WWE Monday Night RAW

Season 14 Episode 51

The Fight Before Christmas

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Dec 18, 2006 on USA
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The Fight Before Christmas
It's a special 3 hour episode of Raw. Match #1: Battle Royal: the winner faces John Cena, Edge interview, Chris Masters interview, Carlito fights Chris Masters, Match #2 Handicap: Hardy Boyz vs Johnny Nitro, Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas, Jerry Lawler interviews Sylvester Stallone, Match #3: Ric Flair vs Kenny Dykstra, Match #4 for the WWE Championship: John Cena vs Edge, Cryme Tyme in the ring, Match #5: Mickie James vs Victoria, Jim Ross interviews Kevin Federline, Match #6: DX & John Cena vs Edge, Randy Orton & Umaga,moreless

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  • A 3 hour episode of raw sounds great. Especially the 3o man battle Royal. The final main event was awsome too but it left a bad taste in my mouth.

    This Episode was Great lots of action and interesting matches.

    30 man battle royal__Winner Edge___ i hate edge but the match was ok 7/10

    Handycap Match __ Winner "the Worlds greates tagteam" and nitro___ It could have been better 5.5/10

    Kenny Dykstra Vs Ric Flair___ Winner Kenny___ The match wasn't interesting but the aftermath was.... with ric flair offering a handshke and Kenny denying 7/10

    Cena Vs Edge Championship match___ Winner John Cena___

    I got Two words For Ya "Completely Awsome" 8.5/10

    Victoria Vs Mickie James__ umm i dont remember this match sorry ???/10

    DX and John Cena Vs Rated Rko and Umaga ___ Winner Dx and Cena___ by disqulification____ This match was great but the end was kinda evil. The match was kinda Lame because Cena and Umaga Left and didnt Retern. It Leaves a bad taste in my mouth because there was blood everywere. 8/10moreless
  • Well, i expected more from this three our raw, but is still was pretty good

    first up was the battle royale wich i thought was shocking becuase i thouhgt it would be later in the match. But as theis match was going on i had realised that one of the rated rko team was going to win, wich i wished was randy orton, but to bad egde won instead.

    What was really annoying is that they interviewed all these ppl that i dont care about, i mean, they could have made the matches longer or have some other good match, but no, instead they interviewed ppl...... i am verry dissapointed in that.

    the hardy's vs nitro, shelton and haas was predictable... alothough there was still great fighting.

    i couldnt believe that they had edge vs cena not at the end..... but i have to say, this was really a great match, edge really impressed me, but i still know that dx was going to come in, why cant they just go away, they r always taking so many time away from other matches.... dx this... dx that..... this really gets on my nerves.... i wish rated rko would have a break up the group match with dx and win becuase dx is really boring.

    kenny vs flair was very good match for kenny, it was great how kenny didnt cheat to win, and shows he can wrestle.... although i was still sad that he didnt shake flairs hand, now he is a heel that noone will like.

    Mickie James vs victoria was a great match, i knew victoria was very good, just that she had to loose all these times, now that she is finally showing her color it will be acceptable is she wins wwe womans championship belt, although i am routing for mickie to beat victoria... and i still think she will.... victoria still has to prove more and i still think she doesnt deserve it yet... maby in half a year after wm23...... mickie really has to keep the title till then becuase there is noone better then her.

    carlito vs masters was a waste of tv time

    the three man tag team match was lame..... i really expected more from this

    The only reason this is getting and 8 is because the championship match and mickie vs victoria where awsomemoreless
  • Battle Royal, Cena, Triple H, Rated RKO, Carlito, Chris Masters, Shawn Michaels, Lance Cade and a whole lot other things!

