WWE Pay-Per-View

Season 22 Episode 15

Armageddon 2006

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Dec 17, 2006 on

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  • Armageddon 2006

    Inferno Match - Kane vs. MVP
    solid opener. nothing special until the ending but the match was suspenseful and very visual. not a must see but still worth the time
    Winner: Kane
    Match Rating: 6.0/10

    Ladder Match for the WWE Tag Team Championship - MNM vs. London & Kendrick vs. Regal & Taylor vs. The Hardys
    just an amazing spotfest of a ladder match. even regal and david seemed to fit into it. mercury (mnm) took a sick ladder shot to the face, in a brutal spot
    Winners & Still WWE Tag Team Champions: London & Kendrick
    Match Rating: 9.0/10

    The Miz vs. Boogeyman
    Not terrible as many reviews would say, but still just nothing special with average wrestling
    Winner: Boogeyman
    Match Rating: 3.0/10

    United States Championship - Chris Benoit vs. Chavo Guerrero
    this was a very enjoyable match in my opinion, like their match at survivor series. chavo shines here as well
    Winner & Still US Champion: Chris Benoit
    Match Rating: 7.0/10

    Cruiserweight Championship - Gregory Helms vs. Akio
    i cant stand akios new gimmick, but he still is a very good wrestler. solid matchup with a slow pace, and the crowd is all over it, but jbls shoot on the crowd makes it worth a watch
    Winner & Still Cruiserweight Champion: Gregory Helms
    Match Rating: 6.0/10

    Last Ride Match - The Undertaker vs. Mr. Kennedy
    another good matchup. not great but solid stiff action from these two. better than their first blood in my opinion as well.
    Winner: The Undertaker
    Match Rating: 7.0/10

    Batista & John Cena vs. Finlay & Booker T
    odd main event, but still a solid tag team matchup. nothing special, but they all performed well so im not complaining
    Winners: Batista & John Cena
    Match Rating: 6.0/10

    Armageddon was overall a solid pay per view. I would recommend it for the Ladder, US Title, and Last Ride match. the rest were decent matches as well. 7 out of 10 stars
  • The World Heavyweight Championship might've not been on the line, but this was one of the best PPV's I've seen in awhile!

    World Heavyweight Champion Batista and WWE Champion John Cena vs. King Booker and Finlay.
    Isn't it weird that at last year's Armageddon, Batista, instead of putting the title on the line, competed in tag team action. And he does it again this year. Except, this time, instead of facing two RAW wrestlers, he teams with a RAW wrestler to take on two Smackdown wrestlers. Let's hope next year the belt is on the line. But, that's next year. Let's stop thinking about the future, and live for today. That's what my counselor told me. Anyway, this was an okay, passible tag team match, but somewhat disappointing to headline a PPV. I'll admit, the promos were excellent for this match, as was the build-up. But, like I mentioned before, I would've rather seen the title on the line. Heck, they could've teamed King Booker up with Umaga, and the winning team would be World Heavyweight and WWE Champion. Too bad it's too late for WWE to take this idea. Story here is Finlay and Booker trying to take out the champion, so the champ enlists another champ, or, as some call him, THE CHAMP (I don't), RAW's WWE Champion, John Cena, to help him out. Wow, when I look at it, this a weird match. A rapper, an animal, an irishman, and a King. It sounds like a prelude to a joke. "So a rapper, an animal, an irishman, and a King walk into a bar...". The match could've went a little longer than 10 minutes, mainly since they still had 20 minutes left in the PPV. But, WWE doesn't tend to go past about 2 and a half hours. Why? I mean, if the PPV goes too long, it's not like it's cutting into the next PPV. It's a repeat of the same PPV. Cena and Batista end up picking up the win.
    WINNER(S): Batista and Cena
    LOSER(S): Smackdown, for, two years in a row, haven't put the title on the line at Armageddon; King Booker, who's kingdom seems to be falling apart; Montel Vontavious Porter vs. Kane in an Inferno Match.
    An inferno match can end up being one of the worst matches in history, but nobody would notice because the fire always adds a nice pop. And everybody likes seeing someone set on fire. They don't? Only sick freaks do? Well, at least I have a reputation now. Thankfully, the match wasn't half bad. The inferno rules apply here like always. No, I don't mean the rules of the match (though they do apply here, obviously). I mean the rule that the loser must be the one who has so much attire on, that the fire would nowhere reach the wrestler's body. In this case, it makes MVP the loser. And guess what. I was right. Wow, that's an interesting change. Kane is usually always losing this match. But, now a power ranger has entered WWE, so Kane is off the hook. Will I ever stop using these power ranger jokes on MVP? NO! Best part in the match was when Kane dove off the turnbuckle onto MVP on the outside. The fire made this look even more amazing. The win comes when Kane choke-pushes (does that make sense?) MVP into the fire, setting him ablaze (and JBL into a frenzy).
    WINNER(S): Kane; WWE, for finally bringing back an interesting match concept
    LOSER(S): MVP, for being burned like a hamburger at one of JR's barbecues; Kane. Oh wait, he won an Inferno match for a change. Scratch that last part. Kane, you are a winner! Congratulations!

