WWE Monday Night RAW

Season 17 Episode 29

Rite of Champions

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jul 20, 2009 on USA

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  • Ever since the guest host rule has been in affect RAW has been getting worse and worse each episode. Tonight, I give my 1st ever 1/10 rating in this horrid attempt at wrestling entertainment.

    Match #1: Kofi Kinston, Primo Colon & MVP vs The Big Show, Carlito & Jack Swagger 6.5/10

    Descent opener. Suprisingly, Primo is the one that got the pin on his own bro, Carlito.
    Segment 1,2, & 3 ZZ Top w/ Santino. (negative 1/10)

    These segments throughout the night nearly killed wrestling. This is a wrestling show not a Barney sing along!!! Also, the guitar noises were clearly dubbed.
    Match #2: Jerry "The King" Lawler vs THE Brian Kendricks. 0/10

    Kendricks dominates until Lawler gains momentum out of know where and hits the diving fist drop for the win.

    Kendricks is jobbing to a 50-60 year old guy.....really McMahon?
    Match #3: Mark Henry vs Chris Jericho 4/10

    Henry dominates until Jericho works on his leg. He eventually ges a chair for the DQ. Henry reverses a Codebreaker after the match to hit the W.S.S.
    Match #4: Sharp Dressed Man Match (Tuxedo Match): Hornswoggle vs Chavo Guerrero (negative 1/10; minus 1 for annoying, biased commentating)

    Seriously, McMahon........again!? To make thing worse the commentators are wayyyyyy to biased towards Hornswoggle!!! He signed up in the WWE to fight, what do you expect! Every time Chavo got a hit in the commentators would go in a sudden depressive state and say something like "You're going too far Chavo.....". Swoggle gets the win...who wolud have guessed!?
    Match #5: Legs Match- Gail Kim & Kelly Kelly vs Alicia Fox & Rosa Mendes 1/10

    Basically, a legs match is a match where the competitors wear booty shorts.....are you frikin serious? No point to this whatsoever since 90% of WWE Divas wear booty shorts anyways. Kim and Kelly get the win....wow yet another suprise... just like the Swoggle match!
    Match #6: Triple H & John Cena vs Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase. 5/10

    Literally 80% of the match Legacy dominate Triple H until Cena gets the hot tag. In the end Cena dodges a punt from Orton to get the roll up for the win.

    Overall 1/10

    Wow..... I never gave so many zeroes as ratings...let alone two negative 1's. Next week's host--> Shaq I never like Seth or ZZ Top and coincidently their corresponding RAWs were horrible. I like Shaq so lets see if he'll come through.
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