WWE Monday Night RAW

Season 18 Episode 19

Twice Bitten

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 10, 2010 on USA
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Twice Bitten
Match #1: David Hart Smith vs Chris Jericho Match #2: R-Truth vs William Regal Match #3: Evan Bourne vs Zach Ryder Match #4: Tyson Kidd vs The Miz Match #5: NXT vs John Morrison, Goldust, Santino Marella & Yoshi Tatsu Match #6: Batista vs Mark Henry Match #7: Randy Orton vs Edge & Ted DiBiasemoreless

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  • Nooooo!

    I rarely have nightmares, but imagine how I felt when one of my worst nightmares actually came true: Vickie Guerrero is back and she is the General Manager of Raw.

    Guerrero knows how to get over as a heel, I mean the crowd literally hates her, but she is just so terrible. I do not know if I will even want to watch Raw anymore with her instated as the GM.

    The matches were okay, but nothing really stood out as special. I miss TNA already! Impact, was a joke, but at least viewers had a choice between two wrestling programs.moreless
  • In the Main event, Randy Orton takes on Edge and Dibiase.

    Decent show tonight. Now that Tna has taken its crappy product of Monday night, wrestling fans can at least enjoy a watchable product from the WWE. We start out with Randy Orton cutting a promo before Meatloaf interrupts. At one time Meatloaf was a good singer, but he sounded bloody awful here.

    Randy puts him out of his misery to the delight of fans. Match #1: David Hart Smith vs Chris Jericho

    Good match. Chris uses thumb to the eye to barely pull out the win.

    Match #2: R-Truth vs William Regal

    No contest due to Carlito and his brothers interference. They were hired by Dibiase Jr.

    They are really selling Dibiase to takeover the persona of his father.

    Match #3: Evan Bourne vs Zach Ryder

    Good match. You never get tired of the high flying skills of Evan. Zach comes out like a joke for the second week in a row.

    Match #4: Tyson Kidd vs The Miz

    Not much of a match basically a setup for next week's alleged match with Bret Hart and The Miz consequently this is supposed to be Bret's official last appearance with E, so it'll be interesting to see how this plays out.

    Confrontation with Cena, Sheamus, and Batista. Good head for the ppv match. Batista and Sheamus pick apart Cena adding fuel for the ppv and for next week's match with Cena and Sheamus. Say what you will

    be about the WWE but unlike Tna they do know how to build up their feuds especially when it comes the title matches and Main event picture. They are always the main focus of the show and are never put on the back burner. Not too mention that the shows they do come out as being so much better polished and scripted than that other horrible promotion.

    Match #5: NXT vs John Morrison, Goldust, Santino Marella & Yoshi Tatsu

    It was a bit short for a tag match, it should have gone a bit more seeing as these guys will eventually be stars in the E. It was a good enough for a spot on Raw, but you can probably expect to have more exposure as time goes on.

    Match #6: Batista vs Mark Henry

    Batista sits down on a chair to mock Mark. Mark tries to get in the ring and gets ambushed by Batista this was a statement for John Cena.

    The stipulation match will be I Quit match which should be a classic. You know this John Cena / Batista feud has been very good. Cena and Batista have really shown again that they are at the top of the food chain for good reason.

    Match #7: Randy Orton vs Edge & Ted DiBiase

    Randy holds his own as expected for the handicap. Vickie Guerrero. Hilarious to see Vickie named Raw general manager then quit in the same night not wanting anything to do with Randy.

    All in all a pretty polished show and entertaining.moreless

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