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  • Awesome.

    I've always liked WWE, since i was about 5, so I had to put this in here. The best, probably everyone will agree is Wrestle Mania 17 (Or X-7), but I like Wrestle Mania 10 a bit better, not that I don't like Wrestle Mania X-7. My favourite match ever in PPV history is probably Sabu vs Rey Mesterio at ECW One Night Stand 2006. Then Bret vs Owen at Wrestle Mania 10. My favourite PPV's are the Royal Rumble's. I love them, they are just very entertaining. My dad has all of the PPV'S up until 2005, he orders all of them.
    I love them.
  • A fun 3-Hrs

    WWF or WWE has always been a favorite of mine. Even though not all their PPVs are the greatest they are still a fun time to spend especially when there is nothing to do. Some of my Favorite Pay-per-views of all time are the early ones. I don't always order them due to money issues but I do when I can. I think they should lower the price of the ppv to $24.95 and only do eight of them a year, or at the very least don't charge the same for the webcast as you do for the PPV. OH YEAH !!!!!
  • Confusing, but I liked it...

    I have been a fan of wrestling since I was a young girl. I have been looking forward to this for a long time and I thought that Vince would make a big deal out of this WrestleMania considering that this was it's 25th Anniversary...not so. They did more for the Hollywood WrestleMania than this one. It was nice that they started out the night with the MITB match. However, I am not sure about Punk winning again. MVP or Christian would have been a better choice. I know alot of people do not like Kid Rock, but I enjoyed the show. The crowd was dead though.

    The Diva match...what a shame, Santina??? This shows what the company really thinks of the women wrestlers that work for them as a whole.

    Too bad the Jericho/Legends match had not been booked right, but for what it was, it came out ok. Steamboat gave a great performance for his age. I know many did not like it, but I enjoyed Rourke hitting Jericho. Rourke has a great boxing background and could had really hurt him if he really wanted to.

    Hardy/Hardy match...it was a good match, Jeff put out more than Matt. I figured Matt would get the win, but all in all a solid match.

    By this time I am wondering where was match to unify the Tag Team Titles? I found out later that they had it BEFORE the PPV went on the air. This shows me how much the company values the tag team division. JBL vs Rey Mysterio...this was a very strange match. I think the match itself lasted less than 25 seconds? Then JBL quits afterwards? I won't miss JBL, he was not a favorite of mine, but this was really sloppy.

    Undertaker vs. HBK...What can I say? I love the Undertaker, he is my all-timer favorite wrestler. These two put on a match that is worth watching over and over again, and certain parts in slow-motion. The dive that the Undertaker took and landed outside the ring that also took down a camera man was sick. These two men fought and fought and put on such a show that you almost did not want it to end. But it did, with the Undertaker winning!

    Cena/Big Show/Edge....all in all, I really did not care who won this match. They did put on a good show, and the lift that Cena did at the end was great...Cena wins the belt.

    Triple H vs. Orton--title match...for all the build up of Orton as a heel, I really thought that they would keep him there, but no, Hunter won the match. So where does that place Orton? What was all that build-up for? To make him the top heel in the company and then shut him down? Does not make sense...

    All in all, a great PPV...
  • cool

    i liked when montel vontavios porter lost to a 16 time world champ 2-time world wrestling champ and1-time intercontinetal champ and 5- time united states champion kiss stealing wheeling dealing limosine ridin jet flying sun of a gun
    or when john cena came in number 30 in the royal rumble or when the undertaker came in and number 2 shawn michaels and 3 was santino marrela and 4 was the great khali and 5 was hardcore holly and rest was batista john morrison tommy dreamer triple h kane the super fly jimmy snuka roddy piper hornswaggle big daddy v chuckm palumbo jamie noble cm punk cody rhodes umaga the miz snitsky shelton benjamin kane carlito mick foley mr.kennedy finlay chavo guerrero mark henry elijah burke.
  • WWE PPV is the only show for PPV fans. It has lots of good episodes.

    WWE PPV is the next level for entertainment. There are only a few bad PPV, like Judgement Day 2007. But it is pretty much one of the best series I have watched.

    The first good thing is that the action is unlimited. If you like action, order a PPV.

    I have never bought a PPV, but I will when I have enough money. WWE PPV!

    Next is the exciting drama and power. The power is the superstars.

