus love story, that's about as fake as Vince's ring entrance walk. Randy Orton in some stalker-esque love story with the God awful Hulk Hogan's daughter. It's just stupid. I pray that the WWE will change their ways, and actually make RAW decent again. Because as it is now, I think I'm going to begin investing my two hours on Monday night to a different cause than the USA Network.
  • WWE Raw?? HELL YEAH!!

    Lets see.. Hot guys, action, drama, good story lines...This show is DEFINATELY worth tuning into every week!! Lets see.. there are the ones you love,(Cena, DX) the ones you hate,(McMahons, Spirit Squad) the ones you "love to hate" (Edge, Lita)... you just need to tune in every week to see who is fighting each other, who is going to win a belt, who is going to lose the belt, what Cena will do next, What DX will do next..I would definately reccomend this to anyone...and lets not forget how awesome the pay per view are!!

    *a side note*
    The one wrestler I can not stand is Eugene and I am so grateful that I dont have to see him on Raw every week. I mean come on..Someone who gets paid to act mental and copies everone's moves. Come on get a clue!! Come up with somthing better than that!! It's so stupid!! I just cringe everytime I see him on there!! and for those of you that think he is sweet and love him...ummm...no further comments!!!
  • WWE is on at 9:00 on usa

    I like triple H Shawn Micheals Dx Edge John Cena the Rock Visera Kane Johnny Nitro and the spirt squad. Why did the Big Show have to go to ECW? At Summersalm John Cena could win the title. Hulk Hogan could possebly win against Randy Orton but Ortan could win with an rko.
  • Coming from a wrestling fan (six years), there have been some extreme changes. It has its good and bad times.

    Wrestling is what everyone refers to as being 'fake', but you can't tell me falling from a 20' ladder and going through a table doesn't hurt. It's one of those shows that at first leaves you in awe, or saying "Ow" and seemingly feeling the wrestlers pain, but if you look beyond the sweaty men (usually hot sweaty men) wrestling each other in spandex, you see the 'poetry in motion'. Wrestling is a soap opera, and being a girl, I guess that is what appeals to me most. Love triangles, as well as feuds. There are also some shocking elements to the storylines. (The whole Lita/Matt/Kane feud, was a little disturbing). Like any show, it has it's ups and downs.
  • WWE Monday Night RAW has entertained wrestling fans for over a decade and still seizes to amaze us all. Altough WWE is fake, it is a great show to watch either if it is the violence or the drama, it is still very good.

    WWE is a very successful sports company. It is so extended, there had to be two WWE show brands. Both are very successful, but I find this one to be more entertaining. The two brands are RAW and Smackdown!. I always catch both, but still find RAW more entertaining then Smackdown!. Anyway, RAW stars many WWE athletes such as John Cena, Triple H, Shawn Micheals, Randy Orton, Edge, Trish Stratus, Carlito, and many, many more. My favorite is John Cena. The show is about enemies, teams, and titles. The show has 4 titles:
    WWE Championship: Holder: EDGE
    Intercontinental Championship: Holder: JOHNNY NITRO
    World Tag Team Championships: Holders: THE SPIRIT SQUAD
    WWE Women's Championship: Holder: MICKIE JAMES
    The show has been on since 1993, but before was called RAW IS WAR. It is a great shiw to watch if you want violence, drama, ands even comedy. Please watch this show on USA at 9:00-11:00.
  • a little better than smackdown

    Raw is funny cause of DX, Shawn Micheals is cool really fuuny good wrestler, Triple H is a really good wrestler hes funny to, is cool.Melina is fine as hell she is the best girl on Raw. John Cena is cool, kinda of a posser, not a great rapper, funny. all together its a really cool show to watch
  • Getting better......

    Getting better . . . . . . . It was bad before but it is back on track . DX really did good for W W E R A W ' s ratings. And good decisions like putting Randy Orton [ R K O ] on W W E R A W boost its ratings. W W E R A W i s getting better and better every episode. W W E R A W i s getting better and better every episode. W W E R A W i s getting better and better every episode. W W E R A W i s getting better and better every episode.
  • WWE Raw is like the Mans Soap Opra, Women watch Desperate Houswives and Men Watch Raw, both fake but both really good to watch.

    WWE Raw is the best wrestling show out. The Live uncensored wrestling is great. Better than Smackdown and the poorly funded ECW. Smackdown has equaly popular Superstars but Raw is much better because of all the fun and crazy stuff that happens like DX\'s return and them dumping feces on Mr.McMahon and the Spirt Squad. Or when they dumped slime all over the spirit squad. Raw is way better than ECW/Smackdown. ECW is poorly funded, a few superstars, the rest who knows? Who Cares! and Smackdown is ridicously censored. Thats why Raw is the best current wrestling show and why USA network is getting better and better, with these shows and MONK, PSHYC, THE 4400, and other great shows. USA is becoming a very big power house.
  • best sports every(even though it is an act) but it sweet