    Undertaker vs. Kennedy in a Last Ride Match.
    WWE may proclaim this as the second Last Ride match. But, wouldn't it techically be the third, if you count the Ambulance match (pitting Kane vs. Shane McMahon) back at Survivor Series 2003? With that aside, this was another not half-bad match. It might've went slow at a few times, but the match picked up with some huge pops. teh biggest pop had to have been when Mr. Kennedy tossed Undertaker of the castle-like structure in the entrance way. Sure, it was easily visible that Taker landed on matting, making him invulnerable to pain (unless those are those mats we had in High School. You know, the ones that, when you fell on them, hurt like hell). It wasn't a bad idea for WWE to resurrect this match (Armageddon is all about huge pops and resurrections. Weird.), but it's not something I want to see on a daily basis. An alright match. Undertaker, not surprisingly, ends up winning.
    WINNER(S): Undertaker, for winning this one, unlike last time when he was beaten by JBL; JBL, for being able to sit back and watch this match, unlike last time, where, even though he won, got his ass kicked badly
    LOSER(S): Mr. Kennedy, for not keeping his winning streak over the Undertaker intact, and for having his first name almost identical to his last name. His parents were cruel to him.

    United States Champion Chris Benoit vs. Chavo Guerrero for the US Title.
    You think after all of the matches that these two have fought against each other, that this would be a specialty match. But, I guess with an Inferno match, a Last Ride match, and a four-way tag team Ladder match, there wasn't much room for another specialty match. Not a problem though, since these two performed a lot better in a one-on-one wrestling match than they probably would have done in a specialty match. The match was great, as these two mat technicians gave it their all tonight, and almost stole the show, which seemed hard to do with all of the crowded matches going on. The only problem would have to be the storyline. It has made me sick that WWE has used Eddie Guerrero's death (R.I.P.) in a storyline, let alone for almost a whole year. But, with that aside, this was, like mentioned before, a great and incredible match. Benoit ends up getting yet another victory over Chavo Guerrero Jr., and retains his United States championship.
    WINNER(S):Chris Benoit, for, unlike Mr. Kennedy, keeping his winning streak on his rival
    LOSER(S): Chavo, for not only losing, but disgracing the Guerrero name by exploiting his Uncle Eddie's death; Vickie Guerrero, for also disgracing her husband; Chris Benoit. No, this is not a typo. He may have put on one helluva match, but the fact that he's U.S. champion, and not in contention for the World Heavyweight Championship (a belt he once held) is sad. Cruiserweight Champion Gregory Helms vs. Jimmy Yang Wang for the Cruiserweight Title.
    The fans might've booed this match, but I loved it! I thought it was an awesome display by, not only the champion (who is finally putting the title on the line), but also by the newcomer Jimmy Wang Yang. Now, of course, Wang Yang isn't new to the sport. If I'm not mistaken, he's not even new to WWE (he had a small stint a couple of years ago). But, that doesn't mean I still can't give him credit. The best thing about the match is that, not only Wang Yang, but Helms did some high-flying moves of his own. Ever since he dropped his Hurricane persona, Helms hasn't been a high-flyer like he used to be. It's nice to see him going back to his roots. Gregory Helms ends up winning and retaining the title.
    WINNER(S): Gregory Helms, for three things. 1.) Winning the match and retaining his title. 2.) Going back to his roots and doing some high-flying moves. And 3.) For finally putting his title on the line
    LOSER(S): Jimmy Wang Yang, for having a ridiculous gimmick; the fans in attendance, for booing this match. Idiots.

