WWE Pay-Per-View

Season 23 Episode 1

New Year's Revolution 2007

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 07, 2007 on



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    • Todd Grisham: Please welcome my guest at this time, ladies and gentlemen, the WWE Champion John Cena. John, tonight you attempt to do something that no one else has been able to do. Be it Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Kane, the list goes on and on. No one has been able to defeat Umaga. Now it's clear the samoan bulldozer wants some, will he get some?
      John Cena: I see what your trying to do, this is the prematch interview, you want me to talk a little trash and hype up the match, right?
      Todd: Um, yeah sure.
      John Cena: Okay, okay, here it goes. Tonight, the the irresistable force meets the immovable object, in one corner, the undefeated Umaga, in the next, the WWE Champion John Cena. Somethings got to give. There can only be one. I will hit the ring with the strength of a thousand men. Lightning will shoot from my butt, and when the dust settles, Umaga will say his first words, "I just got the crap beat out of me". Is that what you were looking for?
      Todd: That was pretty good.
      John Cena: Yeah, that was good but it's not the truth. You see the truth is, tonight I face a man who's never been pinned. Tonight I face a man who's never been forced to submit, a man thats almost never been in danger, a man who's never left his feet. Tonight, my opponent is a man who has decimated every little thing in his path. And how, unfortunately for me, has his sight set on the WWE Championship. What the hell you want me to do, tell him no? Go hide under a rock, hold out the WWE Championship and say "Hey take it man, just don't hurt me"? No. Tonight, I'm going to do the only thing I know how to do. You see, Todd, I'm not undefeated. I'm not unstoppable, but everybody out there knows I am proud to call myself the WWE Champion. There's people like you and Estrada who say "Umaga's untouchable, Umaga's got an undefeated streak a mile long". Well I say nothing last forever, nothing is impossible and I say nothing will stop me from fighting like hell and walking out of Kansas City the WWE Champion!
      (John Cena salutes)

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    • Vince McMahon alluded to a feud that Rosie O' Donald and Donald Trump are having by supposedly scheduling a match between the two at the next night's Raw.