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Season 22 Episode 13

Cyber Sunday 2006

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 05, 2006 on
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Cyber Sunday 2006
WWE Champion John Cena vs. World Heavyweight Champion King Booker(managed by Sharmell) vs. ECW World Champion Big Show (World Heavyweight Championship Match)

DX vs. Edge & Randy Orton (Eric Bishoff as Special Guest Referee)

 Intercontinental Champion Jeff Hardy vs. Carlito

World Tag Team Champions Spirit Squad vs. Ric Flair & Rowdy Roddy Piper (Tag Team Campionship Match)

Umaga(managed by Armando Estrada) vs. Kane

Women's Championship Tournament Final Lita vs. Mickie James (Diva's Lumberjack Match)

Viscera & Charlie Haas vs. The Highlanders(Robbie and Rory mccalister) vs. Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch vs. Cryme Tyme(JTG and Shad Gaspard) (Four Team Texas Tornado Match)moreless

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  • Apart from the Tag Team Title change, this wasn't a night anyone really needs to remember. Something old, something new and something screwed. Back to the drawing board please.

    Cyber Sunday is by no way near the standard of what I normally like to see for a PPV. Don’t get me wrong it was a good show. But it was missing that x-factor which normally happens with PPVs. So we start of with Umaga vs Kane and why did the fans vote for Kane again? Did they feel he would win this time? Well he had his shot last time and he lost. So he looses again! Next time give someone else a chance.

    Next up was Carlito vs Jeff Hardy. Now that was a decent match, I think, it was grounded for the first part and the high flying I was looking forward to didn’t happen that much. The match did seem a bit tame, but in the end Hardy got his finisher on target and retained.

    Now to the C card stars! A chance for them to show their stuff! Was it me or was this match just as bad? You saw a few moves, but for some reason the match was over before you could raise the new sign you created saying “Worse match of the year!”

    Now we where back on track when DX came out and Eric Bishoff was selected as guest referee. This match had the screw job coming to it that was on the cards. Orton gave the RKO on the chair to Hunter and got the pin. This match showed power, lots of punches and had class written on it. But the x-factor I wanted just didn’t seem to be there today.

    Mickie James vs Lita in a Diva lumberjack match was something of interest. So I thought! But the crowd was dead silent! I didn’t know what most of the crowd was thinking or maybe they where not thinking as they had all fallen asleep. Because this match was a sleeper! Most of the time it was pretty boring and the atmosphere had dried up with it. Lita got her DDT on Mickie and got the belt, so off she went to celebrate with Edge.

    The end of the Spirit Squad draws near and seeing a seriously out of shape Roddy Piper help take the World Tag Team belts away from them kind of made me sick. Roddy probably deserved to win with Flair. But really the tag team division has kind of gone to the dogs! I don’t see them lasting that long with the belts anyway.

    Finally the main event of the evening and one to be remembered, Not! Another hopeless match of class mixed up with bad personalities and K-Fed the short lived fad. Big Show was Big, and, well, slow. Cena and Booker had it at each other. It’s nice to see that Booker’s boots still say Booker T on them. But let face facts, it’s no good cutting into good storylines so I guess there was a pre-determined keep the World Heavyweight title on Smackdown.

    When the fans vote, it means they want something. But when something doesn’t happen it means the fans want something new. When a new thing happens the fans want what they don’t have. If it doesn’t happen the fans get nothing. Maybe in short what I am saying is Cyber Sunday was nothing. I guess we have to wait for the next PPV to see if there is anything new.moreless
  • If the fans get to choose the matches and stipulation, but the choices given aren't much, then what's so enthralling about the concept? This PPV proves my point.

    An absymal, average at most, PPV. Like I mentioned in the summary, though the fans got to choose the matches and stipulation, there wasn't much to choose from. But, enough chit-chat. On with the review.

    WWE Champion John Cena vs. World Heavyweight Champion King Booker vs. ECW World Champion Big Show (World Heavyweight Championship Match)

    How good a good idea turn out to be boring? Only in the WWE can this happen. King Booker , surprisingly, was the most dominant superstar in the match. Now, I'm not dissing on King Booker's skills, but, with The Big Show and Cena in the match, you think that WWE would make him seem the most vulnerable. I did like this change of events though. Booker actually held the match on his shoulders basically the whole time, while Cena and Show seemed not to care to much tonight. But, that's just me. King Booker ends up winning in, probably the worst ending in WWE history, when K-Fed comes in and nails Cena in the back of the head with the championship belt (the World Heavyweight Championship, to be precise), giving Booker the one, two, three. Tsk, tsk, tsk. What has come of the WWE Creative Team? And they wonder why fans are starting to tune into TNA more often.

