WWE Pay-Per-View

Season 24 Episode 6

One Night Stand 2008

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jun 01, 2008 on

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  • One Night Stand was a disappointment to me and other than the Diva's match I saw no other wrestling.

    WWE stands for World Wrestling Entertainment and there were two very notable things missing, Wrestling and Entertainment. Although there was some wrestling on display the only match which contained any was the Diva's match and that was not a bad match. Jeff Hardy and Umaga just gave each other a few slaps all the way to the outside and then you could easily see how fake Jeff's senton bomb was. I could even see the mat on rollers hiding away.

    Batista, HBK, Cena and JBL I found extremely boring as nothing real happened in their matches either. Big Show on the other hand snapped after his head got split open on the metal step he was carrying. Watching him cane the other wrestlers with a kendo stick which truthfully doesn't really hurt that much was fun to watch. But it didn't last long and thank god for that.

    I also found Triple H and Orton's match rather boring. That also seemed to end quickly after Orton cracked his shoulder on the mat. You could see him trying to deal with the pain of it, but he couldn't and I can certainly understand why. I hope he makes a quick recovery but knowing that this is the second time he has had problems with that shoulder might indicate that Orton might have to cut his career short if the problems continue.

    The final match of the evening again saw no wrestling but it saw a lot of tables, ladders and chairs. Being that it was a TLC match. What those two go through by putting their bodies through that carnage is simply amazing. But the things that kind of annoy me are how they set all the things up. Obviously they had planned this match out before it start... There was too much order and with Edge getting help from his stable team La Familia, Undertaker was in line to loose and leave WWE.

    Even for an Extreme Rules night as the WWE had set out there was no wrestling from any of the male stars. The two Diva's put the rest of the roster to shame. You could see the fake and the choreographed from Hardy, Umaga to the TCL match. Randy Orton and Paul "Big Show" Wright both got injured showing that not all goes to plan. This show is far from the basics of wrestling and the truth is easy to see. The WWE has lost its way…
  • One Night Stand 2008

    Falls Count Anywhere Match
    Jeff Hardy vs. Umaga
    I thought this match was pretty disappointing. It was just a brawl around the arena, with nothing special happening. There was one cool spot with Hardy sliding down a railing. The ending was terrible, where Hardy climbed a truck, kicked Umaga down and hit a swanton to the "concrete" with the camera view being blocked. When the camera finally moved in the safety padding they used was in sight.
    Match Rating: 5/10

    Singapore Cane Match
    Tommy Dreamer vs. John Morrison vs. CM Punk vs. Big Show vs. Chavo Guerrero
    This should have been the opener, as it was fast paced and was always fun to watch. Show dominates early on, but is taken out when he bleeds hard way because of the steel steps. There were some nice spots, such as a tower of doom from the normal sized men, and a cross body over the top ropes from morrison reversed into a sick cane shot from Show. Big Show ends up getting the win pinning Dreamer.
    Match Rating: 7/10

    First Blood Match
    JBL vs. John Cena
    This wasn't the hardcore match I expected. It was mainly a slower paced, back and forth brawl. It wasn't bad, it just wasn't very fun to watch. I would choose their match at Judgment Day over this. I also think they could have had a better ending, instead of having JBL bleed from his mouth during an STFU with a chain. The match was pretty stiff, but I think it could have been better
    Match Rating: 6/10

    I Quit Match
    Melina vs. Beth Phoenix
    This was a very different "I Quit Match", as it was more like a submission match, and there was no house mic for the laides to speak into, they would just tap out, or tell the ref they'd quit. At the same time it was a better than average woman's match. They reversed plenty of ground based submissions. I was into it a lot more than the crowd, and the JR & The King as well. Phoenix makes Melina tap in what was a painful looking hold.
    Match Rating: 6/10

    Stretcher Match
    Batista vs. Shawn Michaels
    My favorite match so far, as both men put a lot into the match. I also like Jericho's part in the match, as you couldn't really tell who we was pulling for. It was pretty violent, and back and forth between the two, until Batista starts to dominate, and work on Michael's back. After one Batista bomb, Batista tells Shawn "he doesn't love him, and hes not sorry", as a reference to Michales to flair at Wrestlemania, and hits a second. In the end, Batista hits a spinebuster on the steel steps for the win. Pretty brutal
    Match Rating: 7.5/10

    Last Man Standing Match for the WWE Championship
    Triple H vs. Randy Orton
    This match could have been awesome, like their main event at No Mercy, but it was cut short due to Randy breaking his collarbone about 10 minutes into the match. Everything was going pretty well before it though, but it ended prematurely, with a weak sledgehammer shot from Hunter. Orton tried to sell it, but his shoulder was the only thing being sold.
    Match Rating: 6/10

    Tables, Ladder & Chairs Match for the World Heavyweight Championship The Undertaker vs. Edge
    The stipulation to the match was that if Undertaker loses he is banished from the WWE, which we know now isn't true because he just beat Edge in a Hell In The Cell match at Summerslam. Anyways this was a plain awesome main event. There weren't too many spots to take away from the actual match, but there were enough to make it entertaining. Even the interference added to the match, as it made it more of a nail biter. It seemed like Undertaker had the win once again, but Edge knocked him off the ladder through four tables and got the win. Taker got a standing ovation for his effort, and it would have been a respectable end to his career.
    Match Rating: 8/10

    One Night Stand was a solid pay per view, with no bad matches. The opener could have been better, but the rest of the card was decent to awesome. This is worth the money and is a good buy
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