    WWE tag Team Champions Brian Kendrick and Paul London vs. William Regal and Dave Taylor, MNM and The Hardy's for the tag Team Titles. What a match! Everybody in this match deserves credit. I have never seen so many people put their bodies on the line since the Dudleyz and the Hardyz feuded in matches such as tables and TLC's. Even Regal & Taylor (who, after Regal's "coming out" incident at No Mercy, I will now call Penis and Pal") did well in a match that really didn't suit them well. And who didn't laugh when both of them were both afraid to climb the ladder? Yeah, well screw you Paul! If it wasn't for Penis and Pal, the tag champions would've been the underdogs. Though, surprisingly, they put on some of the more interesting moves of the match. Of course, the veterans of this match, the Hardyz, put on the best displays here, even breaking Joey Mercury's nose. Way to go, Hardyz! You make me so proud to be your father. I don't care if I'm not their father, Paul, I'm proud of them. Well, screw you Paul! Screw you! MNM also put on one hell of a display here, especially Nitro, who actually doesn't mind doing some flips and high-flying moves. I guess when you're around Paris Hilton a lot, you're used to flipping her over and getting high. Kendrick and London (who I shall call "The Phantoms" because of their masks that they wear) eventually pick up the huge win. Incredible match!
    WINNER(S): Everybody
    LOSER(S): Paul, for being a jerk The Boogeyman vs. The Miz
    I'm going to make this review as quick as this match. IT SUCKED! Boogeyman wins. That was quick.
    WINNER(S): Boogeyman, I guess. I must now keep to my deal with him and, for winning the match, buy him a big bag of gummy worms
    LOSER(S): The time keeper, for his job during this match beign way too easy.

    Match of the Night: Fatal-Four-Way Tag Team Ladder Match

    Worst Match of the Night: Boogeyman vs. The Miz (if you can call it a match)

    Moment of the Night: I don't think there was really moments, per se. So, I'll just say seeing MVP running around on fire. Overall Thoughts: Great PPV. Smackdown pulled itself out of a rut with this one.
  • london and kendrik defeat mnm hardys and reagal and taylor

    one of my favorite paper views in 2006 my favorite matches were the inferno match with kane vs mvp and the last ride match with mr. kennedy vs undertaker and the ladder match were joey mecury ripped his nose apart i was going for hardy boys and london and kendrik it was a good match my least favorite match was gregory helms vs jimmmy wang yang.
    i hate johnny nitro but i love melina but joey mecurey is ok my favirote in the hardy boys is jeff hardy and my favrite in london and kendrik is paul london and ashley
  • Another great night, well almost! And can someone please fire Michael Cole already!!

    You start off with a match where someone has to get burned! Kane takes MVP to the wood shed with a little bit of effort and sets him on fire! Ouch! It looks cool, but wasn\'t as cool as it looked!

    From here on in you had a Tag Team ladder match for the belts which was off the chart. Blood was spilt and Joey Mercury joins MVP at the hospital. Danger danger everywhere not a drop to spare! Dam that made me feel sick! Some of the moves in this match where out of this world. It calmed down a bit after that but Benoit vs. Chavo can still show a lot. Followed by Helms vs. Jimmy Yang Wang. My man Helms won again and did some nice moves in this match. But what gets me is why the crowd don\'t show Helms more respect! Come on people he shows us his heart and great skills cheer for him already!

    O ye, I mustn\'t forget the Boogeyman against Mr Cockhead! I mean the Miz! At least Boogeyman won... that... you can that a match??