    Well, this is another fine installment of RAW! Yet we had to ended up putting three hours! Why? Because of the freaking battle royal! Everyone who was in it went a whole lot of crazyness! Cryme Tyme elimanting Ron Simmons; Nitro, Masters, and Cade elimanting Triple H! Everyone went nuts! Until it came to only five left! Johnny Nitro, Who went a whole lot of h*ll after his tag team partner got hurt from a ladder match the night before, Rated RKO, Lance Cade and Shawn Michaels! I never seen this would happend but I never imagined this would happend! Shawn Michaels and Lance Cade are in the same ring and not got elimanted yet! Leave out Johnny Nitro and Rated RKO and we could seen a wild, but crazy match to see who could face against John Cena! But no. Damm Rated RKO! Damm Randy Orton! He had to elimanted Lance Cade and then Shawn Michaels elimanted Randy Orton! But Edge had to elimanted Shawn Michaels, and Edge was not in the ring! Other things happend too!

    Carlito's head is busted opened due to that coward Chris Masters! Victoria defeated Mickie James in a non-title match and is ready to face against Mickie James at New Years Revolution! Cryme Tyme's jokes were not good at all. Of course, John Cena did defended his title off against Edge after Randy Orton and DX got involve in it! But those five with Umaga was in a six man tag team match, which that ended off in a not so good way.moreless
  • he three hour Raw was nothing special and could have easily fitted into two hours.

    Well, we got a three hour Raw, but it seems that even with a longer episode, the problems that the WWE suffers are only lengthened. For starters a Rocky Balboa interview, George W. Bush skit and K_Fed promo do not belong in the wrestling ring but rather backstage.

    As for the show the first match was the heavily anticipated 30 man Battle Royal with the winner facing John Cena that same night. The Battle Royal was not what I expected, it was slow and the eliminations were just dull and there to be there. Things started to pick up when Triple H was eliminated and Shawn Michaels was left to face Edge, Randy Orton, Lance Cade, and Johnny Nitro. Edge would play it smart and stay out of the ring untill Shawn eliminated Nitro, Cade, and Orton when he finally pulled Michaels over the top rope and was declared the winner. (*3/4)

    The second bout was a three on two handicap match between the Hardy Boyz against Johnny Nitro, Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas. Jeff Hardy was not his usual high flyer self, but the match was good nonetheless. (**)

    The next match would be Ric Flair versus Kenny Dykstra. It's nice to see Kenny finally in singles competition but a win over Flair does not mean anything much these days. (1/4*)

    I was surprised to see the WWE Championship match not the main event but this was definitely the match of the night. There were times when you actually thought that Cena might lose the title but DX changed all that. The interferences definitely prevented this match from being any better. (**3/4)

    Then we had a women's match between Mickie James and Victoria. Victoria continues to dominate and the only highlight of the match was the heavy kick to the face of Mickie. (1/2*)

    Our main event was a six man tag team match, AGAIN between DX and John Cena, AGAIN, versus Edge, AGAIN, Randy Orton and Umaga. This was a match that popped out of no where and having Edge appear three times in one night can get a bit dull. I still do not like Umaga, as his finisher is a complete joke and the match ended in DQ, which is always bad. (*1/2)

    The aftermath was interesting as both Randy Orton and Edge did a one man conchiarto to Edge and Triple H resulting in massive blood loss for both men. The three hour show ended in a strange an awkward silence.moreless
  • It had many turns and twists but it was rather nice.

    Ok I was happy when I heard about the 30 man Battle Royal. It was great. Though I do still wish that HBK would have won that. Damn Edge that cheap little prick. Oh-well. Then the next few matches went as planed. Flair got beat!?! Well at least he is a good sport about it. That Kenny is just an ass. The K-Fed crap, please Cena take his ass out. Having Crime Tyme come out and rob "President Bush" was a neat little skit. Then I put $30 on Victoria to win her match. Thanks Victoria I needed that extra $30. Next was the Cena/Edge match. Leave it to Orten to be the guy to get in it. Good thing DX came out and kicked the crap out of them. But this led to the Rated RKO and Umaga v. DX and Cena match. This was a good match until Cena and Umaga went out of the arena. Then Rated RKO picked apart DX. This really made us DX fans pissed. IMO Rated RKO, watch your back. You dont have any friends now. DX has the whole (Or most of it.) locker room on there side. And dont forget that buddy of Hunters. You know the sledge hammer.moreless
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