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  • this show is awsome

    this show is awsome. so many reasons to enjoy.from the comedic actions of degeneration x or just the pure wrestling skills from athletes like john cena and randy orton. it is never a dull moment.their always excitment. a personal favotite wrestler of mine is shelton benjamin with both high flying ability and in ring skills.like every show thier is a bad guy. for the moment so far edge is the most hated.their are so much charcters with their own individual roles.like the monster kane, the rapper john cena and lets not forget everyones most favorite cheerleaders the spirit squad. this is a must see show
  • A show that gets better every week taking wresling to a new level.A must see you will not stop cracking up.A must see

    This show is funny. Dx and HBK and every body heels and faces. U dont have to be a wwe fan to like Raw. Smackdown Sucks but Raw is what made me like WWe. Vince is always getting what is coming to him and Tyhe matches are cool to. Only a few boring parts of this show (promos) but it is very good.However this show is good enough to be on NBC or network tv. Cable is not the best place for a show like this. But somehow every week USA and wwe finds a way to make it work. The best CABLE show on every Monday with teh expection of Monday Night Football in the winter.A must see
  • Great show!

    The return of Dx is great. I'm grad to see them back, even if it is only for the summer. What can I say, WWE is a great show, I love most of the story lines. The superstars are great. I can't wait to see what else DX has up the sleeves. But I wonder how they are going to top, what they did tonight. Covering Vince McMahon, Shane McMahon, and the Spirit Squad in human feces was classic DX style. I also wonder if Edge or Cena are going to be able to being back the WWE Championship to Raw at Saturdays main event.
  • i like this show.it has great matches on their.it has some of my favorite wrestlers on there.such as randy orton,triple h,john cena,hbk,the one wrestler i hate on there is edge.they have real sexy divas on there too.so no wonder i like this show.

    i like this show.it has great matches on their.it has some of my favorite wrestlers on there.such as randy orton,triple h,john cena,hbk,the one wrestler i hate on there is edge.they have real sexy divas on there too.so no wonder i like this show.i think my three favorite divas would be trish stratus,melina,and mari.i think the matches they have on there are awesome and super.even at their big pay per views.i can't wait until my favorite wrestlers win the tile i want them to win.and i think it great and superb that dx has finally come back to be funny as always.
  • Great show ! getting better

    I think Raw is getting better w/ DX on it - I wish Kurt Angle would`ve nevr left Smackdown - he was great , and i think smackdown is the boring 1 , theyer losing all their good wrestlers lie : Orton , Angle and who else can the offored to lose ???? Rey mysterio , and lashley , booker - king booker , finlay , william rigal !!!!!!! I mean - c`mon get some better people !
  • WWE RAW vs. ECW...when will it end?

    I remember every Friday night at 10pm, rAW should show on either Sky Sports 1 or 3. I wouldn\\\'t miss an epsiode and would get angry if I did. Now it\\\'s gotten to predictible. There are too many spoilers are there that also gives sotrylines away such as the reformation of DX. DX was used years ago and played it\\\'s time and failed, just like the nWo came to an end but Vince tried to bring it back in the WWE! He needs to realise you can\\\'t bring something back that\\\'s dead and has no meaning. Well I\\\'m hoping this DX will be different with maybe a non-previous DX member which will maybe pull RAW up from the ground!
  • Its not as good as it was, but its still pretty damn good

    In 1997 Wwf (now Wwe) Raw is War (now Raw) was in its prime. Undertaker had the Ministry of Darkness. Shawn Michaels and Triple H had D-Generation X. The Rock had The Nation of Domination. Stone Cold, he just had beer. From here to 2000 were the golden years of Wwe Raw. Dx mocked the nation. Undertaker crucified Stone Cold. Stone Cold stunnered Vince McMahon and drank beer. Those were the days. Soon after it went downhill. Shawn Michaels was injured and Triple H became new leader of Dx and brought in X-Pac Road Dogg Jesse James and Bad Ass Billy Gunn (the New Age Outlaws). The Undertaker was injured thus ending the Ministry of Darkness. Stone Cold was hit by a car. The Rock went out on his own, which wasnt that bad. But as Wwe headed into 2002 it went to the crapper. It has regained some composier, but not all of it.
  • wrestling

    So this show is very intertaining....for some people. I know that when I frist started to watch wrestling I got obsess with it. I didn\'t want to do anything but come home and watch wrestling or play the video games. Now I could care less about it. Its not as fun as it was before. My mom loves it, and finds it very fun to watch, but me, yeah its boring now. I still watch it every now and then but its not the same.
  • WWE is truly enterteaining as well as exiting.

    WWE is one of the must watch show.Even tho it sometime looks fake, it is not as fake as Real World or ani other reality shows in MTV/VH8. Also this show is gettin really interesting, first of all this show is better then Friday Night SmackDown. Second is that ECW came back the show is just keep gettin interesting every week. Monday is just awesome. One of the cool part is HHH and HBK teamed up to summon the DX. Also ECW stole Cenas title which is now geting hunted by its original master. If WWE get canceled half of the world wouldnt be entertained enough.
  • WWE RAW is a great wrestling show presented by WWE! It is funny, intresting and exciting to watch!

