WWE Pay-Per-View

Season 26 Episode 7

Money in the Bank 2010

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jul 18, 2010 on

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  • Four Main Events in this Ppv: Two Money in the Bank matches, plus Rey looks to defend his title, as John Cena looks to regain his title against Sheamus in a steel cage.

    Great ppv by the Wwe. This might the best ppv they had this year. The Money in the Bank turned out to be a great ppv with lots of surprises and high quality matches. There was a lot of trepidation when this Ppv was announced earlier in the year, but the Ppv delivered.

    We start of the Ppv with Smackdown Money in the Bank match.

    Lmao Big Show being buried in ladders was classic, or Kofi's legrop of the ladder, or Kane slamming Dirk off the ladder to outside. Everybody in the match had a chance to touch the briefcase.

    Everyone took a bump to show that they were really going to have to earn a win. Kane emerges as the victor in a stunning upset. Kane has been in these matches since they first began, and Kane always been under appreciated by the Wwe when guys like Hhh were hogging up titles in the fifteen years that Glen Jacobs has been beating his butt for the company. Kane finally gets reward for years of service by not only winning the Money in the Bank but later turning that in.

    Hart Dynasty vs. Usos

    David Hart takes out the Usos, but Usos battle back and almost knock him out. Tyson comes in to make a save, but David is still out there being double teamed.

    Eventually, he makes the tag. Tyson is able to deliver, but Usos take him out. Then David comes in to finish off the match. Rey Mysterio vs. Jack Swagger Rey was already injured prior to the match which was
    a hint of him dropping the title. Swagger dominates him, but Rey comes out with a counter to barely pull out the win.

    Kane comes out to cash in his Money in the Bank and easily beats Rey for the win. A great moment.

    Glen deserves it, this is a guy that has put everybody over, and doesn't get rewarded very much.

    Kane as a Wwe champion is a long time coming. Hopefully, the company doesn't screw him over like they did in 98.

    Raw Money in the Bank While Smackdown Money in the Bank was decent, this one was totally of the charts!!! Everybody in this match literally poured their bodies into it

    They go to work on Mark Henry ala Big Show trying to eliminate the toughest competition.

    Dibiase takes out competition with ladder then Mark throws the ladder at Miz then squashes him on the ropes. Payback for Monday night. Then Chris takes out Mark with ladder.

    A lot of hard shots already in the first few minutes. Evan Bourne is the first to touch the ladder, he takes out Edge with a hurricara then Randy takes out Evan with that devastating Ddt. Morrison fights Randy, then throws Dibiase and
    Miz face first onto the ladder. Wow

    Edge and Morrison fight on one ladder while Chris and Randy fight on the second ladder. Then Mark comes out to break the party and shoves both ladders to the floor.

    Great stuff.

    There was so much action in this match it was fantastic.

    Morrison gets a shot briefcase, but Edge catches and sets him up chest first on the ladder. Then a real punishing scene with Edge and Miz dropping ladders on him with Edge finally dumping stomach first on another ladder.

    Last minutes of the match, Randy Orton looks like he'll win as he grabs the briefcase. The Miz cuts him off and wins the match.

    Miz actually cries showing the win which shows how much he wanted this moment. Great match. A bit of a surprise ending even though the Miz has come off strong the last couple of months, don't think nobody expected him to get this title opportunity.

    John Cena vs. Sheamus Great match. Cena actually sold to Sheamus throughout the match.

    John has pretty much proved by this point that he can carry anyone to a good match. Sheamus and him have had a very entertaining feud.

    John and Sheamus give a battle here. One of the highlights had to be John carrying Sheamus on his back trying to get out of the cage. Nobody really want to get out of the cage.

    They made the match very personal and each guy took everything the other guy gave him.

    The Nexus eventually comes out to screw Cena over again. Cena takes out the Nexus guys while Sheamus runs for the hills luckily still being the champion.

    This was a solid ppv with a lot of high quality matches. A couple of surprises here with guys that earned their opportunities for title shots.

    The Ppv came off very polished and it my opinion will probably be one of the better Ppvs of the year.