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Monday 8:00 PM on USA Premiered Jan 11, 1993 In Season


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  • RingVeteran

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  • Stephanie the Bitch

    Stephanie need to be took down her dad owns the show but not the people he needs to come an show her who is the BOSS an it is not her an that so call Triple H who is so scared of Daniel, has he has to do something as what he did tonight (3-17-14) HOW MANY WOULD LIKE TO SEE A MATCH BETWEEN STEPHANIE an AJ IN A CAGE MATCH WITH GUARDS AROUND THE RING WHERE NO ONE IS ALLOW IN AN HER DAD THERE TO MAKE SURE an TRIPLE H an DANIEL IN A CAGE MATCH WITH THE YES GROUP AROUND THE CAGE TO KEEP EVERYONE OUT . WHAT EVERYONE NEEDS TO DO IS NOT SHOW UP TO THE SHOW UNTIL THEY TAKE STEPHANIE an TRIPLE H an ALL THE ONES WHO ARE AS DRITY AS THEY ARE OUT AN F I R E ( Please Ed McMann come back an run the show .
  • Helpppp

    How do you watch this
  • rocks

    monday night raw goss to hhh tacks brolaenser
  • A clever title goes here!

    The show is good but if wwe was to go back to TV-14 it would be great

  • Aj sucks

    She spoil the show!!!!!
  • the wwe raw promo

    i think its brock lesner cuz thats who going to wrestle the undertaker in this year wrestlemania
  • WWE Raw features some of the best Pro Wrestlers in the whole world with lots of good action and such good storylines and drama. Each week is different from the last with superstars who perform live every week

    I believe Raw is way better then TNA with Raw very good and unpredictable every week not like Smackdown or ECW where nothing huge might happen like a world title change with a match that wasn't announced yet and they got lots of great storylines and great superstars with great future stars like Ted Dibiase Jr., Cody Rhodes, Kofi Kingston, Cryme Time, Lance Cade, and Santino Marella. There are always very great diva wrestlers like Melina, Candice Michelle, Melina, and Beth Phoenix. And always the main events like HBK, Batista, John Cena, Randy Orton, CM Punk, JBL, Rey Mysterio, and Kane all great reasons why Raw is the best Pro Wrestling Show in the World
  • Raw is AWESOME!! The MIZ is NOT "I'm the MIZ and I'm retarded"

    I like people like... John Cena one of my faves
    DX one of my faves
    Kofi Kingston
    Evan Bourne
    Mark Henry

    Top 3 favorites on Raw are Cena HHH HBK.

    Hate people like...
    Randy Ortan and the rest of legacy
    Sheamus or as I like to call him GAYmus. Get a tan white boy no one is as white as you

    Big Show (I used to call him Big Toe)

    I think the divas should wear better clothes.

    People like Stone Cold Steve Austin and the Rock should still be there. I remember watching them when I was only like 4 years old. They should guest host.

    If it wasn't for CM PUMK (On Smackdown) Jeff Hardy would still be in the WWE. If Jeff ever comes back to wrestle ever again he should be on Raw. If not he should guest host too.
  • I don't agree with that Evilgenius guy who gave RAW a 5.0

    I don't agree with him because he's probably one of those people who only like to watch the segments and stuff. Well, I like Segments and promos to, but I watch Wrestling for the Wrestling. I am a true wrestling fan,because I watch WWE RAW, SmackDown!,the new ECW brand that WWE brought back, and I watch TNA. I can't watch CZW or ROH because my TV does not have the channels they are on. Anyway, the wrestling and everything is great, and RAW has some good storylines that get
    you hyped up for the upcoming matches, and Pay Per View matches. That's why I give a RAW a perfect 10!!!!!
  • WWE Raw is one of the best wrestling shows ever. I am a huge fan of wrestling and every Monday night I always make sure to catch WWE Raw.

