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Monday 8:00 PM on USA Premiered Jan 11, 1993 In Season





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  • Whats not to love about this show, hot guys, gripping storylines & the love that is really shared among the superstars.

    This business is amazing and truely special. The first thing and the most important thing to mention is eddie guerrero. He was an exceptional superstar and was loved and is still loved by all the fans, his family, the wwe and all of his friends.
    Next i wanna say that behind the gripping storylines and tough girls and guys in the ring these people are real even though the wrestling side of it maynot be. but they put there bodies on the line and risk not having families for the fans and i just wanna say thanks.
    The fans wanna thank you, from the hot guys like john cena to the scary ones like kane. We appreciate wat u do everyday. thanks.
    Us fans are lucky. especially cos' im australian
  • Take this GARBAGE ON THE AIR!

    You always hear the media complaining about violence in cartoon shows, when there have actually been cases of children getting hurt, even killed, by imitated wrestling moves. It's trash and it's got to go. Take this garbage off the air right now. It is absolute crap. It's just a bunch of arrogant morons who stage fights and get into arguments about nothing.
  • Its just sad........

    Its just sad that the WWE is just releasing good and popular wreslers and are giving no-names gimmicks & Storylines. Now, the WWE cuts to the back more just to see people talk and then go to commercials ( Now they take way more then they used to).

    They recently released 18 wrestlers and a good percentage of them were fan favorites, and now they have Chris Masters( who most can care less about) M&M,the Heart Trobs,that guy who was a teacher that wanted to become a wresler (Stryker, I believe), WWE, Why fire great wrestlers, to get bad wrestlers just to fire those?

    I feel that WWE is just killing RAW and there other programs and that they are basically digging thier own grave.
  • i think its poop and fake.

    Its fake, i prefer Lucha libre. WWE is a complete waste of time, its only men wrestling in speedos, WOW! nope. Its all staged, and the tables are balsa wood. Most of the wrestlers are just people who don't have a life. Even as I speak my brother is defending WWE, but many people will agree with me.
  • men in tights i don't think so

    How can any grown man watch this BS its terrible, i don't see the point of watching men in tights talk on microphones for two hours and wrestle for 20 minutes. I can understand watching this if you were a kid or something but when you see grown men cheering in the crowd it makes me feel so sad for them, their friends (if they have any), their families, and god forbid if they have kids. Why watch something fake when you can watch something like the UFC where they actually beat the s*** out of each other now thats something to watch
  • The bold and the beatiful meets steroids.

    I'll keep it short. Watch TNA iMPACT! for your wrestling fix. you won't be dissapointed. unless you like watching fake deaths and predictable storylines.
    WWE has dissapointed me ever since the last king of the ring. if anyone remembered they know what i mean. getting a tna pay per view is worth the money. if you have seen one, you'll know what i mean
  • Boring, and VERY SLOW.

    WWE Raw was great in the old days, now it is just horrible. WWE itself is going down hill very fast. WWE has very bad cruiserweights, and the tag team division is nearly dead. Women's championship is also useless. The only titles now that vince cares about is the US title, Intercontinental Title WWE title, and the World Heavyweight championship. I guess Vince just cares about big 250 pounds+ body builders. Watch TNA. TNA has some great cruiserweights, great Tag teams, and some good Heavyweights. TNA is on spiketv saturdays at 11pm, and is fast-paced and exciting, compared to WWE's boring stupid storyline wrestling garbage. watch TNA and dont waste your time with WWE.
  • wwe is getting soo fake u can see what is going to happen they kove things out the ring soo fast before they fight they are bring back tge old people now the i use to whatch it but not the show is going down so fast i can not

    the lost a lot of viewers since 2003 it begain to be soo fake i change the channel why is the wwe on tv now they are old in they suck now verytime i see it on tv i get soo mad come on we need a new show that is better than wesling
  • this sucks this sucks id rather watch soap operas not that i do its just better to watch them than this pile of rubbish

    this show is the same as wat i said bout smackdown. it sucks and thats that. firstly they had to change the channel to sky sports which hacked me off cos i very rarely got to c it on sundays at 11 so i decided to become a very gd fan of tna instead. thats y so many "former" wwe stars are in tna such as sean waltman,kevin nash rhino and christian cage just to name a few.
  • Why would you want predictible stuff in A wrestling show.