    WWE PPV are the next level of entertainment. All brands compete in good matches. So get a PPV!

    WWE PPV are very good and will appeal to all people, any age.
    Get one today!
  • Wrestling PPV's are always classic-we aere more likely to remember a particular PPV then remember a particular Smackdown Raw or ECW. PPv are where rivalries begin, end, and whetre huge title matches are scheduled. They are the climax in WWE storylines.

    I love wrestling PPV's. I don't get to see them that much, but usually get to on DVD once they come out. My favorite PPV is Wrestlemainia. Wrestlemania is the most historic PPV, it broke the attendance record at Wrestlemaia 3, and the record satnds for indoor record today. Classic wrestlemania matches-Edge VS Foley in a hardcore match, Undertaker Vs Kane, undertaker VS mark henry in a casket match, Chris Benoit VS Triple H Vs Shawn Micheals in a triple threat match for the world heavyweight title, Andre the Giant against Hulk Hogan for the WWE Championship at wrestkemania three, where he slammed andre the Giant. Other great PPv include Survivor Series, Summerslam, new Years Revolution, and Armegeddon. Over the years, many cool matches were performed. Inferno Matches, Steel Cage matches, the one time Punjabi Prison Match, Ambulance Matches, Hardcore and No holds Barred Matches, Falls Count Anywhere, Last Man satnding, Table, Elimination Chamber, hell in a cell, I Quit, Ladder Matches, TLC matches, and many other cool matches.
  • We love the shows keep up the good works lets the games begain if the shows is for fun

    its fun to watch on a bad day or a loney day its real fun. but when you all start killing if it real the show stop here no killing its unGodly. look its so much you want me to say but this is all you going to get its fun fun i say no killing do i have to say more which i go no more to say
  • no se que e slo que voy a poner aqui pero no se que es lo que voy a poner entonces como quieren que escriba algo si no se que es lo que tengo que poner ahi

    ni aqui tampoco se lo que tengo que poner asi que no pienso poner nada, me encanta la lucha libre y quiero ver los torneos de lucha por aqui por internet para divertirme un rato y pasar el aburrimiento pero tengo que escribir cien palabras como si fuera tan facil hacer un libro, me gusta escuchar musica tambien pero me gusta mas la lucha libre sobretodo los torneos como royal rumble, no way out y los demas que se hacen en la wwf que ahora creo que cambió de nombre y se llama wwwe bueno chao y nos vemos despues
  • Well...it was one of the best royal rumbles..considering i only watched the royal rumble match...

    I only watch the royal rumble match and i can think of lots of things to say about it..

    The 1st person to be thown out of the ring: Kenny

    I thought that was funny..edge thew him out of the ring when he was doing that ric flair impresion..the look on his face was just Plain funny.

    Viseria: It took about 10 people to try and get him outta the ring..which was very funny for me.

    Finlay:Was impressive he lasted 1/2 of the match..

    Great khali:That was just plain crap..he thew alot of people outta the ring..until undertaker came.

    Rated RKO: if they helped each other until the last people in the ring..they will have to fight anyways.

    Sandman: Pathetic..wack..wack thown out of the ring.

    Booker T: Thew kane out..becuase he was owned..What a stupid child acting like a king..

    Miz: He just rushed And got thown out in 5 secounds even that.

    Shawn michals: Hardly done anything execpt a 5 min long match of getting owned by undertaker...

    Sabu: Got owned by getting smashed thew the table.

    In conclusion:

    Well...some good..some bad..Should of had a fair fight but not putting the great khali in it...

    Did not watch any other matchs.
  • wrestling!!! WWE!

    haha!!! i love this show very much because i love also wrestling and i watched it everyday and in the "jack TV"! wrestling is one of the best also for me because my favorite wrestler was John Cena!!! he's incredible and want to have an amazing muscles like my favorite wrestler!!! John Cena you're fabulous and i want you to win in WWE!!!i wanted to considered him a new bestfriend!!!
  • It is like a movie that showcases the effects of what is happening to RAW, Smackdown, and ECW. It is a great show and I would wanna watch the matches again especially when they are exciting. And after it is released history is done it is a certain classic

    It is like a movie that showcases the effects of what is happening to RAW, Smackdown, and ECW. It is a great show and I would wanna watch the matches again especially when they are exciting. And after it is released history is done it is a certain classic. Totally a show that you must see in whatever screen you would want to.
  • Bad.

