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WWE Pay-Per-View

Season 23 Episode 1

New Year's Revolution 2007

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 07, 2007 on
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New Year's Revolution 2007
WWE Champion John Cena vs Umaga(managed by Armando Estrada) for the WWE Title.
D-Generation X (Triple H and Shawn Michaels) vs Rated-RKO (Randy Orton and Edge).
Intercontinental Champion Jeff Hardy vs
Johnny Nitro(managed by Melina) in a Steel Cage Match for the IC Title.
Women's Champion Mickie James vs. Victoria for the Womens title
Ric Flair vs Kenny Dykstra
Carlito(managed by Torrie Wilson) vs. Chris Masters
Tag Team Turmoil: Highlanders vs Charlie Hass & Shelton Benjamin vs Super Crazy & Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch vs Cryme Tymemoreless

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  • WWE New Years. What????

    This is starting to get bad for the WWE. They can't keep consistantly givuing a huge push to someone by just having them brutaly beat Cena week after week then lose in a pay per view. Let HHH beome the new Champ. That brings me to my next point... DX vs. RKO. C'mon Let DX go back to pulling toilet humor jokes on McMahon itwasfrom the ring and in the locker room and it stole attention which is what WWE needs. Carlito and Masters was a filler match. Hardy and Nitro. hmpp!!! You can't have an extreme wrestler (Jeff Hardy) in a extreme match (Hell in a Cell) and just have Nitro fall on the door and lose. Especially on PPV.moreless
  • this was good PPV

    well here are the results and what ithought about them.

    IC championship(cage match) jeff hardy def nitro.

    this was a good match. nitro came close to winning but then jeff push the cage door and nitro fell on his balls. HAHAHAHA!!

    five team turmiol match_ cryme tyme def four other team. i didn't really like that match.

    kenny def ric flair.

    WHAT! kenny cheated again. i hate him.

    women's championship- mickie def victoria.

    WOW! i like that match. victoria ask melina to help her then she did. i thought victoria was going to win but then candice and maria came out to help mickie then mickie hit victoria hard with that DDT. then she won.

    masters def carlto

    didn't like that match.

    DX vs rated RKO (NO contest)

    what a match DX messed up rated RKO. rated RKO deserved it. also triple H suffered a knee injury and can't wrestle for 6 months.

    WWE championship-john cena def umaga.

    YES! YIPPE!! john cena won and retained his title. umaga was winning then cena rolled him up and got the pin. yes cena won. yes.

    i like this PPV but two of the matches should have did better.moreless
  • No belts changed hands and the matches were sloppy.

    If anyone didn't notice no belts changed hands even though there was a great chance for them to. The Hardy/Nitro match was pretty good just not high flying enough to be interesting. People don't like the two for their looks, they like them for their daring moves.

    The Tag Team Turmoil match was pretty interesting even though when I heard who was in it I was pretty concerned. Murdoch and Cade? Cryme Time? The Highlanders?? Hacksaw and Super Crazy??? These guys should be on Heat not on Raw. Shelton and Charlie are amazing as Worlds Greatest Tag Team. But they get beaten by Murdoch and Cade??? What's up with that? But still a good ending even though I was pulling for WGTT.

    Ric vs Kenny was a pretty good match in my mind only because Kenny is a great competitor. I hope they play him up more often because he deserves some hype. They just need to find him a face so he can flex his heelness. He just isnt cocky and bad enough. Good match, because Flair got beat and Im sick of an old man like Flair trying to still be relevant.

    Victoria vs Mickie was a good match. Im never really a fan of Women's Matches because they are usually low impact and boring and mostly T&A but I do LOOOOOVE Mickie James and Victoria is a pretty good competitor. Widow's Peak is one amazing move! But she never gets it off and Mickie never gets to really do much. It's a lack luster match.

    Now onto the DX vs Rated RKO match. People are complaining that they didnt get the belts or that the match wasnt amazing toward the end. Did you SEE HHH in horrible pain? Still doing moves while horribly in pain. As soon as he did that drop you could tell he was injured as he slumped over Randy Orton. Then you can hear the ref talking to HHH asking him if hes okay and then giving the crossed hand signal which has got to mean he's hurt. Im guessing DX was supposed to beat Rated RKO and grab the belts but because HHH is hurt they def didnt want to give DX the belts since he's probably going to be out for awhile. 4-6 months that is. Shawn Michaels stepped up and took it to DX while also instructing HHH on what to do so he didn't risk further injury. I would say its a hard match to watch because HHH is in horrid pain and trying to figure a way out of that thing but still has to please the crowd. That's why he's The Game and they give him primo story lines. Yes the ending was confusing because they didnt know what to do. All the work into the storyline and further storylines is now gone. DX gone. Belts gone. Now they have about 3 mins to figure out an end before HHH gets even more injured and cant finish the match. Congrats on finishing the match and I hope he has a speedy recovery.

    Carlito vs Masters was a good match. Hard to come out and make it happen when something bad just happened but they did make it interesting. I DID think that the ending was kind of lame and boring but it still was a technical showdown and they did have a hot girl waiting at Carlitos side. Thats always a plus.

    Cena vs Umaga was a very good fight in my mind. The only thing for me is that Cena never locked in the STFU or the FU. He acted like it was impossible for him to lift Umaga but as someone else stated Big Show is much larger in tallness and weight but I guess thats too much to ask from the Champ. The match was all Umaga but Cena turned it around and very quickly pinned Umaga. I think it needed more thrill and bigger moves. At least he brought out the "you can't see me" or else that would have been a sort of boring match in terms of Cena's abilities.

