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Monday 8:00 PM on USA Premiered Jan 11, 1993 In Season


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  • WWE Raw is tight work u feel me

    WWE Raw has always been the best show in the WWE market. the show is cutting edge and for the most part always live. i bet its hard for them to live on the road like that but the money got to be great. maybe one day i can work for WWE.

    VJ400 out
  • It had its downtime and now it seems to be back on course

    Wrestling has been around for awhile and after the Wwe bought out Wcw and Ecw it sucked for about 2 years. But after last nights Raw it is definetely back on course and it was the best Raw I have seen all year. Vince needs to keep doing what he is doing or he needs to end the brand extension
  • The best performance the wwe has to offer.With such veteran wrestlers such as Triple H and Chris Benoit,along new favorites like Batista and Shelton Benjamin this show is more superior to its counterpart "WWE Smackdown!",in terms of competition and athlet

    In my opinion this is the best of the two brands of the wwe.While SD! is specialice in criuserweight action,raw has the diva division.Plus,it's a live action show meaning that while you wacth they perform,while smackdown is a pre-recorded show on tuesdays and broadcast on Thursdays.Like every show it has is ups and downs.But,overall its okay.
  • Raw was allot better off with out hunter.

    Ok reamber the two weeks of peace we had when hunter wasnt around.I hope we can get that back also i hope they will end the branch extion asap.Vince need to make more appartions.Also we need some wreslters from the the good old days like stonecold foley and such maybe not as wreslters just as a GM or something.
  • WWE RAW is a great wrestling show, except that it is on so late! I always fall asleep and miss the main event! I would rather watch WWE Smackdown!

    I really enjoy RAW as much as Smackdown! except that it is on so late. I like seeing Muhammad Hassan and all the people who come out to deal with him (Shawn Michaels, Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold Steve Austin, etc.) I don't know if it's just me, but does Triple H seem to talk a little too much? Last Monday I was watching RAW, and Triple H talked for a good 15-20 minutes. I thought I was going to fall asleep! Triple H hardly ever fights on RAW, he only talks! The only time he fights is at Pay-Per-Views. I am glad that Batista has taken his place as the World Heavy-Weight Champion!
  • u can't see him his time is now the champ is heru can't see him his time is now the champ is heru can't see him his time is now the champ is heru can't see him his time is now the champ is heru can't see him his time

    u can't see him his time is now!

    john cena wwe champion has a new album with tha trademarc. this is going to be a great year for john.people download cena's song more then any other artist.cena is staring in 2 movies he is fliming.mtv will not play cena's songs,the cena fans think they will not play cena songs becuz they r hippy lovers pussy haters gay fags dick loving assholes.cena is now on raw he will defend his spinner wwe championship against y2j chris jericho and the capitan of charisma christian in a thrip threat match cena does not even need to be pinned or tap out to lose his chapionship. i am a big y2j fan yes i am a jerichoalick but i think what jericho did to john was wrong but he did what he did to get shot at the title and i can't say i whould not do it also if the time came. i am not that big of a peep but i kinda like christian he is a cocky lil clb bastard just like me. my favorite of the three is chris jericho but i did this on john cena cuz he hot he is on fire and watch raw ty bye

    From Tues. to Sun. I can't wait for monday night RAW!!!!!!There are SO many words to describe this show!Batista,John Cena,HBK,Eugene and more,are SO awsome!I cried when Chris Benoit went to smackdown....he was my fav.I think of monday night RAW 24/7!If anyone totally loves this show like me,send me a message!
  • When you are watching tv you may flick over to channels, hopefully you would flick over to see the best show on the planet Monday Night Raw.

    WWE Raw is one of the best shows ever, you get to see technical wrestling and you could see some high flying wrestling too. This weeks show was very entertaining, who would have thought that Carlito would win the intercontinenetal title on his debut raw match. Carlito must have have some luck because on his very first night on WWE Smackdown, he won the United States Championship from John Cena, the us title is like the intercontinental championship. Also, Kane would end up destroying the "Wedding" of Adam "Edge" Copeland and Amy "lita" Dumas, obviously this was not a real wedding but very funny non the less. Hopefully channel surfers will find this program and they will will enjoy it. =D

  • Monday Night Raw is a classic in sports entertainment.

