WWE Monday Night RAW

Season 16 Episode 9


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 01, 2008 on USA

Episode Recap

Show begins in the GM's office. William Regal tells Triple H, John Cena & Randy Orton will be in charge and tonight Cena is in charge and tells him to pick the main event. Orton doesn't like it and suggest that whoever is in charge let the other two off. Cena tells them he will come up with something satisfying.

Match #1: Brandon Hill vs The Big Show. Show pins Hill following a chokeslam. Show then talks to Floyd Mayweather who is watching on the TitanTron.

Match #2: Shawn Michaels & Ric Flair vs Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch. Flair makes Cade tap out with the Figure Four. After the match, Michaels tells Flair that if he wants the match at Wrestlemania, Michaels will end Flair's career.

In the office, Cena tells Regal that his decision is to make Triple H vs John Cena. Cena also says that he will face Mr. Kennedy.

Match #3: Super Crazy vs Umaga. William Regal was a ringside for commentary. Umaga pins Crazy following the Samoan Spike.

Highlight Reel: Chris Jericho interviews Jeff Hardy. Each claim the will win the Money in the Bank ladder match at Wrestlemania. Jeff then hits the Twist of Fate on Jericho.

Match #4: John Cena vs Mr. Kennedy. Cena wins via submission.

Time to reveal Maria's Playboy cover.

Match #5: Money in the Bank qualifier: Cody Rhodes vs Carlito. Carlito pins Cody following the Backstabber.

Floyd Mayweather interview.

Hall of Fame induction announcement: Mae Young.

Finlay comes to the ring to fight JBL. Instead Vince McMahon comes out. Vince wants to know if it was true that Finlay conspired against Vince, Hornswoggle is not Vince's son and the Finlay is Hornswoggle's father. Finlay says it's all true. Vince tells him the JBL could not be there, but there is a satellite linkup. JBL is with Hornwoggle. JBL says he has fun preying in the innocent. They'll fight but on his terms and at Wrestlemania. JBL then beats up Hornswoggle.

Match #6: Triple H vs Randy Orton. John Cena was at ringside for commentary. No contest. After Triple H shoved Orton into Cena on the outside, Cena rushed the ring and hit the FU on Triple H, then Orton hit the RKO on Cena.