WWE Monday Night RAW

Season 16 Episode 21

The Million Dollar Deal

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 26, 2008 on USA

Episode Recap

Show opens with a Memorial Day dedication.

Vince McMahon is in the office. He says the crowd is excited, maybe because of the altitude in Denver, or maybe because last week William Regal was fired. He says Regal got what he deserved, but are the fans getting what they deserve? Vince says the fans deserve more than the entertainment the WWE provides, the fans deserve appreciation, and that he will show them appreciation, because he has an big idea, and he's going to ask the superstars for their ideas. But before the show is over he will show them true appreciation, even if it's something that's never been done before in the history of TV.

In the ring it's time for a face off/debate between Triple H & Randy Orton. Todd Grisham is host and the first question is to Randy Orton. Todd asks the since Orton has beaten H before in Last Man Standing match, what makes Orton think he can beat H this Sunday (at One Night Stand) Orton complains that everyone always downplays his accomplishments. Orton says he has beaten everyone there is to beat and why his accomplishments need to be followed by an asterisk, like everything he's done has been a joke, but this Sunday the laughing will stop. H asks Orton is he thinks the people are laughing at him because they don't respect him? They're laughing at him because Orton is an ass. As for himself, he's not laughing and he knows how good Orton is. H says Orton finds a way to win with as little effort as possible. H says to be the best in the business you have to thrive on competition, compete day in day out against the best in the business and rise to the occasion. Orton counters that H doesn't thrive on competition, H sees a threat to him he either brings them close and make them his friend or he eliminates them. Orton brings up H's actions against Shawn Michaels and Evolution. H tells him that he and Ric Flair took Orton from a small fish and got him ready to swim in the ocean, but the sharks were Orton's to deal with. Did Orton think that H would just hand him the keys and walk away? H is never walking away. The biggest lion stays on top until a badder lion comes along and eats him. Orton says that day will be at One Night Stand, Orton will beat H until he can't get up and Orton is the Last Man Standing. H asks him if he thinks that's the last word, the last word will be this Sunday, but it won't be spoken. Either the Age of Orton continues, or else it will be like the last seven months were all for nothing.

Match #1: Melina vs Jillian Hall. Beth Phoenix was on commentary. Melina wins via submission.

Chris Jericho is with Vince in the office. Jericho says his idea for tonight would be another match between him and Shawn Michaels. Vince says Chris is getting frustrated with Shawn and agrees to the match. Chris says that Vince needs to update his theme music, either a hard rock or scat version. Then Cryme Tyme walks in. They're going to auction off William Regal's pictures in the office.

Match #2: for the World Tag Team Championship: Brian Kendrick & Paul London vs Hardcore Holly & Cody Rhodes. Holly pins London after hitting the Alabama Slam. Instead of their music, Ted DiBiase comes out to his instead. DiBiase says that last week he and Vince made a deal, and then introduces the newest member of the Raw roster, his son, Ted DiBiase (Junior). Junior says that his father was three time tag team champion, and in his first match he will become champion. Junior tells Holly & Rhodes that they are on notice. Junior says that everyone has a price, but he is priceless.

Roddy Piper trains Cousin Sal to take on Santino Marella. Basically it's Jimmy Kimmel calling out nonsense and Roddy beating up Sal.

Mickie James is in the office with Vince. Mickie's giving her ideas, when JBL comes in and runs her ideas down. He's idea for appreatiaion would be to cut up the ring mat from One Night Stand a give them the pieces with John Cena's blood on them.

Match #3: Jeff Hardy & John Cena vs Umaga & JBL. JBL pins Hardy after hitting the Clothesline from Hell.

Shawn Michaels is with Vince. Shawn says it's hard for him to grasp Vince doing anything decent.

Highlight from the Mexico tour.

Match #4: Mr. Kennedy vs Carlito. Kennedy pins Carlito following the Mic Check. After the match Katie Lea comes down and complains about Kennedy beating Regal, and Paul Burchill attacks Kennedy.

Trevor Murdoch is singing a country version of Vince's theme. Vince tells Trevor to tell everyone to go to the ring after the next match.

Rundown of the One Night Stand card.

Match #5: Shawn Michaels vs Chris Jericho. Match ended in a double count out. Jericho had the Walls of Jericho on and refused to release the hold. After the match he put it on again. Jericho threatened to his Shawn with a chair but instead helped Shawn up.

The entire locker room is lined up on top of the ramp and Vince comes out. He said that earlier he had an idea to show appreciation for watching Raw. He thinks they deserve new, new Divas, new Superstars, new rivalries, so all three brands will be on Raw in 4 weeks for the 2008 draft. But that's not the big idea. Vince says it's all about the money, and that each week Vince would give away money. How about 1,000? Or 10,000. Hell, I'm a billionaire, why not $100,000? Vince says it's not a hoax, not a trick, this is from his own bank account, each and every week on Raw he will give away $1,000,000.

End of show.