WWE Monday Night RAW

Season 16 Episode 25

The Draft 2008

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jun 23, 2008 on USA

Episode Recap

All winners of tonight's matches determines which brand picks in the draft

Raw vs Smackdown

Match #1 Triple H vs Mark Henry. Announcers were JR & Mick Foley. Triple H pins Henry. RAW drafts Rey Mysterio.

Vince McMahon gives away $100,00 and he need Kelly Kelly to help him.

Triple H is talking to Rey when John Cena comes in. Cena complains about H beating him up last week when Cena came to help against Jericho & Cade last week.

Raw vs Smackdown

Match #2: Finlay & Hornswoggle vs Santino Marella & Carlito: Announcers were Michel Cole & Jerry Lawler. Honswoggle pins Santino after the Tadpole Splash. Smackdown drafts Jeff Hardy.

Randy Orton is watching Hardy in the back.

Orton comes out and says that he hopes Cena and H get drafted because when he comes back he will be WWE Champion again.

Vince gives away another $100,000.

Raw vs ECW

Match #3: Cody Rhodes & Hardcore Holly vs Chavo Guerrero & Bam Neely. Announcers were Mike Adamle & Jerry Lawler. Ted DiBiase jr was on commentary as well. Holly pins Chavo after the Alabama Slam. Raw drafts CM Punk.

Chris Jericho comes to the ring. Jericho calls Shawn a liar and a cheat. Then Jericho bring Lance Cade up on the Titantron. Cade says that he was the best student at Shawn's wrestling academy and he won't give Shawn the chance to turn his back on him. Jericho brags about hurting Shawn two weeks ago and Shawn come out for a fight.

Smackdown vs ECW

Match # 4: Matt Hardy & Jeff Hardy vs John Morrison & The Miz. Before the match starts Vickie Guerreo comes out and screeches that the match was supposed to be Hawking & Ryder facing Miz and Morrison but due to the draft pick she changes it to the Hardys. Cole & Tazz were announcing. Morrison pins Matt with a rollup (and holding the tights) ECW drafts Matt Hardy.

Vince gives away another $100,000. Ric Flair comes out to help.

Raw vs Smackdown

Match #5: Melina & Mickie James vs Natalya & Victoria. This was an announcer only draft pick. All the announcers were on the air. Match ends in a double DQ when Melina gets hurt, therefore both Smackdown & Raw get to draft. Smackdown drafts Jim Ross and Raw Drafts Michael Cole.

Vince gives away another $100,000, this time with the help of The Great Khali. Vince asks who it is and the guy says it's the wrong number and hangs up.

Raw vs Smackdown

Match #6: John Cena vs Edge. JR & Foley were on commentary. Cena wins via countout. After the match, Batista attacks Edge. Raw then drafts Batista.

Edge is talking with Vickie when Vince walks in. Vince reminds them that no matter what happens in the draft, Night of Champions will happen as planned. Then he hits that Edge could get drafted.

Smackdown vs ECW

Match #7: Tommy Dreamer w/Colin Delaney vs MVP. Adamle & Foley called the match. MVP pins Dreamer. Smackdown drafts Umaga. Umaga then comes down and beats up Dreamer & Delaney.

Raw vs ECW

Match #8: Kofi Kingston vs JBL. Cole & Taz called the match. JBL pins Kofi after the Clothesline from Hall. Raw drafts ECW Champion Kane.

Vince gives away another $100,000…to someone in the audience!

Match #9

Raw vs ECW vs Smackdown, winning brand gets two picks

15 man battle Royale: Raw side: Triple H, CM Punk, Kane, John Cena & Batista vs

ECW side: Matt Hardy, The Miz, John Morrison, Shelton Benjamin, & Chavo Guerrero. vs Smackdown side: Big Show, Edge, Great Khali, Jeff Hardy & MVP. Edge throws out Cena to win. Smackdown then drafts Mr. Kennedy and Triple H.

Vince attempts to give away $500,000 when the lights fall out of the ceiling and then the stage collapses.

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