WWE Pay-Per-View

Season 22 Episode 15

Armageddon 2006

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Dec 17, 2006 on

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  • What a way to end 2006 with a splendid pay-per-view.

    Match 1: Kane Def. MVP in an Inferno Match
    The fourth Inferno match in the history of the WWE and finally, Kane has won one. It was short and filled with time wasting promos with a time wasting wrestler named MVP, but in the end, Kane won and that's all that matter. So how do you like your MVP? Well done, medium rare or extra crispy? 7/10

    Match 2: London and Kendrick Def. William Regal and Dave Taylor, MNM and The Hardy Boys in a 4-Way Ladder Match to retain the WWE Tag Team Championship
    Oh man. Poor Mercury. After returning to the WWE after a six month hiatus, to be on hiatus again after a ladder smacked him in the face and busted him open badly. I hope he's okay. Other than that, this was a GREAT ladder match. All you need is a ladder match involving tag teams and you're guaranteed a show stealer. For the first time ever in months, the Tag Team titles on SmackDown are getting some prestige. A 5-Star match and candidate for "2006 Match of the Year" for sure. 10/10

    Match 3: The Boogeyman Def. The Miz
    Oh great. The Miz and The Boogeyman. The crowd were not into this match at all. The only good thing was JBL's commentary, other than that this match was a waste of valuable time. 2/10

    Match 4: Chris Benoit Def. Chavo Guerrero to retain the United States Championship
    Chris Benoit > Chavo Guerrero. Also, Chavo Guerrero < Eddie Guerrero. When will the WWE figure those equations out and stop making Chavo the next Eddie Guerrero all ready? Besides that, the match was good. The best moment was Benoit giving Chavo eight German suplexes in a row. Good match as always, Benoit. 7.5/10

    Match 5: Gregory Helms Def. Jimmy Wang Yang to retain the Cruiserweight Championship
    A fairly good match between two very talented Cruiserweights. If only they would dump the Asian redneck crap off of poor Akio. 7/10

    Match 6: The Undertaker Def. Mr. Kennedy in a Last Ride Match
    Finally, some retribution for the Undertaker. Having to lose twice to some "can't wrestle, can't do nothing, can only shout through a microphone" worst superstar ever...Mr. Kennedy. I hope we don't ever see Kennedy ever again. 8/10

    The Naughty-Or-Nice Diva Lingerie Contest
    I could care less about who won this cause all they were doing is trying to waste valuable time with these sex selling contests. Good Lord, Vince, enough with the pervert paradise stunts already and let the women showcase their wrestling skills, not their bodies. Even worse, Big Dick Johnson as Santa Claus. Gimme a damn break. -10/10

    Match 7: WWE Champion John Cena and World Heavyweight Champion Batista Def. King Booker and Finlay
    First of all, I heard boos when Cena was in the ring. How much longer is it gonna take until fans realise that Cena is 100x better than Batista? All Batista has to do is flex a muscle and the fans erupt. Pathetic. Even worse, Batista pins Booker AGAIN. I am begging the WWE to stop making Booker look bad in front of this talentless bodybuilder. Anways, it was a fair match. But the highlight had to be the midget kicking himself in the face. That was the ONLY time I ever laughed at the little guy. 6/10

    The last pay-per-view of 2006 and it delivered. Thank you and let\'s see what 2007 holds in store for us.