    I have been a fan of wrestling for a long time and one show that I never miss is WWE Raw. Every Monday night I watch it. With superstars like Triple H and Batista and John Cena this show is the best wrestling show in the history of wrestling shows. I don't think that I have ever missed an episode. This is must see T.V. for me every Monday night. Most of the matches are great and the main events are always so totally awsome. Even the interviews are cool. This is without a doubt one of the best wrestling shows that has ever been on the air.
  • Outstanding

    WWE Raw is sooooooooooooooooo simply outstanding and very high paced action, that I tune in every week to watch all of the high flying action that is WWE Raw. Not only do I tune into Raw but I also tune into ECW, Superstars, SD, and some PPV's. Some of my favorite wrestlers include John Cena, Triple H, Shawn Micheals, Matt Hardy and even Randy Orton and Legacy (RAW) Christian, and Finlay (ECW) Rey Mysterio, Jeff Hardy, CM Punk, and even Chris Jericho (SD). Some of my favorite divas include Mickie James, The Bella Twins, Maria and EVE
  • no way out was cool lol

    It is really gud i wacth this show live every time it is on,and i wacth all the ppv and when the ppv the time is really late becasue i live in the uk and it on live at 2.00 till 4.00am and i tried to keep my eyes open lol

    i just wacth no way out ,lol ,luv the macth when triple hhh won the undertake and the undertaker it all time favourite off mine.and randy orton vs shane OMG have u seen triple hhh face when he did the rko last week live show amazingggg.and the raw elimantion macth when chris jerico did the code breaker and then ray did 619 and then edge did the sphere and pinned him that wasss coollllllllllll
  • WWE Raw is the "A" show within the WWE. It features the likes of John Cena, Batista, Randy Orton, Chris Jericho, JBL, etc.

    Raw gets better and better each week in my opinion, and is home to my favorite superstar, Randy Orton. If any WWE show is worth watching, it's Raw, infact, it's the only WWE show I watch these days.

    The wrestlers on this brand are interesting to watch, and the storylines are great too. Recently Orton's "Legacy" storyline kicked off, and it's been very interesting seeing it play it, since no one sees what's coming, and if they do, they question themselves, much like I do. However, some of the storylines are just plan boring, like the JBL/HBK storyline they have going on right now. I mean I know what it will lead to, but it's just holding HBK back, and will cause JBL to win the WHC, which will cause ratings to drop.

    The diva's, well... I don't really like the diva's of Raw, the only one that is fun to watch is Kelly Kelly, and sometimes Beth Phoenix... Ok, Beth Phoenix is great to watch ALL the time, I love the "Glamorella" storyline that's going on with Beth and Santino.

    Raw also creates interesting characters for superstars, such as the "Dolph Ziggler" character, who has really proved himself in the ring.

    I have no problem giving Raw a 10 out of 10.
  • Well I liked the show! Was cool. Found even where to check it online http://wwelivestream.blogspot.com/

    Well I liked the show! Was cool. Found even where to check it online http://wwelivestream.blogspot.com/

    I really liked Jericho vs Shawn Mitchael last man standing match. Gotta check it out. Rest of the matches were good too. Liked to see D-Lo Brown in the action. Hated divas, but well. Stephanie Mc Mahon and Batista angle was cool. Hope the RAW will continue this way.

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  • Wrestling in all WWE shows is real. Nothing is scripted. WWE shows rock and Raw rocks the most

    WWE Raw is the number 1 wrestling show of all time to this day. No other wrestling show beats the entertainment and wrestling we see every Monday Night on Raw. Sometimes, Raw is bought to our TV's live and some times it follows the two week schedule. Nothing is scheduled. WWE Raw is the only place to catch up with your facourite superstars such as Randy Orton, Rey Mysterio, Batista and more. Everybody has a favourite wrestler, mine is Orton. The superstars of Raw can really step up to the ring and demand challenges and title shots. When it comes down to wrestling for the title, it's every man for himself. Every superstar wants to hold the belt and the belt is only a sign of saying, "I am the champion". It's about being known as the champion and the top of the roster. Like I said, Raw is the very best wrestling show in the whole wide world and no other wrestling show tops Raw. Raw should be on TV.com's top lists.
  • raw is cool

