WWE Pay-Per-View

Season 24 Episode 7

Night of Champions 2008

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jun 29, 2008 on

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  • Night of Champions, where every title is defended. How does it fair? Let's see:

    WWE Tag Team Championship
    John Morrison and The Miz (c) def. Finlay and Hornswoggle - **
    Thank GAWD. I shudder to think what the hell would've happened if those 2 were to dethrone Miz and Morrison. Finlay I wouldn't have minded as a champion, but Hornswoggle? Didn't they learn anything from his Cruiserweight title run? I guess not. Finlay did his usual stuff, Miz and Morrison looked good, Hornswoggle was the annoying midget that needs to get the hell off of my TV and I'm glad he took the pin in the match.

    United States Championship
    Matt Hardy (c) def. Chavo Guerrero w/Bam Neeley - **
    Much like the tag title match, WWE haven't learn anything from past mistakes. Take Chavo Guerrero. He was tag team champion 3 times with his late uncle Eddie, feuded with Rey Mysterio, apart of La Familia on SmackDown........and he can't get over. Plus he's Cruiserweight championship material, and yes, that includes the ECW title as well. With his failed feud with Chris Benoit when he was the U.S. champion, WWE puts him in another U.S. title match........only to lose. Joy. They are running out of ideas with Chavito, aren't they? Much like the tag title match as well, nothing special here.

    ECW Championship
    Mark Henry def. Kane (c) and Big Show - *3/4
    Look at the entrance-way. They used the Cruiserweight title design, erased the writing on it and replaced with the letters E-C-W. Goes to show how much they care for that title, huh? Also, what do you get when you put 3 obesed men in the ring? A slow, prolonged, boring triple threat title match. That's what you get. Mark Henry pins Kane to become the ECW champion......and here's predicting a lot of idiots saying that the big guy is only champion because of the Michael Hayes incident.

    World Tag Team Championship
    Ted Dibiase Jr and Cody Rhodes (c) def. Hardcore Holly (c) - DUD
    GAWD this PPV is sucky right now. Not only do we have new tag team champions with a somewhat predictable heel turn from Cody Rhodes, we get more filth. Nice.

    Intercontinental Championship
    Kofi Kingston def. Chris Jericho (c) w/Lance Cade - **1/4
    Lack of build-up and care for the Intercontinental title killed this match for me. We have a new champion after a predictable interference by Shawn Michaels, but another one of Jericho's whiny, abused housewife promos as well. Nothing special in this match either other than some weak "boring" chants.

    Women's Championship
    Mickie James def. Katie Lea Burchill w/Paul Burchill - *1/2
    Worst match of the night in my opinion. At least Kane did something in his title match, this one wasn't all that good at all. Next match........

    World Heavyweight Championship
    Edge (c) def. Batista - ***1/4
    Oh wow, the first match to break the 2-star barrier. In any event, this was a good match between the Rated-R superstar and Batista. And of course, will the real Batista PLEASE WORK tonight? Which he did, just a bit. And of course, we know that with any match regarding Edge, he must rely heavily on his stable full of jobbers to beat Batista. Which is what happened. Well with Edge retaining and Batista gone to Raw, let this be his final title shot please? Please?

    WWE Championship
    Triple H (c) def. John Cena - ****
    GREAT match between the 2 and MOTY candidate for the WWE. And people say Cena must be carried to these kind of matches, yeah right. Fans were behind both men, the chemistry was there, the momentum shifts were great, I was on the edge of my seat. And the ending (SWERVE) saw Cena pinned clean, so don't get your panties soiled Cena haters should he win the belt back.

    God Damn, this PPV sucked. Worst PPV the WWE has put on right now for the year. While having all of the titles on the line on one card looks good on paper, lack of build-up and care killed this PPV completely. Plus the matches felt thrown together just to make a card, much like LAST year's Night of Champions. So if anything, kill this PPV.