    Don't waist any time on wrestling. It's just the same predictible crap!!! I've noticed on every freakin episode it's the same damn thing every time. Wrestiling match..interuption....backstage conversation fight or disrupiton or turnover. So why watch the same damn thing every time except with different people. It's a waste of time. So if you want all you have to do is watch 1 episode and you've seen how it's going to go on for the rest of that show. And I also noticed that it's entirely fake I even saw somebody give a punch and he react to air.
  • Disgusted in Hartselle,Al

    Way to go Edge!!!! My thumbs up to you.. I feel the same.. as far as 'what's right for business",please!!! Triple H,wouldn't know what was best for business if it bit him in the ass, He can't seem to make a descision without Stephanie McMann, guess,we know who wears the pants in their house,(which might explain why she walks more like a man than a women)..

    You go on National television in support of bullying, but yet you are worse than the kids and least they have an excuse,y'all are adults..

    I've always been a big fan of Monday Night Raw and to be honest with you I've gotten where it pisses me off to see Triple H,Stephanie,The Dumbasses (oh my bad The Shield),Randy Orton and Big Show,treating people like trash.. And plain

    I donated money to the cause of bullying (mainly because John Cena supported it) I rescently with drew this monthly donation fee from being automaticly being taken out,due to the actions od Triple H,Stephanie,Randy Orton,The Shield and Big Show..
  • bulling

    . and randy .the shells. you tell kids that people should not bulling other kids what do you thank now that you and the boss has the shells bulling the other wrestings and daniel was a good person and would be a great raw champion i have watch all of wresting since i was little i am 65 now i want be watching you all with my grand kids now you all are just bulling people now we been watching the wresting that comes on sunday night if randy lean it it would be fine patty chapman and family

  • Fire the DM he's just a bully.

    THe district Manager should be fired he is just being a bully. He is abusing his so called power. It is also shameful how some of these wrestlers act and should be disqualified more often. I am a huge fan of Big Show, Randy Orton, and Shamus (Great White". And what the District manager is doing with them and others is just plain wrong. I hope John Cena rips him a new one because his head is so far up his original one he needs it to pass his crap.
  • my opionion

    get rid of Eve..she is not good at being in charge..she needs to go back and be a diva...Teddy Long needs to be back in charge...I don't like the way they are doing Teddy Long...They are making fun of him and degrading him...Eve is another John L... I think the fine for Shamus needs to be override...Brock done the same thing and got away with it..that is double standard..Until teddy long is back in charge I will not be watching..put Teddy Long in charge and I will be more than happy to watch wrestling again..right now it aint nothing but a joke...
  • Bad Show and very overrated

    I do not like this show everything is acted on wikipedia.com it said it is scripted I would not recommend this show to any to watch because it has gone down since the 90's, 80's, and early 2000's and some of the divas are kind of ugly like Beth Phonix i don't care she is just playing a role she is still very ugly in my opinion and John Cena he always tries to portray the "Hero" he is diffenitly not mine my hero is people like Barack Obama, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr.,Oprah Winfry, and Harriet Tubman, people like them!
  • What happened to the good storylines?

    I remember the good ol days when wrestling actually had good storylines. Nowadays, seems like the writers can’t produce good or original storylines and hence keep repeating the same ones over and over again. Plus it doesn’t help that superstars keep switching brands all the time. I was seriously devastated to see Triple H leave RAW to go to Smackdown. Since then, I slowly stopped watching RAW, and I’ve never liked watching Smackdown. Poor storylines combined with poor drafting choices have made me lose interest in WWE completely. I don’t know if I’ll ever watch wrestling again, at least not for a couple of years.
  • completely idiotic

    Ok, i will admit, i was a wrestling fan when i was little. But now all it is is a bunch of predetermined "wrestling" matches with unfunny drama. Also, with all the steroid use and deaths going on, why the hell is it even still going. Are you kidding me? There is now a death toll on a TV show. If people want to follow an actual sport, follow football! Its really hot right now! Quit wasting your time watching this fake crap! Besides, if your an adult and watching pro wrestling, you probably dont have a life. So watching TV shouldn't even be on your agenda.
  • Sorry, but wrestling went out years ago.

    Sorry, but wrestling in general is really stupid and fake. I don't understand why people enjoy watching a bunch of scripted stuff and a bunch of fat guys fight each other, or "fight" I should say. I mean, even when wrestling was popular when I was little, I never liked it. My cousin is obsessed with wrestling, and I honestly don't get it. The whole entrance by wrestlers is so stupid. I mean, its a bunch of white guys who wanna be black, and I'm not racist, but its just sad to see. These wrestlers make their own rap music now and its just really a terrible thing to see because most of it is horrible. But anyway, this show is really past its prime.
  • Actors unite!

    I recently stumbled apon this again for the first time in about 10 years, I still see grown men parading around in spandex.

