WWE Monday Night RAW

Season 16 Episode 13

Thank You Ric!

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 31, 2008 on USA

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  • Flair retires

    I may have choked up a bit at the end. This was a wrestling show, a professional wrestling show and I am not ashamed to admit that I may have cried at the end.

    Of course, I am talking about Santino Marella's match.

    No, Ric Flair, probably the sport's greatest competitor of all time, called it a career tonight, and was surrounded by his family and friends in the ring. It was an amazing moment to see "The Dirtiest Player in the Game" weaping and was just an absolutely incredible moment in wrestling history. I have rewatched it multiple times and it never gets any less emotional or powerful.

    Thank you Flair for the memories.
  • matches: 1. cryme tyme vs lance cade and trevor murdoch 2. london and kendrick vs cody rhodes and hardcore holly 3. cm punk vs y2j 4. randy orton vs matt hardy 5. santino marella vs maria

    not to brag but you're reading the review of a guy that was here live at the amway arena 3/31/08 in orlando,florida. lets see how this went. I was here live at raw and this was my first live event and i was very excited. first randy cuts a promo talking about his usual laundry list of who he beat. then out of nowhere matt hardy attacks him. the first match vs cryme time vs the rednecks cade and murdoch. its good to see cryme time back but the match itself wasn't that great and was rushed. 1/5 because cryme time won. the second match vs london and kendrick vs cody rhodes and hardcore holly. Very good tag team match and a huge upset by london and kendrick.3/5. The next match was c.m. punk vs chris jericho. The best match of the night in my view because it was fast paced and the bookers made this match look great. Great job guys. 3.5/5. the next match was randy orton vs matt hardy. i didn't really care for this match because they should have brought matt back for smackdown and not the raw i went to. Instead the idiots should have booked a tag team match. cena and triple h vs jbl and randy orton but oh well. the match was fair but once again ended quickly with and rko. 2/5. Maria vs santino marella intergender match. 0/5 never mind. And the time everyone has been waiting for. Ric flairs final good bye and it was so neat that becuase of this segment, i got to see all the wrestlers come out and FINALLY my boy John Cena comes out in a rather classy way by pulling the ropes down for mr.Flairs family. This last time seeing ric made me cry as i was chanting ''thank you ric''.

    Side note: Undertaker makes a big surprise by hugging ric flair and so does mr. mcmahon. So overall this was a very special mondy night raw taping i attended but the matches itself weren't that hot but thats okay. This was all about Flairs night anyways even though there were only 5 matches.
  • wow RAW has really grown and it is getting better every day. i am so happy that ric flair finally retired not because i hate him but because he is so old and needs a break i am not happy that HBK was picked to end his career oh well who knows.

    undertaker needs to come to raw and show them why smackdown is one of the best shows on television. i love the way he defeated Festus and jesse. Festus thought he was going to beat him but unlucky him. he was dumb not to tap out when the undertaker put him his finishing move. i love the way lillian and melina were defeated. i love the way they were defeated my melina and ashley massaro. Maria has to try so that she can beat beth phoenix who knows maybe even take the belt from her someday and be the womens champion even if it is for a day or week. it doesnt matter