    WINNER(S): King Booker

    LOSER(S): Cena, Big Show, and WWE Creative for stooping to a new low. DX vs. Edge & Randy Orton (Eric Bishoff as Special Guest Referee)

    When Edge, HBK, and HHH were wrestling, this was a pretty good match. But, whenever the master of chinlocks, Randy Orton, was wrestling, the match losed its touch. Damn you, Orton! But, with my hatred of Orton aside, this match pulled out one of the more better parts of the night. Of course, in any tag team match involving HBK, Michaels was teh one absorbing the most pain, and seeming like a little school girl getting her hair pulled by one of the immature little boys. Awww... I think Orton has a crush on Michaels. I wouldn't be surprised if he starts picking on him. Wait, no... there's another chinlock. Sorry Michaels. HHH will have to do for now. Anyway, though Bischoff seemed to be calling the match down the middle (even if his pinfalls took an eternity to finish). But, not all could be well in Smurfville (hahaha... I just thought of Bischoff as a Smurf. He kind of reminds me of the little girl in Willy Wonka who ate the gum and turned into a fat, plump blueberry). Edge grabs a chair and unleashes hell with it, by knocking out Michaels on the outside and nailing HHH onn the back with it, thwarting the Pedigree attempt to Orton (HHH must've been jealous of the fact that Orton had a crush on HBK). Orton hits the RKO (which, surprisingly is Orton's initials, not standing for Randy Knockout) and gets the three count and the win.

    WINNER(S): Rated RKO

    LOSER(S): Shawn Michaels, who found out that Orton doesn't have a crush on him; Triple H, for thinking that Orton has a crush on HBK. Dumbass! Intercontinental Champion Jeff Hardy vs. Carlito

    The fans definitely chose the right person to face Hardy tonight. The show-stealer, without a doubt. High-flying action, great back-and-forth action, and impressive, if not surprising, mat skills by both men. Hardy ends up retaining, but, in my opinion, both men are winners on this night! Now, only if I could find out what Carlito is smuggling into the U.S.A. in that aphro of his.

    WINNER(S): Jeff Hardy; The fans

    LOSER(S): Is there a loser in this match? Well, technically Carlito, but anybody who can perform that well in the ring is not a loser in my book. But, they are in the record books. Sorry Carlito.

    World Tag Team Champions Spirit Squad vs. Ric Flair & Rowdy Roddy Piper (Tag Team Campionship Match)

    Though as much of a feel-good moment that it was when Piper and Flair won the tag team titles (and finally ended the Spirit Squad's sad title reign), the match wasn't so good. Well, that's putting it nicely. To put in a mean way, this match sucked! I couldn't depend on the Spirit Squad, since they have yet to put on a good performance, and, though they are legends and probably one of the best wrestlers to ever lace up a pair of boots, they have passed their time. No, I'm not saying that because their getting older. I don't care if you're 100 years old. As long as you can still wrestle, and take on the best of them, then please step into the ring each night and perform your ass of for me. But, sadly, Flair and Piper have passed this stage (the performances, not the age thing). Speaking of Piper, is anybody else surprised by his attire for tonight? Instead of tights, he put on a pair of Depends and hoped to get away with it. What happened? Did he lose his tights on the way to the show and had to stop by the nearest drug store and find whatever was passable? Which, in this case, the Depends were not possible. Anyway, back to the action. Not much of a match here, as Spirit Squad dominated throughout, but Flair and Piper did retaliate a few times. Like mentioned before, Flair and Piper end up winning the titles in a feel-good moment.

    WINNER(S): Flair and Piper

    LOSER(S): Spirit Squad (FINALLY!!!)

    Umaga vs. Kane

    So, Kane leaves RAW for Smackdown after losing to Umaga, for two reasons. 1)For some fresh competition, and 2)to end a lackluster rivalry with Umaga. But, Kane (thanks to the fans) has one more match with Umaga. And, like the other ones, this one was bad. And, like their last affairs (Kane cheated on Umaga, sending Umaga into a frenzy), Umaga is the victor. Typical "monster vs. monster" match. Kane gets manhandled by Umaga, announcers are surprised, fans are not since they've seen it all before, Kane seems to have the finish, Umaga kicks out to a *GASP* huge surprise (HA), and Umaga, after his finisher (which involves a thumb, for Christ's Sakes), gets the win. Horrible match and a horrible outcome!