    Raw still provides the entertainment needed by WWE hounds. It still has good story lines + it leads to the best PPVs of the year. Raw also main events at wrestlemania. It is the flagship of WWE/WWF and I feel it will continue to please the wrestling fans for a very long time.
  • Its much better now that it has John Cena

    I personally think that it is the best wrestling brand there is. NWA TNA is just crap!!!
    Raw is much better than its rival, Smackdown....
    Superstars such as Cena, Jericho, Kane, Edge and HHH
    make sure it stays that way.
    Raw is great but the only problem is that its positively addictive. (I recommend that the weak of heart don't watch it) [sarcasm]
  • Episode after episode I see it comes greater and greater.

    Raw's just great, it can make you get off your sits, and has very intense action. Yes, it's true there are some scenes that are kind of "stupid", but they are made for making the feuds better. The fights are just amazing and some wrestlers just make the public go crazy, like Triple H, Batista, or Y2J (Jericho). I think this show will be there many years and we'll see new faces as good as the wrestlers that are now in the roster. That's all.

  • It has "PURE ENTERTAINMENT" written all over it.

    WWE RAW is the fovourite show of the WWE, oppsite WWE Smackdown. It has the greatest roster of professional wrestlers from WCW and ECW you've ever seen in sports entertainment. It has a bit of action, drama, and comedy. It has excellent pay per views like Vengeance and Backlash. There are impressive finishing maneuvers, entrance songs, and arenas all around.
  • Entertaining bouts and over-the-top acting make WWE Raw an entertaining and relatively amusing show.

    Wrestling. A sport in which large men sweat and throw each other around. It is an acquired taste, but something that is often misunderstood. Contrary to common opinion, the wrestlers have painful jobs and put their bodies on the line in every match, purely for entertainment purposes. If you do not take WWE wrestling too seriously, you may actually find that it is both compelling and, at times, thrilling.

    The WWE currently has a superb roster of fine athletes, many of which have decent microphone skills. The storylines have come under heavy criticism, but the fact that they are often so exaggerated adds to the fun. They also give the wrestlers the opportunity to put their gimmicks into practice, many of which are well done and build up excitement amongst the fans.

    Perhaps the only major problem the WWE has is the lack of female talent. While many women appear for the benefit of softcore porn, there are only a couple of women who can actually wrestle, taking the prestige out of the women's championship and creating a very dull experience.

    Overall, however, WWE Raw has enough depth and excitement to fill up Monday nights.
  • A wrestling show.

    In the '90s this show was great. But now it's not great at all. The matches are boring and predictable, the storylines suck, and it's almost the same thing everytime. Triple H always has the title sure it changes once in a while but he always gets it back. It is not worth watching. Watch TNA Wrestling's Impact instead much much better show.
  • Best wrestling show out there, but every show has at least one flaw.

    World Wrestling Federation (now Entertainment) has had one show the longest. That show is RAW. It's been here longer than Smackdown, Velocity, and Heat. And no doubt the best the WWE has to offer. Smackdown does not have as big of stars as RAW. RAW is the reason WCW failed, and RAW killed the ratings for WCW.

    Now the show can vary on how it is each week. It can easily change each week from an A+ show, to an F show. Its usually a B show, so I gave it an 8 grade. I love the show, and its the show that I want to watch each week if I could only watch 1 show. Now, it has flawed from having Triple H taking the spotlight for the most part of the last 3 years. RAW needs new stars to shine, and not fight HHH for the Heavyweight Title. It can flaw by having stupid worthless segments with heels that want to prove themselves. I'm talking about The Masterlock Challenge, or the Rodney Mack Challenge. Its time wasting, and the true way they can prove themselves is WRESTLE, now waste time squashing low carders.

    A lot of shows may not have a spectacular wrestling match like they should, but usually every now and then you will get a free televised match that blows your socks away, but usually the entertainment factor stays. This guilty pleasure gets a Red Giant rating of an 8.0 out of 10.
  • You would never thought of a combination of categorys to match WWE RAW.

    This is no ordinary wrestling show. This is a combination of sports, drama, and comedy. Two hours of action packed wrestling you cant get enough of. And when you get tired of all those matches its time to have those sexy WWE divas on to get your pleasure going. The story lines in this show is crazy. And dont even change the channel because there are no repeats.
  • The greatest sport in the world!!

