WWE Monday Night RAW

Season 14 Episode 10

Show #481

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 06, 2006 on USA
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Show #481
Match #1 Intercontinental Title Match Ric Flair def (C) Shelton Benjamin by DQ (Shelton retains) Match #2 Wrestlemania Rewind Match HHH def. Kane Match #3 Shane McMahon (w/ Vince McMahon) def. Shawn Michaels (HBK) Match #4 Kenny (w/ Spirit Squad) def. Eugene Match #5 Lita def. Maria Wrestlemania Rewind Match Non-title Match (WWE Champ) John Cena def. Big Showmoreless

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  • RAW Recap for 3/6/06 - Ghosts From Wrestlemanias Past ... And the Drugging of HBK

    RAW Recap for 3/6/06 - Ghosts From Wrestlemanias Past ... And the Drugging of HBK

    With only four weeks left until Wrestlemania 22 (and if after tonight you still aren't impressed with the card so far, you're just a DUMBASS), RAW's side of the PPV has already begun to take shape. Following another intense hour of 24, Monday Night RAW kicked off with a recap of last week's events in regards to HBK coming out to save Marty Jannetty after he refused to kiss McMahon's ass ... and of course the ass beating he received afterwards thanks to our favorite McMahon, Shane!

    Well, the show started as Shane, Vince, and a group of security officers made their way to the ring, where Vince first made fun of last night's Oscars (and as someone who watched all 3.5 hours of the Academy Awards last night, let me just say this: Vince McMahon, go f*** yourself, you low-class SOB.) Anyway, McMahon then proceeded to give his own "acceptance speech," (spoofing the Oscars) complete with background music, as he "thanked" all the ppl for what happened last week, including Shane and the Spirit Squad.

    But most importantly - we got our FIFTH official Wrestlemania Match from RAW's side!!! YES!!! For the part that Masters played last week, McMahon thanked and awarded him and his partner Carlito with the #1 Contendership for Big Show and Kane's Tag Team Championships! That's right! At Wrestlemania, the tag team matches return as Masters and Carlito will take on Kane and Show for the World Tag titles!

    As Vince proceeded to talk about Shane's Street Fight against HBK at Saturday Night's Main Event ... as well as his own match against him at Wrestlemania, the McMahons failed to notice HBK, who entered the ring from behind and attacked! Security was able to restrain him, and in a rage, Vince announced that here TONIGHT ... it would be SHANE facing HBK in a warm-up match for SNME! Holy crap! Shane in action after all these years! Holy!

    The WWE Slam of the Week introduced the next segment - the Intercontinental Title Rematch between Flair and Benjamin, both of whom are in RAW's Money-In-The-Bank Ladder Match at WM. Well, this match ended rather abrupty ... after Shelton Benjamin inadvertantly poked the referee in the eye, Flair took advantage and locked in the Figure Four Leg Lock, and Shelton tapped ... but the referee awarded the win to Flair not for the submission ... but for a DQ on Shelton's part for the eye poke, meaning Flair didn't win the title back (thank God). Enraged, Flair then stole Mama's oxygen tank and pelted Shelton with it.

    Next, we finally heard what we've all been waiting to hear!!! Teddy Long made it official - the Money-in-the-Bank Ladder Match WILL indeed be interpromotional this year! Meaning 3 Smackdown! superstars will qualify this Friday for the match to join RAW's 3 current superstars (Flair, Benjamin, RVD) ... for a chance to win the contract in the briefcase! Can it possibly get any better?

    Next, in a Wrestlemania XV (1999) Rewind, Triple H took on none other than his opponent from 7 years ago at Wrestlemania - the Big Red Demon, Kane! The match ended after the new #1 Contenders, Masters and Carlito, interrupted and screwed Kane over! Trips took the victory, but now the Big Red Machine will want revenge on the upstarts.

    Next, we saw an awesome promo for Saturday Night's Main Event on NBC on March 18th! RAW and Smackdown! are going to tear the house down just two weeks before Wrestlemania ... on NBC!!!!!

    Backstage, we saw Victoria telling Torrie that they must support Candice tonight as she unveils her new Playboy cover. However, Torrie was distressed over the fact that Candice had slapped her last week after she tried to help ... Victoria tried to get her to realize that Candice is a "huge" star now, and sooner than later ... their evil Diva stable will be "back to normal."

    Also, in a SHOCKING backstage scene, a pregnant Stephanie McMahon confronted HBK in a emotional state ... wanting to apologize on behalf of her brother and father ... and wanting HBK to accept. After she started having some kind of pregnancy-induced pains, HBK offered to get her some water ... and the sly fox went to work. Stephanie took out a bottle of unknown pills and dumped one into HBK's water ... after he returned ... he unknowingly took a drink .....

