WWE Monday Night RAW

Season 17 Episode 37


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Sep 14, 2009 on USA

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  • Trish Stratus guest hosts RAW from Toronto, Canada

    A special RAW because of appearance of Trish Stratus.

    Stratus no longer with the blonde hair looked great. It's obvious she cares about her body.

    She probably didn't have to guest host much less wrestle. However, she did both. This was an enjoyable RAW. No silly gimmicks, or game shows just wrestling. Match #1: Kofi Kingston & & Primo vs Jack Swagger & The Miz

    Decent match. Swagger is all over Kofi by the end of the match.

    Match #2: Gail Kim vs Alicia Fox

    These Divas are tough. Both land a couple of hard shots. Fox delivers a tough backbreaker that's just as strong as a guy delivering it.

    Micki James is there to call the action. Kim gets the victory. Match #3: Shawn Michaels vs Ted DiBiase

    The best of the match. Michaels it is amazing how he can wrestle for such a long time and still deliver the same impact to his body for the fans. Dibiase Jr. is well trained. Obviously having Dibiase as a father gave him connections to the business, still you have to prove yourself to the fans to show if you are great enough to be wrestling. He is great enough. This match had a lot of pinfalls and a bunch of moves all at once.

    Dibiase attacks Michaels from the get go trying to get the early advantage. Michaels fights back. Dibiase catches Michaels with a follow slam. Michaels delivers a neckbreaker. Dibiase goes for the Million Dollar. A great match. Since they are selling the next ppv, no other guy went over cleanly. Rhodes interferes so HHH can come in and fight. An expected ending. Match #4: Hornswoggle & Evan Bourne vs Chavo Guerrero & Carlito

    This was a handicap match at match. Hornswoggle hardly wrestles. However, seeing as they've been making Chavo into a joke, you know Horns was going to find a ridiculous way to win.

    Match #5: Trish Stratus & MVP vs Chris Jericho & Beth Phoenix

    Like I said before, Stratus takes care of her body. She didn't miss a beat wrestling. She and Beth went at well enough. MVP and JERICHO did their thing. Eventually it was turned into a six man tag match. Match #6: No Holds Barred: Batista vs Randy Orton

    Batista as expected just runs through Randy Orrton. It's obvious Batista was going to over as he was going to Smackdown.

    Personally, I think Batista's presence will SD more, but it seems that they think this will work. That or a lot of RAW Superstars are sick of Batista.

    Overall, this was a great RAW. Stratus's name did a lot to the show.