    Pro Wrestling is the greatest sport in the world. This is no single better thing in all the universe than the wwe. I watch every week glued to the tv to see what is going to happen next. Triple H, John Cena, Kurt Angle, and the nature boy Himself Ric Flair Whooooo! It can not get any better than that. As Ric Flair says. "Whether you like it or not, learn to love it, because its the best thing going in the world today!! Wooooo!! If you have not watched wrestling check it out. You might like what you see!!!
  • more realeased superstars

    Mark Jindrak and Maven are released from there contracts as they will go for other destenations.
    My opiniun is that this is a bad miss for WWE as this was my favorite superstar not Maven but Jindrak a guy that hasent had a title at WWE but is a great athlite as he was named the reflection of perfection and was in a tag team with Garison Cade but then was draft in 2004 and became a part of the 2e team angle.
    At the and of 2005 he was drafted to RAW but never perticepaited at RAw as his contract was up
    But also * Kenzo Suzuki
    * Matt Morgan
    * Charlie Haas
    * Jackie Gayda
    * Marty Jannetty
    * Dawn Marie
    * Mark Jindrak
    * Maven
    * Shannon Moore
    * James Yun (Akio)
    * David Heath (Gangrel)
    * Billy Kidman
    * Spike Dudley
    * Kevin Fertig
  • still one of the best show on t.v

    wwe is t.v on monday night what other are good on monday nothing but raw.
    i might what other show on monday was fighting,weirs storylines and more important some of the best looking girls money can find...
    Everybody who done look monday night raw must be some of the most boring people on this earth...
  • An overall lack of competion has caused a lack of passion and drive to do better.

    Wrestling swings like a pendulum on a clock from good to bad and back to good. The pendulum has been on the bad side for about a year or so now and occasionally will show a glimpse of good here and there. One of the main problems is an overall lack of competition so there is no big push to do better. Now that the company is on hard times so to speak, hopefully someone will get a wrestling promotion going to give the WWE the competition it needs to succeed. Then that pendulum will be back on its way to the good side again. I hope that for everyone that enjoys this type of entertainment that the day comes sooner than later.
  • i think its poop and fake.

    Its fake, i prefer Lucha libre. WWE is a complete waste of time, its only men wrestling in speedos, WOW! nope. Its all staged, and the tables are balsa wood. Most of the wrestlers are just people who don't have a life. Even as I speak my brother is defending WWE, but many people will agree with me.
  • Funny how 2 years ago I would have rated it 9.5 out of 10

    Funny two years ago this would have easily made 9/10 in my book.But Vince has one serious fault he doesn't listen to the fans I mean if Vince could only listen and have less eye candy and more wrestling wed have one of the best shows ever in History they seem to be out of money so why waste 250,000 on the raw Diva search.If you can sit through the divas some crappy segemanets you'll enjoy the wrestling here.
  • I will always be a WWE fan no matter what! It's just that they're releasing too many wrestlers and not making the wisest decisions!

    Don't get me wrong, I love WWE and I've been watching it for almost a decade, but sometimes they don't seem to make the wisest decisions.
    Recently, they've released around 10 wrestlers in the past week (Week of July 3- July 9), including Mark Jindrak, Maven, Billy Kidman, and The Dudley Boyz! Which I think was due to low budget.
    If WWE was smart, they would stop holding those Quarter Million Dollar Diva competitions, and Tough Enough competitions, so they would'nt have these kind of problems. I think those contests are a big waste of time, and it's a waste of 15-20 minutes of TV time. They could be having a wrestling match going on.
    It also seems like they don't give half the talent in the WWE a chance to show how good they really are.
    Although it won't happen, I wish WWE could be like the old WWF days.
  • The most dominet brand!

    Hey, I liked WWE better when it was WWF and they still had ECW, don't get me wronge, WWE is a great thing, but I miss "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan, and 1-2-3 Kid, and I think this might have been WCW, but Doink the Clown was funny, esecially when it was Doink the Clown vs. Kid Kash, Deisel was cool, so was Dude Love or Catus Jack! My point being WWE needs the old wrestalers back, WWE 24/7 is not yet avalible in my area, so I cant wait 'till it is, I will watch it all day!!! :) >:) Carleto's Cabana, it SUCKS!
  • This is such a great program i had started watching this program when i was four.All its needs is some more exciting matches to bring it back 2 its splender.

    As i said before this is a really great show. It has been entertaining people since the 60's. From kids to adults, people can enjoy a little violence and drama once in a while. All they need to do is have a few fights with exciting rules. Maybe a hardcore match or two. thanks for the program Vince and the other superstar wrestlers.
  • Why are the ratings so high?

