WWE Pay-Per-View

Season 25 Episode 12

Bragging Rights 2009

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 25, 2009 on

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  • A new PPV aspect for the WWE, which turned out be pretty good on its first attempt.

    Man, this has been a weird PPV year in the WWE.

    We went from Unforgiven, No Mercy, Cyber Sunday and Armageddon to......Breaking Point, Hell In A Cell, Bragging Rights and TLC? Uh, okay? If this is their way of trying to be family-friendly, they are several years too late. Anyways, the PPV Bragging Rights is pretty much a Survivor Series lite with Raw and SmackDown doing what they should've been doing for years: feud with one another. Also on this PPV, the world titles on both shows were defended with 2 other inter-promotional matches to boot. What are the odds of this PPV being any good? Let's see:


    Match 1
    Champion vs Champion
    The Miz (U.S.) Vs John Morrison (Intercontinental)

    We start off the PPV with former tag team partners and Tag Team of the Year 2009 (more like the ONLY tag team of the year 2009) John Morrison and the Miz. The story behind this was obvious with Miz making tons of Marty Jannetty references on how he was the Shawn Michaels of the team and wants to show that. Interesting fact about this match was that both men were both fresh off of their respective title wins which made it mean a bit more than just 2 champions facing one another.

    Either way this match was pretty good for an opener between 2 guys who showed nice chemistry between one another. The Miz gets the win and Raw goes 1 - 0 over SmackDown.

    Rating: ***1/4

    Match 2
    6-Diva Tag Team Match
    Melina (c), Gail Kim and Kelly Kelly (Raw) Vs Michelle McCool (c), Beth Phoenix and Natalya Neidhart (SmackDown)

    Multi-diva matches.....have never been any good. This one, while it wasn't that good, it wasn't that bad either. I couldn't help but notice that one diva who can actually work a match and can get over in Gail Kim was saddled with Melina and Kelly Kelly, while Beth and Natalya were saddled with McCool who fans could give a damn about.

    Beth Phoenix earns the win for SmackDown and everything is leveled. At least the match was short, thank goodness for that.

    Rating: **1/2

    Match 3
    Fatal Four Way
    World Heavyweight Championship
    Undertaker (c) Vs C.M. Punk Vs Batista Vs Rey Mysterio

    We move from a lackluster diva match to a great 4-way match between four former world champions. It was everything that you would expect from a match like this:

    Pure chaos? Check.
    Numerous pin attempts and breaks? Check.
    Punk being the crafty heel? Check.
    Rey and Batista working together? Check.
    Batista turning heel? Predicted but in a good way.

    Undertaker wins the match by pinning Batista. Interestingly enough, Batista almost had the match won until Rey Mysterio broke it up....which did not bode well for the animal, who proceeded to beat the living hell out of the little masked man. Honestly, when Josh Matthews came out you knew something was going to happen. Minor issue though? Another Undertaker/Batista feud. They were good in the past, no doubt. But when given in such portions in such a small time, it got old FAST. And the fact that neither man needs to be holding that belt in order to stay over with the crowd. Oh well......

    Rating: ***1/2

    Match 4
    Raw Vs SmackDown Tag Team Match

    Okay, let's run the teams down. On Raw, we had DX as co-captains with Jack Swagger, Kofi Kingston, Mark Henry, Cody Rhodes and Big Show *cough* predictable betrayal *cough*.....against what was supposed to be Chris Jericho and Kane as co-captains with Cryme Tyme (okay), Dolph Ziggler (huh), Drew McIntyre (I'm sorry) and Eric Escobar? What? Thank God these guys were replaced with Matt Hardy, R-Truth, The Hart Dynasty and Finlay or else this would suck hardcore.

    Either way, this was a 14-man tag team match......which lasted at least 14 minutes. Understandable with the main-event that they had BUT something like this should and would have been a lot better at the Survivor Series PPV instead. It was pretty quick, guys only got a few seconds to be over, chaos everywhere, Kofi getting a few seconds at the end of the match and the blatantly obvious betrayal of Big Show to the Raw team causing his tag team partner Chris Jericho to win the match and give SmackDown the rights to brag that they are the better brand.

    Seriously though, with Big Show on the Raw side and his tag team partner Jericho on the SmackDown side it was pretty obvious how the outcome of that match was. It was still enjoyable for what it was worth, but in reality, a match of this caliber SHOULD have happened a month later at the Survivor Series PPV more than anything else.

    Rating: ***

    Match 5
    "Anything Goes" Iron Man Match
    WWE Championship
    Randy Orton (c) Vs John Cena
    If Cena doesn't win title, he leaves Raw forever
    If Cena wins title, Orton gets no rematch

    This was really weird while at the same time it made a bit of sense. I know that sounds confusing but this is WWE we're talking here.

    For starters, NEITHER Cena or IWC poster-boy Orton are fully capable of wrestling a regular match for a whole hour yet alone an Iron Man Match. People always bring up Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania 12 (which wasn't all that good) though they rarely bring up HHH and Rock at Judgment Day 2000 which was extremely good minus the overbooked ending like most Attitude Era main events. It's like WWE bookers thought: "hey let's make this no-disqualifications instead. I mean, it's not like we overbooked the other main-event matches you guys had months ago."

    For starters, it's a good thing that they did that cause this was easily a great match between these 2 and was easily the match of the night for me, plus it told a STORY in the ring. Sure they had the obvious run-in from Legacy that didn't last long, the match being stopped for Cena getting cut legitimately (which felt kinda stupid seeing as how Cena and Orton were booked to be the most bitter of rivals), most comical spot lingering around the path of attempted homicide and was overbooked to the max. But hey, as I said, this is the WWE we're talking here. They are the master of overbooking their main-event matches and this was no exception. EASILY overdoing what they did with the "I Quit" Match at Breaking Point.

    At the end of it all, Cena wins and regains the WWE title. Orton doesn't get another shot at the title as long as Cena is champion. Cena fans rejoice while Cena haters whine as usual. The typical times of watching the WWE. Live with it.

    Rating: ***3/4

    Bragging Rights, while it was a old formula rendered into something new, turned out to be pretty good but rough on the edges. I still say that 14-man tag team match would've been better on Survivor Series and with TIME to get a story between these guys.

    The opener was really good and put Miz over even more as the egotistical jackass that everyone wants to see get owned. Natalya got a win under her belt and Beth Phoenix dominated as well.....sadly McCool had to be there. The world title match was good and the heel turn for Batista should've happened YEARS ago. The 14-man match was too short and the Iron Man Match was a great way to end the feud between Cena and Orton.

    NOW finally WWE can push someone new for Cena to face and defend his title against. NAH, who am I kidding? Laters.
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