WWE Monday Night RAW

Season 17 Episode 47

Revolutionary Raw

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 23, 2009 on USA

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  • Jesse Ventura guest hosts a special three hour RAW.

    I haven't written reviews for RAW in a while, but I had to with Jesse "The Body" Ventura as guest host.

    Ventura was a significant choice for a variety of reasons. Ventura is one of a few individuals outside of Bruno Sammartino and Wendi Richter who have trashed Vince publicly and have never come back to ask Vince for favors, work, and overall sucking up -See Sable, Hulk Hogan, Ted Dibiase Sr. and many others.

    If you didn't know this, the conversation with Vince and Jesse didn't make any sense. However, if you know it this was a great moment where Jesse told off Vince as basically as the rich loser he. The Ventura night continued. RAW has been in the tank lately. However, we saw possibly a different horizon in the future. No more Cena and Orton feuding? No HHH hogging up the spotlight? Well they are starting to change things a bit though we still have Cena as champ on RAW.

    Instead, of that we are getting Sheamus, Kofi, and other stars getting a push. How far is their push is another story.

    The wrestlers competed in a group of qualifying matches where the winner went to a Breakthrough Battle Royal where the winner was the Number One contender for the title.

    We all saw Cena vs. Punk in a great match. Punk has been underused ever since he lost the title on SD, so this was a nice way to show that he isn't being totally ignored. HART Dynasty vs. DX was a bit of a wasted opportunity to over the harts.

    We also see Sheamus beating up on Finlay.

    Orton's Legacy beats up Cryme Tyme.

    Then finally the Battle Royal called by Vince and Jesse just like they would in the 80s.

    Again to really appreciate the commentary, you'd have to watch the WWF during the 80s. Jesse Ventura is and was one of the premier heel color commentators in all of wrestling better than Jerry Lawler or anyone else who'd come after him.

    The commentary was hilarious. Jesse make it well known he doesn't respect Vince as he always has including Jesse making Vince wear a tuxedo with a stupid bow tie:

    "Looks like a moron, and the moron who'd wear it."-Jesse

    "Won't have to change that headset since there's no hair up there."-Vince

    "That's a rich moron to you by the way."-Vince

    "You've broken every rule in the entertainment business"-Jesse

    "I've never broken a rule in my life"-Vince

    "You know sometimes you make no sense at all"-Jesse

    The Battle Royal was decent. A strong performance by everyone involved as always Randy Orton looked strong. However, Sheamus gets the win here. It's debatable after this what will happen to RAW. At least for this episode, it was a memorable RAW.
  • Jesse Ventura hosts.

    Jesse "The Body" Ventura guest hosted Raw tonight giving the show a 1985 feel. Was it truly the best person they could get though? Sure, he knows wrestling (although he did butcher a number of lines) but I doubt he pulls in the kind of ratings he would have if this was 1999.

    Sheamus winning the battle royal was shocking and I am actually excited for the prospect of Sheamus vs. John Cena for the strap. Finally, a new wrestler is getting a shot at the title and it could definitely be a very stellar match between the two if they get time.

    As for some of the comedy skits throughout, no. Please stop doing these.