WWE Monday Night RAW

Season 12 Episode 12

Show #380 (aka A Lottery Draft)

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 22, 2004 on USA
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Show #380 (aka A Lottery Draft)
Match Results: Chris Jericho defeated Rene Dupree Kane defeated Rico Christian defeated Spike Dudley Batista & Ric Flair defeated Rob Van Dan & Booker T to win the World Tag Team Championship Chris Benoit defeated Rhyno Eddie Guerrero defeated Triple H via disqualification

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      • After one year, Edge returns to the WWE as a part of the Raw Roster. When WWE fans last saw Edge, he was being taken away in an ambulance after getting attacked by Team Angle backstage at No Way Out 2003 on Feb. 23, 2003. At that time, he was a part of the Smackdown! Roster.

      • All wrestlers who were sent to SmackDown! lost their matches.

      • Rating:4.5

      • Both RAW and Smackdown rosters weren't happy about the way the WWE Officials handled the company-wide lottery draft. None of the wrestlers even knew the draft was a possibility until just before it was announced on the March 15 RAW. While the RAW wrestlers found out about it on the 15th day, the Smackdown crew had to rely on their counterparts on the RAW roster to pass the info along to them. They didn't learn who would be switching rosters until they arrived at the March 22 RAW.

        One wrestler stated "Guys can't even tell their wives when they're going to be home next." Wrestlers who were part of the draft or involved in trades were told in private about the details and their future after the draft. The methods WWE Officials used in this instance showed the lengths they will go to in order to keep storylines from leaking out, but also the effects such measures have on their employees…the wrestlers.

      • Chuck Palumbo's move to RAW was a way to split him up from the rest of the FBI since that's something WWE has wanted to do for a while. Palumbo's size and strength could result in a decent mid-level push.

      • A-Train will likely get yet another push on RAW and may end up wrestling the likes of Chris Jericho and Shawn Michaels so WWE can capitalize on some fresh matchups. He could also potentially be teamed up with Chuck Palumbo.

      • Nidia was moved to RAW so she could enter the women's division and compete for the title. She will join Victoria, Molly, Jazz and Lita in forming the core of the division and will also more or less take Trish Stratus' place as Trish has moved onto a bigger storyline as the manager of Christian.

      • In replacing Paul Heyman, Kurt Angle's first order of business was to mold the SmackDown! roster to his liking. In an attempt to do so, Angle has completed two trades with RAW General Manager Eric Bischoff.

        The first trade sends F.B.I. member Chuck Palumbo and A-Train to RAW for the combination of the sexy Miss Jackie and Rico.

        The second trade is a blockbuster three-for-one deal. RAW's Eric Bischoff has agreed to send the Dudley Boyz and Booker T to SmackDown! in exchange for former World Heavyweight Champion Triple H. This announcement comes straight off the heels of Triple H being chosen by SmackDown! in the draft lottery just 24 hours prior.

      • After that, Austin helps Triple H up and stuns him. Benoit and Austin proceed for their own beer bash, but Benoit drops some of the beers Austin hands him, much to the amusement of the crowd and Stone Cold. After a few minutes of that Austin hops on his four wheeler and drives up the ramp, but the crowed convinces him to come back, so he does and drinks some more with Benoit who continues to drop his beer. After Benoit leaves Austin goes up to Lilian Garcia and began drinking with her. Lilan tried hard not to spill the beer all over the place but she began to drink and beer began to pour down her shirt, which the crowed enjoyed as well. Austin then hops back on the four wheeler and heads up the ramp into the back. Lilian thanks everyone for coming out and that's the end of the event.

      • As the RAW and SmackDown rosters brawled in and out side the ring, the show went off the air. After the cameras stopped rolling everyone began to battle slowly up the ramp and into the backstage area. The last two men remaining were The Big Show and Kane. After the two cleared the ring they both backed up into each other and turned around for a stare down. They both simultaneously go for each other's throat attempting a choke slam, but neither one goes for it. Suddenly Stone Cold Steve Austin hits the ring and stuns both Big Show and Kane. Austin begins his own beer bash but Triple H and Chris Benoit fight their way back out and into the ring. Benoit snaps Triple H into the crossface and Austin pours beer on Triple H as he taps out.

      • Some of us didn't to see this, but during the Triple H verses Eddie Guerrero match, as they broke away for commercial, a fan jumped the barricade, got into the middle of the ring and began dancing. Triple H and Guerrero noticed him and went right after him but he ran right out of the ring where security nabbed him and took him away. All the while, fans in attendance chanted "a**whole".

      • This featured John Cena's Raw debut.

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