    All and all a good pay per view but the matches were not that strong. The storylines just dont seem strong enough to warrant a big pay per view and I would be sort of regretting paying 40 dollars for it. But I got it for free so it was all good in my mind.moreless
  • "I will have the strength of 1000 men, lighting will strike from my a** and Umaga will say his first words "Ooogabaaeluga"-John Cena

    this was good

    im pretty pissed that degeneration x ( shawn michaels and triple h ) didnt pin rated rko and become the new raw world tag team champions

    im glad they did what they did but atleast pin them

    that would of been mighty fine

    and im glad cena won

    umaga sucks and im glad hge lost

    but kenny dykstra ( former spirit saud meber ) beating the nature boy ric flair is a fluke, and the master peice cgris masters beating carlito wit his hot girl friend torrie wilson was a fluke to

    but cryme tyme hit tnt ( lance cade and trevor murdoch ) with the g9 for the win and a future title shot

    but today ( 1/ 8 / 07 ) is rosey odonell (yokozuna) versus donald trump

    should be goodmoreless
  • Decent PPV

    Going into this ppv i was disappointed that there was no elimination chamber match as they have had every year at this ppv, instead they wasted it on the crappy ecw ppv, but thats a whole other story. This ppv was decent and i will go through a match by match short review with results

    Jeff Hardy def. Johnny Nitro

    solid match with alot of semi-high spots, unfortunately there was never that big high spot everyone wanted which was the swonton off the top, but thats ok it was a very solid match or a cage match, which sometimes are very boring. I like the ending and i thought it was performed very flawlessly

    Cryme Tyme wins Tag Team turmoil

    Surprisingly this match was given a ton of time, and i enjoyed it alot, in my opinion it may have been the best match of the night, each tag team was given the proper amount of time for a match and it was alot of good action, the only thing i didnt understand is why WGTT lost to cade and murdock, so they didnt end up fighting cryme time, that didnt make sense, but overall it was a good match

    Kenny Dykstra def ric flair

    Solid match, nothing too special, but solid. Kenny looks pretty impressive, hopefully they will build his character into something good so he can be a maineventer someday (prob soon). He hasnt been doing his top rope leg drop recently which sucks, but hopefully he will pull that out soon. Kenny wins by cheating, thus continuing this feud through the royal rumble

    Mickie James def Victoria

    Pre-match we see victoria ask melina for help saying that they can take over raw together, should be interesting to see where that leads, if the storyline is continued. I found this match really sloppy and boring, it felt like they were moving in slow motion the whole time

    DX no contest with Rated RKO

    i know alot of people enjoyed this match, but it just didnt do it for me. I dont know if it was just me or what but i wasnt into it. The end was really sloppy, that may partially be due to HHH tearing his quad again but still it was sloppy. The sloppiness was highlighed by Orton about to hit HHH with a chair, but it appeared he was too late as HHH was already doing the pedigree, so orton just turned around and ran out of the ring with the chair looking like a fool. I liked the double table spot, but to call a no contest from there just made no sesne. Myself and my friends who were watching with me were so confused as to who was champ and who won or what happened. The announcers seemed comfused too as they did not say anything about it. DX even looked confused themselves as they grabbed the belts and then dropped them so no one knows who won, idk it was just a mess

    Masters def. Carlito

    I was surprised they put this match here rather than the womens match. This is the cool down match for the crowd before the main even and i was upset to see carlito in there. It was a ok match, with masters cheating to win, i guess hes going to be staying on raw for the time being and not going to ecw

    Cena def Umaga

    Finally someone beats umaga, so we will soon see if he will last with a loss on his record, hopefully he will because i have grown to like him. But anyway it was a decent match, nothing special, nothing that you can see on raw every week, but it was a decent match. Cena wins with a rollup since he can lift umaga for a FU (funny since he did it to the big show several times, but he must not remember that)

    Overall it was a decent ppv and i dont regret ordering itmoreless

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    • Todd Grisham: Please welcome my guest at this time, ladies and gentlemen, the WWE Champion John Cena. John, tonight you attempt to do something that no one else has been able to do. Be it Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Kane, the list goes on and on. No one has been able to defeat Umaga. Now it's clear the samoan bulldozer wants some, will he get some?
      John Cena: I see what your trying to do, this is the prematch interview, you want me to talk a little trash and hype up the match, right?
      Todd: Um, yeah sure.
      John Cena: Okay, okay, here it goes. Tonight, the the irresistable force meets the immovable object, in one corner, the undefeated Umaga, in the next, the WWE Champion John Cena. Somethings got to give. There can only be one. I will hit the ring with the strength of a thousand men. Lightning will shoot from my butt, and when the dust settles, Umaga will say his first words, "I just got the crap beat out of me". Is that what you were looking for?
      Todd: That was pretty good.
      John Cena: Yeah, that was good but it's not the truth. You see the truth is, tonight I face a man who's never been pinned. Tonight I face a man who's never been forced to submit, a man thats almost never been in danger, a man who's never left his feet. Tonight, my opponent is a man who has decimated every little thing in his path. And how, unfortunately for me, has his sight set on the WWE Championship. What the hell you want me to do, tell him no? Go hide under a rock, hold out the WWE Championship and say "Hey take it man, just don't hurt me"? No. Tonight, I'm going to do the only thing I know how to do. You see, Todd, I'm not undefeated. I'm not unstoppable, but everybody out there knows I am proud to call myself the WWE Champion. There's people like you and Estrada who say "Umaga's untouchable, Umaga's got an undefeated streak a mile long". Well I say nothing last forever, nothing is impossible and I say nothing will stop me from fighting like hell and walking out of Kansas City the WWE Champion!
      (John Cena salutes)

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    • Vince McMahon alluded to a feud that Rosie O' Donald and Donald Trump are having by supposedly scheduling a match between the two at the next night's Raw.