    Im not debating whether its real or not as we all know its fake but you think it would have progressed over a 10 year period.

    As far as I can tell they have the same sort of characters as they did when I was a kid but then at least they had a personality.

    Im not sure if its just because im from the Uk but I really dont see whats going on with this.

    I say bring back Brutus the barber beefcake, million dollar man and Mr Perfect.
  • Absulutly horrible complete waste of time nothing real

    Horrible everything is so fake its all on script not really a fight. dont even waste your time with this show very very boring.Even if you like wrestling or fighting you wont like this I am huge fan of wrestling and when I heard about this I thought cool but when i saw it it was horrible!!!!
  • Wrastling? I dont get it.

    I just dont get how watching cartoonishly big walking pharmacies toss each other around a square box in matches with pre-determined winners is entertaining. I understand winners need to be pre-determined because if they didnt do it, deaths in the ring would occur frequently. But I still run into people who think this is real. The wrestlers are basically stunt men in staged matches determined by that creepy old guy Vince who runs the whole operation.

    Im suprised this show is still on the air after everything that has gone on the last month. Even more suprising are the performers who pump themselves full of steroids and other pharmaceuticals when they know they are more than likely to be dead by 60. Is the money really worth it? Back in the 80s I used to work at a place where the night shift guys loved to watch "wrastling". I didnt get it then and I get it even less now. Its a shame that Benoits wife and kid had to die to put a spotlight on this so-called sport.
  • ugh

    i hate wrestling. this is ridiculous!! wrestling could not possible teach kids more to be annoying, violent, and racist. and i'm not just some person that sees commercials and is like "thats so messed up" no. i used to watch wrestling with my sister when i was little. it did nothing for me, it wasnt education, if anything gave me nightmares. now my little brother watches it and i could not hate it more. especially when i see episode while hes watching it. its horrible in EVERY single way. its demeaning to women. its racist. its MINDLESS violence. i hate wrestling.
  • Good at one time , but needs a lot of help now

    Raw use to be a really awesome show and I tuned in loyal every Monday night, but with in the last few years it’s just turned rubbish, they get rid of half their good talent. Vince made a terrible mistake when he purchased WCW, I still say the shows were a lot better when they were linked, then this brand extension. Not to mentioned he took away his competition , which makes things more interesting , why work hard when your basically the only thing out there you don’t have to do big things to attract viewers because you’re the only thing they got. Hopefully once TNA gets a cable deal they will kick WWE into gear. Vince and his staff need to look back 5 / 6 years ago that when wwe (wwf then) was really good.

    I recommend people not to waste their time on this current rubbish but instead get old tapes, rent old ppv's to see what wwe once was, compared to then its become a pile of dung
  • disgusted

    I am getting so turned off by wwe you state you are against bullies then you protray them on TV for all the kids to see. the bullys win what does that say? Even if it was unrealistic Stone Colds storyline was better for business. I'm not sure how much longer I will watch this
  • Quality

    I am so sick of this lame show. TNA tops with lots of action. Big show and Punk need to be fired along with 2nd grader AJ.. Ready to find something else to watch on Monday night
  • dear wwe head quarters

    John Laurinaities should be fired because he's the worest manager ever :)

  • What the heck is this?

    This show is probably the fakest show ever! The only reason I gave this show a 2 out of 10, was because of the extremely hot chicks like Trish Stratus and Stacy Keibler. Other than that, this show SUCKS!! The plot lines and the fighting is the worst ever. Definitley change the channel if you come across this.
  • What happened to my favorite show....

    Raw used to be my reason for looking forward to Monday nights. I\\\'m all about the excitement and drama that Raw provides, but I have to say, lately, I tape it and don\\\'t bother watching it. Its frustrating to watch 2 hours of the same few people every week. Raw has a phenominal roster right now, from Randy Orton, Edge, Nitro, Victoria. But sadly, they don\\\'t get used to their best potential. Instead the show has become the John Cena/DX 2 hours. Hopefully they\\\'re remember they have wrestlers other than Cena, HHH and Michaels. When they do, I\\\'ll so be back to cheer on my favorites again.
  • A mere shadow of its former self...

    Raw is no longer half as entertaining as it used to be. That can be frustrating, as there is certainly some great talent on the show, but the awful writing and emphasis on cartoonish gimmicks/storylines hampers any real enjoyment. When WWE had real competiton in the States with WCW, the shows were snappier, and provided better matches on average. Today, many of the storylines are embarrasingly bad(anything involving McMahons on screen), and wrestling fans would be better served seeking out other places for their fix.
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