    i think raw is the best because it has batista cm punk jtg shad john cena hbk randy orton y2j jbl kofi kingston ted diabase jr micheal cole jerry the king lawler cody rhodes beth pheonix mickie james charlie haas candice michelle val venis rey mysterio shane mcmahon mr.mcmahon william regal melina chuck palumbo hacksaw jim duggan duece hardcore holly jamie noble jillian hall kane matt striker lance cade layla paul birchill paul london katie lea burchill lillian garicia santino marella stone cold steve austin snitsky rory mcallister ron simmons robbie mcallister edge undertaker sabu sandman tommy dreamer umaga big show
  • TNA is no match compared to this show!

    I just love this show! I've been watching it since a little kid and I still watch it today!
    "But it's fake!" so? About 3/4 of the TV shows are fake!
    It's just entertaining and fun to watch. The storylines are awesome and totally funny! It's also interesting o.O Santino Marella makes me laugh my head off everytime he say something, which is a good thing. I love to see who will be paired up in the future and who's going to have a fued with who! The draft lottery every year is interesting too.
    The pay-per-views are worth the money and so are the events. I just absolutely love this show and TNA is nowhere near this show!
  • I love Raw and the WWE.

    I love Raw and the WWE. It's the best wrestling show on television. i've been watching this show since i was a little girl and have never stopped. i was hooked from the momment i first saw it. i love everything about raw. it's the best show ever. i love the matches the fueds the wreastlers. it's awesome!!!!! raw beats all the rest when is comes to wrestling shows. it's one of my personal favorites. I can't wait to watch it every monday when it comes on. Raw is the best. i can't get enough of it. it's just really good.
  • The best Wrestling show ever. I've been watching raw since it began some 15 years ago.I have never missed a Monday night raw. I was had a knee surgery on a Monday morning and still had to watch Raw that night in the hospital.

    The best Wrestling show ever. I've been watching raw since it began some 15 years ago.I have never missed a Monday night raw. I was had a knee surgery on a Monday morning and still had to watch Raw that night in the hospital. My favorite wrestler's are Stone cold Steve Austin because he does not take crap from anyone not even the boss. But my most favorite athletic wrestler is HBK Shawn Michaels, because he as some of the most exciting matches ever you don't have to like him but you have to respect his talent. So tune in ever Monday.
  • Awsome

    I know that it's fake but still u don't think jumping 30 feet on to another wrestler is not going to hurt.I like watching them going at it taking hit after hit but still going on some of them have to be tooken out in streachers and some walk out but still it's something fun to watch and a way to kill some time.I like almost every wrestler (except a few like orton)There is no better way to spend a monday night then watching raw. It's all about the match and how they fight it it's all about the pain and how they inflict it.
  • great show

    the best show on tv rite now. Its got all the best wretlers like john cena dx jeff hardy and lashly when he comes back!!! Rite now, john Cena is injurd but he should be back in 6 mounths. Hopfefully when john cena comes back hell bear randy orton becuse hes the worst wrestler on the wwe and hes the champ which sucks. I aslo like smackdown but thats not as good. Accept for batista the unertaker and a couple others its not that good... oh and ray mysterio. I love him. I also watch ecw sometimes. i like cm punk on that show. i liked it better when bobby lashly was on it.

    I love every minute of this show it's so amazing. I am happy I watched this with my dad 1 night or else i would have never cared. Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet
  • Monday Night Raw is a favorite of mine, with that being said, it's a Complete Waste of Time.