    WINNER(S): Umaga, I guess

    LOSER(S): Everybody

    Women's Championship Tournament Final Lita vs. Mickie James (Diva's Lumberjack Match)

    I expected more out of this match. Lita and Mickie James are two talented athletes (which seems to be rare in teh sport of pro wrestling nowadays. And Trish Stratus leaving doesn't help, since she was, most likely, the only other good female athlete in WWE). but, they didn't do what they usually do: go all the way (though Lita does tend to do so with men a lot). Maybe it was the inclusion of a lumberjack match. The lumberjack match has always been my most hated match in wrestling history. The fact that wrestlers (usually jobbers on Heat and/or Velocity) interfere on the match, taking away any enjoyment from the match, is downright stupid and gets very redundant. As does this match. Lita ends up winning, reclaiming her Women's Championship after losing it to Trish Stratus last month at Unforgiven.

    WINNER(S): Lita

    LOSER(S): Mickie James (sorry, no jokes this time)

    Viscera & Charlie Haas vs. The Highlanders vs. Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch vs. Cryme Tyme (Four Team Texas Tornado Match) Interesting match here. Why WWE doesn't use this stipulation more often is beyond me. With so much going on, the match always has something for you to keep your eyes on, and kept me entertained for the duration of the five-minute battle. Cryme Tyme picks up the win. A nice push for a new team.

    WINNER(S): Cryme Tyme; The fans

    LOSER(S): The fans in the front row, since I'm pretty sure they seen up Rory and Roby's skirt.

    Match of the night: Carlito vs Jeff Hardy: delivered on every level. I would love to see these guys go at it again.

    Worst Match of the night: Umaga vs. Kane: Undefeated streak continues for Umaga. Unexciting matches continue for the fans.

    Moment of the Night: As much as I thought I'd give this to Flair and Piper winning the tag team titles, I have to give it to the backstage promo when HBK was super-kicking the hell out of everybody backstage. One of the only funny things DX has done since they re-united. Poor, poor DX.

    PPV Thoughts: Abysmal. That's it. I've got nothing. And neither did this PPV. Hey, what do you know. I do have something. Hooray!moreless
  • Average PPV.

    Cyber Sunday had some good parts and some bad parts. I liked how Ric Flair and Rowdy Roddy Piper became World Tag Team Champions. I give the match between Carlito and Jeff Hardy a 10 score. I loved the match! I didn't know for who to call... The Texas Tornado match was fine. It was funny how Cryme Tyme stole Jerry Lawler King's laptop!

    They both deserved to win. The funniest moment was when Shawn was angry! He started kicking everyone who he sees! :lol: That was hillarious!!! Bishoff was lucky because he wasn't close to Shawn! These were the good moments. The bad moments...

    Umaga defeating Kane was maybe the worst part. Kane is one of my favorite wrestlers. He had to leave RAW...

    Rated RKO beating DX was unfair. Bishoff helped them! The match between Cena, Big Show and King Booker was also bad! Cena was going to became the World Heavyweight Champion when someone came and helped King Booker...guess who? K-FED of course! I hope Cena beats him at New Year!moreless
  • what a great night

    cyber sunday was one of my favorite ppv because the women's title was on the line and different matches. also if you think about it you make the matches for the superstars. the wwe is my favorite show. well this ppv had some good things happen and bad things happen. well booker T won the champions of chamions match because his title was on the line. And lita and mickie went at it in the tournament final. they work and wrestled their way into the ppv cyber sunday. well they fought hard but victoria had to inerfer with the match at the end so mickie lost and lite became a 4 time women's champion. Also ric flair and piper won the world tag team titles in cyber sunday too. the match i hate the most is that kane keeps getting screwd in every fricken match aganist umaga. that match really pissed me off. and mickie james match too. i hate when that happens. also cryme tyme won their match in a four way match. i like the interconital match up between jeff hardy ( he rocks) and carlto (he rocks too) they went at it but jeff still won and retained his title. oh yeah DX's match really got to me i felt like puching the tv and grad rated RKO and choke them and hit them with the chair and see if they like it. and eric you what let me stop because that was down right BULLmoreless
  • It was really nothing special.

