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Season 25 Episode 6

Extreme Rules 2009

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jun 07, 2009 on
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Extreme Rules 2009
Randy Orton (c) vs Batista in a Steel Cage Match for the WWE Championship

Big Show vs John Cena in a Submission Match

World Heavyweight Championship: Edge (c) vs. Jeff Hardy in a Ladder Match

Intercontinental Championship: Rey Mysterio(c) vs. Chris Jericho in a No Holds Barred Match

CM Punk vs. Umaga in a Samoan Strap Match

Miss WrestleMania Vickie Guerrero and Chavo vs. Santina Marella to win the title of Miss WrestleMania. (Hog Pen Match)

ECW Championship: Christian (c) vs Jack Swagger vs Tommy Dreamer in a Hardcore Match

U.S. Title Match: Kofi Kingston vs William Regal vs Matt Hardy vs MVP in a Fatal Four-waymoreless

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  • Extreme Rules wasn't extremely good, while at the same time it was not extremely bad. It was a decent PPV with a special tease at the end of it all.

    Honestly this PPV along with many others should be cut from the calendar completely, especially when PPV buyrates have been poor for a very long time. That and the amount of people who watch the PPVs illegally. Oh well. Enough of that, let's get through with this review of One Night Stand 5. I mean, Extreme Rules: the PPV where EVERY match is a gimmick match. Right......


    United States Championship Match

    Fatal 4-Way

    Kofi Kingston (c) vs MVP vs Matt Hardy vs William Regal

    I get where the gimmick behind a fatal 4-way is: the losers of the match must die. Bad joke, I know.

    Regardless, this was a decent opener with Kingston retaining at the end of it all. Problem with this match though was how rushed it was, as if they were given a short time to tell a story in the ring......or they were holding enough time for the epic match between Cena and Big Show later on.


    Intercontinental Championship Match


    Rey Mysterio (c) vs Chris Jericho

    If there's one thing their WCW encounters has shown me it is this: THEY WERE GREAT. Though Mysterio and Jericho are going up there in the years they can still put on a good match.

    Amazingly enough, the Intercontinental title looked miles better than how it was when it was apart of Raw and the prestige behind Rey Mysterio's mask added plenty of fuel behind this rather good feud between the fan favorite Mysterio and the well hated Jericho.

    Chris Jericho continues his mid-carder life by winning his NINTH Intercontinental title and ripping Mysterio's mask right off his head evading a 619. No, we did not see his face but I already know what he looks like already. Goes to show how good a TV show can be with a WRESTLER as the main booker, huh?


    Samoan Strap Match

    Umaga vs C.M. Punk

    Umaga's last match in the WWE was a bit meh in my view. Strap matches aren't all that good to me. Though there was one moment that was good: Punk nailing Umaga with the Go 2 Sleep.

    Funny how Punk could easily lift Umaga like he was nothing, yet they book Cena to have problems lifting him.....even though he has done the same to Big Show and Khali with relative ease. Oh well.....


    ECW Championship Match

    Triple Threat Hardcore

    Christian (c) vs Tommy Dreamer vs Jack Swagger

    This was a good triple threat match between these 3. Obviously the match should have gone longer, then again we all know how the WWE sees the ECW brand in the first place.

    Anyways, the main story going into the match was Tommy Dreamer. Should he lose the match and not win the title, he would retire. Not today. A Dreamer-DDT on Swagger earned him his 2nd ECW title and I must say he deserves it. Dreamer only had 1 run with the belt in the original ECW and Heyman never took that to its advantage (Lord knows why), so with Dreamer about ready to officially retire soon, at least let him have some recognition.


    Hog Pen Match

    Miss WrestleMania Crown

    Santina Marella vs Vickie Guerrero

    This match stunk....literally.

    It was bad enough that they allowed his whole cross-dressing Santino ordeal to go for so long, they just dragged it on and on to the point where it got ridiculous. DUD match all the way. Not entertaining in the slightest.


    WWE Championship Match

    Steel Cage

    Randy Orton (c) vs Batista

    It is hard to get a good match out of Batista while at the same time it is hard to watch a good match involving Orton, so it's no surprise that this match was a bust. Apparently Batista was "injured" before the PPV hence the reason Orton get squashed. Yep, Batista is your new WWE champion.

    Quite honestly this just showed that neither Orton or Batista can work a good match together. Not even in a steel cage could they make this match any better.


    Submission Match

    Big Show vs John Cena

    If not for the Hogpen match, THIS would easily be the worst match of the night. All of that time could have easily gone to the opener, instead it was another Cena overcoming the odds match that we have grown to know for so long.

    Now you should know that I do not hate on Cena matches because of Cena. He has been in really good matches and held his own in a lot of them, HOWEVER, none of his opponents were Big Show. This whole feud was boring from the get-go and was a carbon copy of the lackluster Cena/JBL feud last year.

    The whole ordeal behind this? Apparently Cena could not lock on the STFU onto Big Show, even though he has done it before on The Great Khali and rather easily too. It goes back to the whole "Cena couldn't lift Umaga" booking that made no sense to me. In the end, Cena made Show tap out to a modified "crossface" instead that the commentators called an STFU instead. Meh, I'm just happy this match ended. And hopefully this feud.


    World Heavyweight Championship Match


    Edge (c) vs Jeff Hardy

    From lackluster matches to match-of-the-night, Copeland and Hardy both put on a great match to end what could've been a lackluster PPV.

    From the breakable ladder on the outside of the ring, to the mid-air Twist of Fate reversal of a Spear, these 2 put on a pretty damn good ladder match. While it does not stand the course of time like past ladder matches, this one did deserve a mention to be on that level. Cause quite frankly what else can be done that hasn't been done already in a ladder match?

    In the end, your NEW World Heavyweight champion is......

    C.M. PUNK.

    I kid you not. Jeff Hardy won, Punk cashed in his MITB briefcase, 2 GTSs later Punk was holding the gold above his head as the PPV ended. A possible heel run for Punk? Who knows? Him getting drafted to SmackDown was a good thing.


    WWE One Night Stand 5 gets a 7/10. The show could've been better, the time for Cena/Show was unnecessary and could've gone to the opener. The Hogpen match was a waste of time. Everything else was just good, to okay, to great.

    Well, there is the Great American Bash coming up. So let's see how that PPV fairs in comparison.moreless

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