WWE Monday Night RAW

Season 17 Episode 23

Uncertain Vacancy

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jun 08, 2009 on USA

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  • Two vacancies??? One is explained...the other...not really....

    Finally....Vickie Guerrero resigns...thank god..... a horrible manager, and a boring storyline overall....i was really hoping for a comeback of a wrestler to be the general manager.... but that did not happen.. we were left with a cliffhanger (always a good thing to keep people interested)... but there is one cliffhanger which should have not been.... the WWE championship... Vickie declared as her final act as GM that if Batista did not answer the call of 10 in his championship match (which he did not... triple h came out at around 20) Randy Orton would be declared the champion... well that never happened... did the WWE forget about that comment or what? Am I the only person wondering why he wasnt awarded the title?? Even though he won it back the following week in a fatal four way match, he should have been awarded the title initially. If vince or someone came out and gave a reason why he couldnt have it i would of been satisfied... i just didnt like having a statement (a pretty big one from Vickie) just go ignored and expect the WWE fan to ignore it as well.... other than that overall good show with one good cliffhanger...
  • The return of Triple H.

    While watching the show and realizing that the opening angle was a way to write off of television the legitimately injured Batista I commented to my brother that they're probably just going to give the belt to Triple H now. So, I was less than surprised when "The Game" appeared on my screen at the end of the night to bury Randy Orton for yet another week. Randy could have been such a huge heel after the Vince McMahon beatdown a few months ago but now he's just Shane McMahon, Ric Flair, Batista and now Triple H's personal punching bag.

    The actual wrestling on the show was pretty weak. I'm not into women's wrestling, but I guess Maryse vs. Mickie James could be entertaining. William Regal vs. Kofi Kingston was fun while it lasted and I'd like to see a long program between those two.
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