WWE Monday Night RAW

Season 7 Episode 15

Show #118

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Apr 12, 1999 on USA



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    • The Rock: Well, hell, now, according to the Rock's rolex who's taking a long time for that piece of trash to come, The Rock couldn't hassle what he's going to do... Is going to throw the Stone Cold Belt- (hears a tire skid and sees a truck coming towards the Rock) Well, The Rock smells trash! Oh and look at this! LOOK WHO WE GOT GOING ON HERE? IT'S THE BIGGEST PIECE OF TEXAS TRAILER PARK TRASH WALKING GOD'S GREEN EARTH! YOU WANT YOUR PRECIOUS BELT? WELL HERE IT IS, AND YOU BRING YOUR CANDY ASS HERE! (Stone Cold attacks The Rock)
      Jim Ross: Here we go now!
      Jerry Lawler: He found him!
      Jim Ross: This fight is ON!!! Right here, outside! The Rock and the- (The Rock attacks Stone Cold with a Fishing Pole) The Rattlesnake!
      Jerry Lawler: (The Rock struggles to throw Stone Cold off a bridge) Oh NO NO NO!
      The Rock: YOU GO [Bleep] YOURSELF, YOU PIECE OF [Bleep]! (double middle fingers at Stone Cold) Go to hell! (punches Stone Cold hard when Stone Cold falls off a bridge and into the river)
      Jerry Lawler: AAAHH!!!
      Jim Ross: Oh no!
      The Rock: Austin, you want your belt? Well I'll tell ya what. (spits at the Smoking Skull belt) Here it is, AND YOU TAKE IT TO HELL WITH YA! (throws it in the river while Jerry Lawler screams, thus ending the episode of War Zone)

    • The Rock: This is ridiculous, The Rock has got millions and MILLIONS of fans, Stone Cold! Where the hell you AT? Other than ten pounds of monkey crap in a 5 pound bag? (looks at the Fishing rod) What the hell is that? (picks up the Fishing rod) Oh, what a coinky-dink, It's a little fishing pole, well, I'll tel you what, Stone Cold, Everybody knows the Rock is an average fisherman, and there's even the hook right there. YOU COME ON DOWN, YOU FIND THE ROOTY-POO BRIDGE, STONE COLD, THE ROCK IS GONNA PUT YOUR CANDY ASS RIGHT ON THE END OF THAT, HE'LL THROW YOU OUT THERE AND WE'LL SEE WHAT WE CATCH! Hell, we'll probably catch a Mutated FREAK fish that you're such a Candy Ass Piece of Trash! (Fishes on a bridge)

    • The Rock: Is this some damn sing-along on a Rooty Poo bridge? (checks his watch that says 3:16) 3:16, Huh? 3:16, well, The Rock says he hopes your candy ass is coming! Huh? You wanna play games, Stone Cold? Well, The Rock ain't going nowhere. The Great one ain't going nowhere. "3:16", The Rock's ASS!

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