WWE Pay-Per-View

Season 24 Episode 11

No Mercy 2008

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 05, 2008 on

Episode Recap

ECW Champion Matt Hardy defeated Mark Henry with the twist of fate

Women's Champion Beth Phoenix defeated Candice Michelle after hitting her finisher

Rey Mysterio defeated Kane by Disqualification when Kane used a chair

MVP is talking to someone on the phone complaining about why he isn't booked on the PPV tonight. He knocks on Vickie Guerrero's door and Big Show answers. MVP said he needed to see Vickie. Big Show asked if he wanted to bother her tonight after she was attacked by The Undertaker. Big Show leaves slamming the door in MVP's face.

MVP walks out. He said he can't understand why he isn't booked for No Mercy tonight. Randy Orton's music then hits to cut him off. Orton gets on the mic and said he doesn't believe they have met and refers to himself as the real MVP of WWE. He asks MVP if he has asked himself why this happens every month. He said it is hard to do well when he isn't given the ball. Orton said the last time MVP was "given the ball" was at WrestleMania and the difference is he won at WrestleMania and MVP lost. MVP said he isn't on Raw and doesn't work for Mike Adamle, so he could knock out Orton. World Tag Team Champions Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase Jr. and Manu then walk out. Cody has the mic and asks if MVP is actually offended with what Orton said. A loud "BORING" chant starts up. Cody says, "Excuse me." The fans boo. Cody said Orton is the guy who graduated high school, but never went to college and is trying to stay cool. He said Orton needs to coast on his reputation because it is all he has. Orton said you should ask CM Punk if he is coasting on his reputation. Manu grabs the mic and said he only got that opportunity because of what they did. Orton said he can see they are trying real hard to impress him and once they accomplish half of what he has, then he may start to take them more seriously. Orton leaves the ring and MVP gets on the mic saying there he goes, the WWE's so called MVP and coming to a WWE ring sometime in 2012. MVP compliments Cody, Ted and Manu and Ted cuts him off. Ted said MVP isn't even in there class. MVP said he makes more money then all three of them combined. Ted reminds MVP that his father was The Million Dollar Man and he hasn't had to worry about money ever. He adds that maybe they will see MVP at the next PPV he is kept off of. MVP grabs the mic and said he won't forget this heading up the ramp. CM Punk's music hits and Punk walks out with Kofi Kingston. Punk stops MVP from leaving and talks him into joining them right now. All three run down and Punk and Kofi stop as MVP takes the beating. Punk and Kofi stand back laughing as MVP gets thrown out. Punk and Kofi hit the ring clearing house on Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase. MVP then takes out Manu at ringside. Punk and Kofi walk up the ramp smiling.

Batista defeated JBL with the Batista Bomb

After the match, In the ring, JBL asks for a mic and says, "This has been the most unbelievable week of my life." He said he thought he would beat Batista tonight, move on to face Jericho or Michaels and win the World Title again. JBL said he has to be honest with his fans because that is why they love him. He said this hurts to say, but his heart wasn't in this match tonight. JBL said after the week on Wall Street that this has been the most traumatic week of his life. He said he is the happiest most blessed man alive and thanks Congress for bailing him out. JBL said it could cost everyone $10,000 per household, but so be it. He thanks Senator Obama and Senator McCain for keeping money in his pocket. JBL ends it saying, "God bless you all, God bless America and most of all God bless me!" Now that is a heel promo folks. Looks like we aren't done when Cryme Tyme's music hits. Shad said since the taxpayers bailed him out, they would bail out his limo tonight and invite some WWE Divas to join them. Sgt. Slaughter even shows up smiling and gets in the limo. Ending with JTG and Shad doing the "Money, Money" lines.

Big Show defeated Undertaker by knockout

WWE Champion Triple H defeated Jeff Hardy

World Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho defeated Shawn Michaels (Ladder Match)

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