    I have not been a wrestling fan all that long. I started watching it only six years ago right when WCW went down. Raw was awesome to watch at the beginning but over the last four years it seems to have lost my interest. Granted, I check internet sites daily for spoilers and news on what will happen each Monday, but it's hard to not look. So I would say this to anyone who is thinking about watching it. Be very careful, it is adicting and can be very hard to stop watching. Remember it's a soap, and it can drag on forever. Characters (real people) come and go and the business will always trump the every day fan. With that being said, I do not hate WWE or Raw, I actually am a huge fan of what these men and women can do. The moves, finishers and acting ability surprises every week. Sad events like what happened with Chris Benoit can easily change what you feel for this product. And the news "MEDIA" has taken it upon themselves to make Vince McMahon look as evil in real life as his character Mr. McMahon. So watch it, enjoy it, but remember, it is a business and it will continue no matter what highs or lows it may hit.
  • What was that?

    That how it all strated i was about 6 when i could not find something on tv i look and looked and then i saw The Hardy boys alone with Lita of course. Afther having a hard fougth match on RAW i said Go back What was that? I started watching wrestling ever since then. I remember my frist PPV WrestleMania 17 the best PPV ever! Yeah thats rigth ever! The Rock vs Stone Cold Steve Austin a battle to the end for the WWF/WWE championship MainEvent. Vince Mcmahon came and ceated for Austin to cast The Rock his tittle .
  • The greatest show on tv.Must See

    The greatest show ever. You have to watch this if you like action.The best action show ever.John Cena is great.Great story matches and gret names like Snitsky and Undertaker. Better than Smackdown or ECW. People who watch this like good shows.This shows is on usa.yes yes yes yes.Okay so this i s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s ssssssss s s s s s s show is awesome dude.
  • WWE RAW is the 5 STAR show that I love! Unbeatable and my weekly fix!

    WWE RAW is the greatest drama ever. It is the perfect thing to look up to on a boring Monday. It has good action to. I love watching the rivelrys grow and how the WWE Superstars are all well actors and great with their themes. It is hard for me when I miss it. But I would look up the results the next day anyway. I mean it when i say it is a 5 STAR SHOW and it's in my top 3 favotite shows. It is cool unlike TNA no afence to ALL the TNA fans I just don't like how some of you criticize the WWE. WWE RAW, it dominates!

    P.S: DX RULES!!!
  • John Cena and Randy Orton, what more could you ask for?

    Between John Cena, Randy Orton, and all the other great wrestlers, RAW is the perfect show. It has all the best wrestlers from the WWE. It is always 5 times more entertaining than ECW and SmackDown! John Cena is the perfect champ!! He is young, has great mic skills, is an amazing wrestler, and can easily keep an audience entertained. And the same thing can be said for Randy Orton! John Cena has been the first to do a lot of things like best Umaga and the Great Khali. He is an underdog that has overcome many great challenges. Also he is the only superstar in history to come out of his first and only four WrestleMania's with a championship. All of this makes him the best Champ ever!!!
  • This show has John Cena, Randy Orton, and it had DX, but thier injured, and it has Booker T, Lashly, Umaga, Mr Kennedy, and its the best WWE Brand.

    I love Raw more than Smackdown, i like Smackdown too, but i prefer Raw cause it has John Cena and Randy Orton. It is the best Brand in the WWE. It has the best commentairy team in Jr and King. It also has the top title in all WWE. Which John Cena has it.
  • The Monday night fix for any WWE fan. It has fighting, bruising, brawling, and babes. It is RAW!

    The best damn sports entertainment show, period! The punches never stop rolling in these two hours of action. Not only is it entertaining but there is a true element of beauty, and not from the Divas alone. The wrestling done by HBK and Triple H is absolutely stunning. The stories are compelling and keep you wanting more. Everytime I watch I get an adrenline rush that is undeniable. The Superstars, the Divas, the announce team, the fans, amp me up for what is the greatest two hour event of the week. The way the show is presented is unbelievable. I actually had the opportunity once, way back in 2002, to watch Raw live. It was incredible. It is truely the best there is of it's kind. Every night you are a part of history, there is NO exception.
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