    This show is a sad excuse for what wreslting used to be. I would say it started going down after the shows separated and WCW 'stars' came in. I can't believe I even tried to watch this, it's so degrading. There are so many things the writers can do to bring it back to glory but one thing to make our lives better CANCEL IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Since march of 2001 wwe programming has been going downhill. The produc has become very repetitive, unoriginal, and predictable. The creative team behind Raw just doesnt seem to care, and without any true competition I dont think they will.

    WWE programming, what can really be said about it. The competition isnt there right now, with TNA not having a decent TV deal, so the creative team is just strolling along. We are getting rehashed gimmicks and are forced to watch wrestlers and angles that we do not really care about.

    For example take Chris Masters, his gimmick has never really gotten anywhere and the fans in the arena each week care less and less about him. Certain people get too much time on tv and others not enough. HHH is one of those that is forced down our throats each week and for the last 3 years has either had the world title or was chasing it. With his hell in a cell match HHH decided to take time off to refurbish his character, which is a good idea. But lets let other people after the title (such as Y2J as we are doing at the moment).

    Then there is too much backstage segments or talk shows, THIS IS A WRESTLING SHOW!!!!!! What ever happened to two guys not liking each other and feuding it out. Now we need a storyline for everything. Why???

    As of this moment (which is July 14th 2005) the Raw show has very little going for it. The biggest being the return of Matt Hardy. Will he get a decent singles run this time around? Only time will tell. Our World Champ is loved by many fans but I will be the first to say his charcter has gotten very stale, same thing week in and week out. I dont blame John Cena or any of the other wrestlers for ther personas growing stale, I blame the WWE creative team for being un creative and unoriginal. The best thing WWE could do is let Paul Heyman (former owner of ECW) run the creative team. He is a genius in the wrestling business and has helped to push many of todays top talent to where they are. RVD, Y2J, Rey Mysterio and many others. He didnt tell them what to say or do, he just let them go out there and do their thing.

    In closing, I know the wrestling business is a cycle, but right now the WWE is looking just like the WCW of 1999-2000. It is a ship that is trying to sink itself and has too many people who shouldnt be running the show telling everyone else what is good and what isnt. But in the end, the only way Raw or Smackdown for that matter will get better is if there is a major shake up in the creative team. Dont let certain people on this team, HHH for eample. No wrestler should be in that sort of position with that much power. HHH is the Hogan of 1996-1998, having his way whenever he wants. Lets just hope things get better or wrestling could be ruined in the long run
  • Its just sad........

    Its just sad that the WWE is just releasing good and popular wreslers and are giving no-names gimmicks & Storylines. Now, the WWE cuts to the back more just to see people talk and then go to commercials ( Now they take way more then they used to).

    They recently released 18 wrestlers and a good percentage of them were fan favorites, and now they have Chris Masters( who most can care less about) M&M,the Heart Trobs,that guy who was a teacher that wanted to become a wresler (Stryker, I believe), WWE, Why fire great wrestlers, to get bad wrestlers just to fire those?

    I feel that WWE is just killing RAW and there other programs and that they are basically digging thier own grave.
  • Great overall show, even though there could be more wrestling

    Despite the fact that RAW sometimes does not feature enough wrestling, it is still the best wrestling show out there. It has many big names and many good wrestlers. Big names such as Hulk Hogan, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, John Cena, Kurt Angle, Kane, Big Show, Chris Jericho, and Ric Flair clearly make this show better than SmackDown! RAW also has good pure wrestlers in Kurt Angle, Shawn Michaels, Shelton Benjamin, and Ric Flair. In my opinion, its two biggest problems are the lack of tag teams and a weak women's division. The only established tag teams on RAW are Rosey & The Hurricane and the Heart Throbs. In the women's division, there are only three capable wrestlers (Trish Stratus, Lita, and Victoria), and they are all heels. The RAW Diva Search has definitely hurt the women's division, causing many decent wrestlers to be released in favor of new divas who are hired just because of their looks. However many problems though, I will still faithfully watch RAW every week, as it is probably my favorite show on television.
  • Raw has its ups and downs in the past few years. I still enjoy raw and probably will always. The thing that bothers me is that it sometimes have stupid ideas for example the diva search contest,and some of the recent wrestlers.If women want to be in the c

    Raw has its ups and downs in the past few years. I still enjoy raw and probably will always. The thing that bothers me is that it sometimes have stupid ideas for example the diva search contest,and some of the recent wrestlers.If women want to be in the company,then WRESTLE.
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