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Spoilers for May 11

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    WWE NXT Taping (Airing tonight)

    Rookies came out for eliminations.

    Michael Tarver and Daniel Bryan were eliminated for comments they made last week. Matt Striker announced the pros poll would occur later and another rookie will be eliminated tonight.

    Wade Barrett vs. Heath Slater was confirmed for one-on-one action for tonight's broadcast.

    Wade Barrett defeated Heath Slater with a vicious throw to the mat for the three-count. Very good match with Barret picking up decent heat.

    Michael Traver was interviewed by Matt Striker backstage, and wished the best in his future endeavors.

    Skip Sheffield (with William Regal in his corner) defeated Darren Young. Sheffield won in a good match. Sheffeild was booed a lot.

    Matt Striker interviewed Daniel Bryan backstage, Bryan said that Daniel Bryan may be eliminated, but strongly hinted we have not see the last of Bryan Danielson.

    David Otunga defeated Justin Gabriel with his spinebuster / chokeslam finisher. Quick back and forth match with Otunga getting the victory.

    Pro poll: in order of 1-6

    1. Wade Barrett.

    2. David Otunga.

    3. Justin Gabriel.

    4. Heath Slater.

    5. Darren Young.

    6. Skip Sheffield, who was eliminated.

    Daniel Bryan, Michael Tarver, and Skip Sheffield were all eliminated during the show, which has concluded.

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    I hate seeing Sheffield go...
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