    Next, we got an inside look at Candice Michelle's Playboy Cover Photoshoot ... followed by the unveiling of her big, bad cover! Her cohorts Torrie and Victoria stood in the ring along with a giant rectangular box covered in a red veil. It turned out to be a four-sided box of Candice Michelle's new Playboy Cover! Then, the box was raised, to reveal a scantily-dressed Candice Michelle! Candice then went on about how great she is and everything, but when she stated that her Playboy cover was 10x hotter than Torrie's, things got out of hand. Torrie called her a b*****, and Candice retaliated ... by winking at Victoria and having her ATTACK Torrie from behind, thereby breaking up the heel diva stable! I smell Torrie vs. Candice ... at Wrestlemania!!!

    Next, it was none other than Shane taking on HBK! (and how great it is to see Shane back in action in the ring!) Well, as the match dragged on, HBK became apparently weaker and weaker, as his heart rate quickened ... then slowed ... until he couldn't stand anymore thanks to Stephanie's little pill. Shane took full advantage and picked up the win ... then announced another match! Vince then covered HBK for another win! Two McMahon wins over HBK in one night! Then, of course, the Spirit Squad came out to cheer them on!

    In another hilarious segment, Eugene made his way to the ring to do battle with Kenny of the Spirit Squad! However, the entire Spirit Squad stood in the ring and made fun of Eugene's retarded motions, and then Eugene played along in a Simon-says type of game, where the male cheerleaders made fun of the mentallly challenged Eugene (it was cooler than it sounds). Then, they played keep-away from Eugene with an air horn, trying to taunt him with it! After they finally gave it to him, Kenny attacked him! Now, if you think that I'm a mark for every heel out there, you are DAMN wrong. Case in point: The Spirit Squad, although I think it is a cool gimmick, is made up of five asswipe pricks. I wouldn't be caught dead as a fan of any of these five douches.

    Eugene almost had the match won, just seconds away from finishing off Kenny with the People's Elbow; however, three cheerleaders distracted the referee while another helped Kenny by attacking Eugene. So of course, Kenny picked up the win for the Spirit Squad. Backstage, we saw Edge and Lita get ready to make their way to the ring. The WWE Rewind showed what happened last month to bring about this next confrontation - when Maria took advantage of Edge spearing Lita to pick up the win for her and Cena.

    But first we got a Wrestlemania lesson - Hogan vs. Bundy from WM2. As Maria vs. Lita got underway, it became apparent that the slutty diva was only playing with Maria ... as Edge looked on, taunting the announcer, Lita literally walked all over her ... before finally covering her for the 1-2-3. Then, Lita set Maria up for a major spear, but Edge got interference ... from Mick Foley! Well, Edge ended up playing music on Foley's head again with the steel chairs, and then our man Edge officially announced his acceptance of Foley's Hardcore Match challenge for Wrestlemania! Oh yeah.

    Next, we got the name of the Fourth Inductee in this year's WWE Hall of Fame - none other than "Sensational" Sherri Martel, who will join the likes of Bret Hart, Mean Gene Okerlund, and the late Eddie Guerrero the night before Wrestlemania. Backstage, we saw Mickie James go crazy over Trish in the 2006 Divas Magazine (I did that as well last week ... the DVD too ... ordered 'em both in a promotional package). Anyway, Trish made it clear that she needs space away from Mickie James.


    Next, we finally got the return of the Smackdown! Rebound, as it showed the awesome Main Event rematch of the World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle vs. the Undertaker ... and of course the shocking events that occurred at the end, when Undertaker's soon-to-be-announced opponent for Wrestlemania, Mark Henry, interfered along with Daivari and cost him the title opportunity.


    The final match of the night got underway as the WWE Champion John Cena got set to take on his opponent from Wrestlemania XX (2004) ... the Big Show! All right, now bear with me ......




    .... I'm asking all of the so-called "fans" all around the world ... to please make up your F-ING Minds!!!! You can't keep blatantly cheering for Cena one minute and then blatantly booing him the next, all right? This retarded back-and-forth of heat and pops is seriously getting annoying and old. Now, I've NEVER booed Cena since I became a fan. I've never turned against the Doctor of Thuganomics since I jumped on his bandwagon just prior to last year's Wrestlemania. BUt apparently some ppl have no idea what being a "fan" really means.

    Anyway, as Cena took on the massive giant, his opponent at Wrestlemania's RAW Main Event, The Game, made his way ringside to introduce Cena to none other than his best friend - The Sledgehammer. Well, later on Masters and Carlito tried to intervene for the second time, but Kane came out for sweet vengeance, keeping them away! Cena was somehow able to suplex the 500 pounder off of the turnbuckle ... and also reverse into an F-U finisher to secure the win!

    ***Trips and Cena eyed each other, the sledgehammer still in Trip's hand, the belt in Cena's hands, and the Wrestlemania 22 logo high above them.

    Now, Triple H is my favorite superstar on RAW, that's damn true, but John Cena is also one of my favorites, and I will NEVER turn my back on the WWE Champion. Cena deserves way more respect that any of you asswipe fans have shown him since he became champion at last year's Mania, but you can be damn sure that whatever happens in this match at Wrestlemania ... the winner will deserve that title belt.


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