WWE Monday Night RAW

Season 16 Episode 25

The Draft 2008

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jun 23, 2008 on USA

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  • amazing

    i liked when mr. mcmahon world came crashing on him and when cm punk got drafted to raw and when batista got drafted raw and when matt hardy got drafted to ecw and when jeff hardy got drafted to smackdown and when jim ross got drafted to smackdown and when micheal cole got drafted to raw and when rey mysterio got drafted to raw and when umaga got drafted to smackdown and when hunter hurst helmsley got drafted to smackdown the greatest brand in wwe and ecw is the worst brand in wwe history and raw good is great like smackdown
  • WWE at its best

    The Draft was another great one as always due to the fact that many great transactions took place. RAW got the best class of new WWE RAW Superstars as they received fan favorites such as Rey Mysterio and Batista. But RAW did lose Triple H, a wrestler who brung in a lot of fans for RAW as the WWE Champion. But a shocker came when the WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross was traded from RAW to Smackdown and was not going to be at the announcers booth the next monday when RAW came to his home state of Oklahoma. Other than that the Draft was great and many pleasures added to ECW, Smackdown, and RAW.
  • Dude this is epic

    i cant believe that triple H got drafted to smackdown that means that he cant be able to go against cena. since he is drafted that means that cena is going to win at night of champions. i am really sad that none of the divas got drafted and Matt hardy was so close to be on the same one as his brother sad they had to move him to boring ECW. i really wanted them together. well i am happy that kane is coming back and Jim Ross, not that i like him that much but they should have left him on Raw. well good luck to all of them. i wish undertaker was there he would have led smackdown and he would have been the last one standing
  • The show was great there were twist and turns and superstars found new homes and it left questions with 2 world championship on smackdown and 1 on raw that is called the ecw championship which makes no sense and with the mcmahon thing

    I liked how there were suripise jeff hardy, hhh, and kennedy,umaga and j.r to sd and rey, cm punk, kane, michael cole, batista there were great matches and lots of good million dollar mania promos but ecw was screwed in the draft with only one pick while sd and raw got 5 superstars each so it's was sad to see ecw get screwed and it's was kinda werid to see another one of McMahon storylines even though he admit to his death begin fake last year so it's kinda perticable and kinda sad that he has to take the draft thunder again so it's overall great expect ecw getting screwed and the McMahon storyline