WWE Pay-Per-View

Season 21 Episode 3

No Way Out 2005

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 20, 2005 on

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  • Not a good one...

    This was not a very good pay per view, it was pretty dull, nothing important happened.

    WWE Tag Team Championship Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio defeated the Basham Brothers for the Tag Team Titles.

    Terrible just terrible, boring match, Bashams should never be involved in a pay per view. 3/10

    Booker T defeated Heindenreich by DQ

    Another bad match, this was when Smackdown was starting to get bad. I like Heidenreich
    more than Booker T, I used to like Booker but he's become boring. 5/10

    WWE Cruserweight Championship
    Chavo Guerrero defeated Paul London, Shannon Moore, Spike Dudley, Akio, and Cruiserweight
    Champ Funaki.

    I never like matches that have Cruiserweights
    involved, and this was no exception.4/10

    The Undertaker defeated Luther Reigns

    Bad, even 'Taker was bad, and Luther Reigns is
    just terrible. 2/10

    John Cena defeated Kurt Angle to become the number one contender for the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania.

    Pretty good match, one of the best of the night
    Cena just would'nt tap. 6/10

    Joy Giovanni won a "Rookie Diva" award.

    Not bad, anything with divas is good. 7/10

    WWE Championship
    WWE Champion J.B.L defeated The Big Show in a barbed wire steel cage match

    Pretty good match, best of the night. Ending was good. 7.5/10

    It was'nt to good, one of the worst.

  • Only 2 good matches

    Watch for: the opening Tag match and the Cena/Angle match, everything else is forgetful.
    The main event is boring but the ending is differant.

    Star Ratings

    The Basham Brothers vs. Eddie Guerrero & Rey Mysterio *** 1/4

    Booker T vs. Hidenreich DUD

    Funaki vs. Paul London vs. Akio vs. Chavo Guerrero vs. Spike Dudley vs. Shannon Moore *3/4

    The Undertaker vs. Luther Regins *1/2

    John Cena vs. Kurt Angle ***3/4

    JBL vs. The Big Show *1/4