WWE Pay-Per-View

Season 22 Episode 9

Great American Bash 2006

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jul 23, 2006 on

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    here's the results and what i thought about it.

    tag team championship- london and kendrick def pitbull

    a good match i love those high flyers

    four way bra and panties match- ashley def jillan,michelle, kristal

    what a match i love bra and panties matches it was funny when ashley embaressed kristal. #1 contender's match- kenndey def batista (DQ)

    what a match batista dominated the hole match he had to get DQ. his anger got to him.

    pubjabi prison match- undertaker def the big show.

    that was crazy the great khail did not wrestle big show did what a wimp. that's why undertaker dominated big show.

    united states championship- finlay def william regal ( to retain) ididn't really like that match.

    world heavy weight chamionship- king booker def rey mystiero the king world champ what a shocker and chavo screwed rey out of the match.

    well this was a good night but it was kinda stupid because they change two matches.
  • This is crazy!

    How crazy is it, when Batista is on the loose? I couldn't believe Batista whoop Mr.Kenndy. Also Rey got screwed thanks to Chavo. Undertaker beats the Big Show. It was so crazy I thought someone would be in trouble. Also Finlay defeats Regal. Helms defeats Hardy (no crap). London & Kendrick had to defeand their tag team titles against the Pitbulls. At least London & Kendrick won the match. I couldn't believe there was a faital Four Way Bra and Panties Match for the Divas. At least Ashley won the match. Gee, how much will it take to be better next year?