    Taker vs Kennedy was another cool match swinging back and forth and then becoming predictable with a win for Undertaker. Again Michael Cole shows how blind he is! He didn\'t fall on a stone floor! It was a 20 inch safety mat! Can someone get Cole some glasses! I so feel sorry for JBL having to put up with such a jack ass. Predictable chockslam and piledriver.

    The main event of the night seemed so ordinary after that. The tag match of main eventers felt like a mid-card! O well! Least I had some fun watching some awesome matches.
  • What a way to end 2006 with a splendid pay-per-view.

    Match 1: Kane Def. MVP in an Inferno Match
    The fourth Inferno match in the history of the WWE and finally, Kane has won one. It was short and filled with time wasting promos with a time wasting wrestler named MVP, but in the end, Kane won and that's all that matter. So how do you like your MVP? Well done, medium rare or extra crispy? 7/10

    Match 2: London and Kendrick Def. William Regal and Dave Taylor, MNM and The Hardy Boys in a 4-Way Ladder Match to retain the WWE Tag Team Championship
    Oh man. Poor Mercury. After returning to the WWE after a six month hiatus, to be on hiatus again after a ladder smacked him in the face and busted him open badly. I hope he's okay. Other than that, this was a GREAT ladder match. All you need is a ladder match involving tag teams and you're guaranteed a show stealer. For the first time ever in months, the Tag Team titles on SmackDown are getting some prestige. A 5-Star match and candidate for "2006 Match of the Year" for sure. 10/10

    Match 3: The Boogeyman Def. The Miz
    Oh great. The Miz and The Boogeyman. The crowd were not into this match at all. The only good thing was JBL's commentary, other than that this match was a waste of valuable time. 2/10

    Match 4: Chris Benoit Def. Chavo Guerrero to retain the United States Championship
    Chris Benoit > Chavo Guerrero. Also, Chavo Guerrero < Eddie Guerrero. When will the WWE figure those equations out and stop making Chavo the next Eddie Guerrero all ready? Besides that, the match was good. The best moment was Benoit giving Chavo eight German suplexes in a row. Good match as always, Benoit. 7.5/10

    Match 5: Gregory Helms Def. Jimmy Wang Yang to retain the Cruiserweight Championship
    A fairly good match between two very talented Cruiserweights. If only they would dump the Asian redneck crap off of poor Akio. 7/10

    Match 6: The Undertaker Def. Mr. Kennedy in a Last Ride Match
    Finally, some retribution for the Undertaker. Having to lose twice to some "can't wrestle, can't do nothing, can only shout through a microphone" worst superstar ever...Mr. Kennedy. I hope we don't ever see Kennedy ever again. 8/10

    The Naughty-Or-Nice Diva Lingerie Contest
    I could care less about who won this cause all they were doing is trying to waste valuable time with these sex selling contests. Good Lord, Vince, enough with the pervert paradise stunts already and let the women showcase their wrestling skills, not their bodies. Even worse, Big Dick Johnson as Santa Claus. Gimme a damn break. -10/10

    Match 7: WWE Champion John Cena and World Heavyweight Champion Batista Def. King Booker and Finlay
    First of all, I heard boos when Cena was in the ring. How much longer is it gonna take until fans realise that Cena is 100x better than Batista? All Batista has to do is flex a muscle and the fans erupt. Pathetic. Even worse, Batista pins Booker AGAIN. I am begging the WWE to stop making Booker look bad in front of this talentless bodybuilder. Anways, it was a fair match. But the highlight had to be the midget kicking himself in the face. That was the ONLY time I ever laughed at the little guy. 6/10

    The last pay-per-view of 2006 and it delivered. Thank you and let\'s see what 2007 holds in store for us.
  • great PPV!

    this has to be one of the greatest PPVs in recent years. every match was awesome. my favorite match of the night was either the ladder match for the tag titles or the last ride match between the undertaker and mr. kennedy. the main event was pretty good, but it was a little too short. there were only two things wrong with the whole PPV. the first was that there were no title changes, but it's fine because all of the matches were so good. and the second was that it was 15 minutes too short. it was only 2 hours and 45 minutes. but, other than those two minor problems, this PPV was awesome!
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