WWE Monday Night RAW

Season 15 Episode 2

Revolution Aftermath

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 08, 2007 on USA
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Revolution Aftermath
John Cena comes to the ring, Jonathan Coachman brings out the Great Khali, Vince McMahon with Rosie, Match #1 for the Intercontinental Championship: Jeff Hardy vs Kenny Dykstra, Rosie with Maria & Candice, Great Khali interview, Match #2: Maria & Mickie James vs Melina & Victoria, Match #3: “Rosie O’Donnell” vs “Donald Trump”, March #4: Carlito vs Chris Masters, Edge & Randy Orton come to the ring, Match #5: Cryme Tyme vs Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch, interview with Vladimir Kozlov, Match #6: John Cena vs the Great Khali,moreless

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  • Worst Raw episode of 2007 so far.

    Only three good things from this Raw episode, which was a pile of crap.

    Jeff Hardy vs Kenny, the match was regular, but not bad. Flair interfered, costing Kenny the chance of winning the Intercontinental Championship.

    The crowd during the Rosie/Donald match. They chated "Boring", "We Want Wrestling", "This Match Sucks!", "VKM" and "TNA". You could tell that Vince McMahon, who was next to the ring for that match wasn't pleased at all, espeically when you chant the competition's name in his face. The crowd didn't deserve a garbage match. The Rated RKO/HBK segment. The feud between Rated RKO and Michaels seems to be the only thing worth to watch in Raw.

    The rest blowed, especially with the Rosie/Donald match, which could easily go down as one of the worst things in WWE history.moreless
  • Words can't describe how BAD this episode of Raw was.....

    I never saw this edition of Raw (K-Fed beating John Cena was probably the reason why) but DAMN IT, VINCE. If this is the best you can do to make up for the crap you produced on New Year's Day, then you have officially lost it.

    Triple H was injured after the Pay-Per-View, so they needed someone to fill his shoes. Who did they bring? The Great Khali? Ugh. You should have replaced him with someone who had massive STAR POWER.....not massive SIZE. Why do they think so damn backwards?

    BTW, I'm glad I didn't see this Raw cause the one thing that would've pissed me off the second I see it and there's no way in hell you so-called "fans" of the WWE can defend this: Rosie O'Donelle Vs Donald Trump. That was stupid, horrible, a waste of time and a disgrace. You know the match was a stinker when "your" fans chant "T-N-A" through the damn thing. And it also doesn't help when Vince McMahon was at ringside listening to the chants.

    Vincent Kennedy McMahon, this is the final straw here. You could've used that precious time to showcase the talent you have in the locker. Instead, you give us filth.....and the fans took that same filth and threw it back in your face. You might have been able to trick idiots like the ones that started watching wrestling in 2004, but you can't trick the Attitude era and Old School fans. If I were you, I would do something before TNA and the bank calls for YOUR bankrupt documents.moreless
  • Nothing special.

    I tell ya. The only good thing about this episode is the beating Cena took from Khali and Umaga because Cena sucks ass. The rest of it sucked.It was medicore at best. I mean Cena should never beaten Umaga in the first place. That was dumb. F*ck you, Cena!
  • Gee that didn't came out as what I was expecting!

    Well, How do I beging? Ok This show didn't came out as what I was hoping. But I am very mad at most things. Mostly the Donald Trump vs. Rosie O'Donald was a joke and waisted my time! Rated RKO look awful from the beating from DX. But next week, they are facing against Shawn Michaels in a handicap match. Mickie James and Maria lost their tag team match as well as Cade and Murdoch! John Cena is screwed up again, thanks to Jonathan Coachman! Jeff Hardy defeated Kenny Dykstra after Johnny Nitro and Ric Flair interfered! Carlito got his revenge by defeating Chris Masters who defeated him at NY Revolution! So this show deserved a 6.5 out of 10 due to the Donald Trump vs. Rosie O'Donald match sucks and waisted my time watching RAW!moreless
  • average show

    This edition of raw was average at best. Lets start out with the Great Crap i mean Khali. Did anyone notice in his montage they only showed him doing 3 moves, which are a headbutt, a chop to the head, and his finisher where he picks u up and drops you. They also showed him shoving people too. Needless to say he is a waste of space and cannot have a good match with anyone.

    The donald trump angle was funny but dragged out, almost like they were searching for time. And rosey did not look like rosey or talk like her

    As far as the matches went, i think most of them were solid bouts, especially kenny vs jeff hardy which i thought was excellent.moreless

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