    WWE RAW is a personal favorite of mine because It's held by WWE! WWE is brilliant! It has divas, wrestlers, a funny announce team-everything you need for successful wrestling show. RAW is at the moment the most succesful wrestling show although rivaled by the other WWE show-Smackdown!

    RAW has had some of the most memorable superstars in the history of wrestling-The Rock, Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold and many, many more!!!This all makes it a great wrestling show! It is hosted by the RAW announce team- J.R(Jim Ross), Jerry the "King" Lawler and the Coach they're really funny and always lift the show on any occasion!

    If you ask me I say WATCH it because it's one of the best wrestling shows out there!
  • Never can miss it! I would rate this higher then a 10 if it was possible!

    I love Raw it is really good it always has twists and turns and different people! Since I started watching it I\'ve never missed it! Oh and John Cena is SO Hot!! Do not get me wrong I like Smackdown to but they don\'t have as many favored wrestlers except Rey Mysterio! I am so glad JBL and Rey had that match last Friday and now JBL is fired! Yeah I always hated him! Any way back to Raw, I HATE Mr. Mchman he is annoying and Shane diserved the sledge hammer to the face and same with The Spirit Squad I hate them to they are anoying!
  • Raw is not a serious wrestling sport. The gimmicks and whacky clown like behaviors of their wrestlers makes you want to laugh. They all have bizarre personalities and weird characters to play. Its just not serious wreslting. I can understand that \"real\"

    Raw is not a serious wrestling sport. The gimmicks and whacky clown like behaviors of their wrestlers makes you want to laugh. They all have bizarre personalities and weird characters to play. Its just not serious wrestling. I can understand that "real" wrestling is not nearly as entertaining as "T.v show" wrestling but Raw takes it to the point where its ridicolous. However, even though it's a circus featuring the mentally insane it entertains none the less. The comedy when its not meant to be funny is funny and when it is meant to be funny it's really stupid but it still makes you giggle. Being planned out and fake hurts the show too. Wrestlers will do unrealistic moves in the ring. You can blantly see their the two wrestlers cooperating in the ring and working with each other to do impossible moves that cant be done realisticly just to make the match entertaining. Rey Mysterio is so fake its not funny but he doesnt count since he is currently on Smackdown. Raw also does repetitive storylines. Ex. Triple H(Bad guy)for world heavyweight championship. Triple H will hold on too that title for 3 months through miracles wins. He will always win through someone interfering, cheap shots, etc. and when he loses his title to a good guy he will start losing all his matches. Then the good guy who won the title will beat everyone fair and square and lose it too another bad guy. Then that bad guy will win all his matches through miracles just like Triple H and lose to a good guy. Sometimes Raw trys to change it up but for the most part thats how its done. Raw has definantly changed and lost alot of its luster. No more Rock, stone cold, dx, nothing. Its just a circus with repetitive storyline and some guy who defies god. Triple H is my favorite wrestler and Chris Masters is pretty cool but all thee other wrestlers are jokes with stupid characters. OMg! A bad review slapped right across Raw's face! Darn it! Not this way! Not this way!1...2...5.2/10
  • A mere shadow of its former self...

    Raw is no longer half as entertaining as it used to be. That can be frustrating, as there is certainly some great talent on the show, but the awful writing and emphasis on cartoonish gimmicks/storylines hampers any real enjoyment. When WWE had real competiton in the States with WCW, the shows were snappier, and provided better matches on average. Today, many of the storylines are embarrasingly bad(anything involving McMahons on screen), and wrestling fans would be better served seeking out other places for their fix.
  • RAW is a a show that I have never come to miss. WWE is considered to be stupid to many people because it\'s \"fake.\" I agree I\'ts acting, but I find many reasons to watch.

    RAW is believed to be WWE at its finest. I agree fully. RAW is not only the best show in the WWE but in my eyes on TV next to my personal favorite, Family Guy. Many people do not even watch WWE and already have an opninion because it\'s \"fake\". But WWE fans know the real reason they watch. And it\'s not just to see men act a fight.
    The reason I watch it is because to me it\'s like a soap-opera for males. The storylines include Family issues, love triangles, betrail, of course championships, bitterness toward another, and much much more. Although, some of these things may sound dumb, it is a reason to watch matches. It\'s brings an itensity and meaning to a match.
    I know wrestling is fake indeed. However, the blood and brutality is real. I assure you the blood is not fake. Nor is most of the weapon shots such as chairs, ladders, tables, bells, hammers, screwdrivers, wooden sticks, and sinks. Not ECW but still cool.
    One word, Divas. Raw showcases some of the most beautiful women such as Playboy girls Candice Michelle and Torrie Wilson, and others like Maria, Trish, ect. Seeing them fight is the greatest eye candy on TV.
    RAW is the best there is, the best there was, and tyhe best there ever will be.
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