    Let me 1st off by saying that this PPV was ok but if I would of know it was going to average, I wouldn't of order it.

    I liked the Texas Tornado Tag Team match, and how Cryme Tyme won. DX Vs. Rated RKO was ok, Rated RKO won but could of been better. Ric Flair and Roddy Piper Vs. The Spirit Squad for the WWE Raw Tag Team Titles was a great match probably the best match on the card when Flair and Piper won. The Women's Title final round Mickie James Vs. Lita in a Diva Lumberjck Match, lita won but it wasn't my favorite match that happened. The next match was the one I was looking forward to Umaga Vs. Kane, I really thought Kane was going to win but he didn't. Jeff Hardy defended his IC title against Carlito and Jaff Hardy won. Main Event the Champion of Champions match, King Bookah Vs. John Cena Vs. Big show for Booker's Title, Bokker won, it had to be one of the lamest ending with K-Fed coming down and hitting Cena form behind, and Booker with the title to the head and then a 1,2,3.moreless
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Roderick Toombs

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    • (Big Show is walking down the hall, he meets Sharmell)
      Big Show:What do you want?
      Sharmell:Listen, Big Show, Now I know you and King Booker haven't been getting along, but...being champion of champion isn't what really matters.
      Big Show:you see, now there-
      Sharmell: Wait, what really matters is you and King Booker keeping you're respect of titles, thats all.
      Big Show: I got to disagree with you. Being the champion of champions is the most important thing.
      Sharmell: Just hear me out, here. Now if the fans vote for your title to be up for grabs, King Booker will help you out. But if the fans vote for King Booker's title to be on the line, then you'll help him out. Now if John Cena's title is on the line, well then it's just every man for himself.
      Big Show: You know what, you might be the most beautiful queen I've ever seen in my life. But I'm gonna be honest with you. I don't trust you and I don't trust your husband. So as far as I'm concerned, it's every man for himself anyway. Now you can take that scepter, shine it up real nice and stick it!
      Sharmell: Stop right there! I'll inform King Booker of your decision. One in which I have no question you'll live to regret!

    • (Shawn Michaels is in the back fiddling with a laptop)
      HHH: What're you doing? Hey, tell me you're not still trying to pick our special referee in our match. Um, Shawn. Shawn, it's not that hard, look. You don't wanna pick Mr. McMahon. We......shoved his head about as......far as it'll go up Big Show's ass, I don't think we can go any further. You don't wanna pick Coachman. Cena beat up Coachman last week. The bloom is pretty much already off that rose. As if it wasn't when we stuffed his head into the wall and.....spray-painted DX on his paper butt.
      Shawn: Good point. So I guess, that leaves Eric Bischoff. I mean, we haven't really done anything horrible to him yet.
      HHH: No. No, that's a good point. Besides that, he thinks he's controversial. And, I didn't want to bring this up....but he said that we don't even know the meaning of the word controversial.
      Shawn: (scoffs) Wh-What? Us? We don't know the meaning of the word controversial?
      HHH: Yeah. But, Shawn, as much to me, it was mostly you.
      Shawn: What, are you kidding me? I'm the one who put Bret Hart in the sharpshooter, you know. And....and you. Heh. You know controversy. You married, uh, what's her name?
      HHH: I know, I know. But he said we don't know what controversy is......
      Shawn: What do you mean we don't know controversy? Are you kidding me? I don't believe this...(To random guy) Y-Y-You. Buddy, what's your name?
      Stan: Stan
      Shawn: Stan. (superkicks Stan) See? I just kicked Stan.
      HHH: Calm down, Shawn.
      Shawn: DON'T CALL ME TO CALM DOWN. NOBODY TELLS ME, THAT I DON'T KNOW CONTROVERSY. YOU GOTTA BE.....(kicks a random guy who comes through a door causing his papers to fly in the air).....KIDDING ME. I'M GETTING SICK OF PEOPLE, TELLING.....( walks down the hallway some more before kicking another guy who goes down the hallway)....ME, WHAT I KNOW AND WHAT I DON'T KNOW. I KNOW ABOUT CONTROVERSY.......
      (all the while Triple H is trying not to laugh so hard)
      HHH: (chuckling to himself) I don't know if that's controversial....but it sure as hell is funny. (walks off the screen)

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