    In my opinion, wrestling is stupid. Its pointless. Who wants to watch people fake fight? I know I sure don't. Wrestling can ruin your brain cells completely. I have never been into wrestling but my cousin is. I have been forced to play some of the video games and I admit its better than the show, but not that much better. I think I would rather play the game than watch people *fake* fight. Deny it all you want but it's 100% fake. I don't even know why its still on T.V. Oh well, I guess we all can't like the same shows and I am sorry to anyone I offended in this, but wrestling just isn't for me.
  • PPV's Rock!

    I love pay per views. They are so awsome and reflect rivalries that boil up from the beginning of the month and usually finish at the PPV. PPV's usually show the matches you'll never see during a usual episode of Raw, Smackdown, and ECW. One of my favorites is Unforgiven thanks to the Elimination Chamber. Another is Wrestlemania because its a start of a new year and the bogest changes always occur during them like that one year Trish started to hang out with Chris Jericho. Plus i hope to see John Cena at the next Wrestlemania. I just love to see PPV's.
  • wwe pay per views are when superstars have special atches sometimes end thier fueds.

    I think that superstars should expand their fued pass the pay per view to get more ratings. more ratings equals more money for the superstars which is good for the superstars. i would if i were a wrestler i would expand my fued so that the gm would give me a title shot for the wwe title or the world heavywieght title if i win then i would be on top of the world or i would go win the intercontinental title or the us title or the cruiserwieght title or the tag team titles or the world tag team titles if you have questions ask gecko55400
  • i love wwe pay per views im never disapointed watching them

    i love wwe pay per views i wish they would add more a year it,s hard to believe that there,s no pay per view in march i mean like leave us sitting before wrestlemania oh my god no plz dont do that to the wwe fanatics out there. royal rumble judment day summerslam survivor series no mercy and armageddon are my favorite wwe pay per views ever new years revolution and taboo tuesday are ok but they could use some work wwe was going to bring back king of the ring this year but theyre going to choose the king of the ring this sunday at the judment day pay per view.
  • No Way Out has got to be the best Smackdown! PPV in a long time

    After seeing the royal rumble bomb last month, No Way Out proved that when booked right, it can be an amazing show.

    Ok I will start by reviewing the show match by match.

    Cruiserweight Opening - 7.5/10 - Like at the Rumble, the cruiserweights put on a great show and I believe they did the right thing by keeping the title on Gregory Helms as he only just won it a month ago. There were no slow parts from what I could see and the entire match was interesting.

    JBL vs Lashley - 7/10 - I have got to tell you, it was alot better than I thought it would be. Both men gave it everything they had and the ending with Finlay interfering was a great way to let JBL get the win over Lashley who FINALLY ended his undefeated streak, However there were some slow parts during the match but overall deserves a 7/10.

    Batista Promo - The former World Champion Batista came back after surrendering the title last month due to a arm injury. It was great seeing him return to tell everyone that he is all better now and is getting closer towards returning to the ring. I for one am looking forward to his return. I can't really give it a rating as it is a promo, not a match.

    MNM vs Matt Hardy & Tanaka - 5/10 - Well this match was ok but I really thought that Matt's partner would be Road Warrior Animal but instead it was Tanaka which was ok. The match had its ups and downs and the crowd was pretty much dead for most of the match and that spoiled it alot.

    United States Champion Booker T vs Chris Benoit - 8.5/10 - First of the match was great and both men gave there very best. Booker T was still not 100% due to his injury from a few weeks back and that caused the match to be a little slow in some spots but still proved to be one of the best matches at the PPV. Benoit winning the US title from Booker T was the right thing to do and I hope Benoit can have good reign with it.

    Randy Orton vs Rey Mysterio - 8/10 - Now this match was very good but only recieved 8 due to the fact that Rey lost his shot to go to WrestleMania 22 and also the fact that they are using Eddie Guerrero in the storyline alot who passed away in November. So that was a downer but the match it self earned a 8/10.

    World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle vs Undertaker - 10/10 - This match was the match of the night by far and Kurt Angle and Undertaker put on one H*ll of a show. I would even rank the match as a possible contender for Match of the Year. There were no slow parts at all and i felt like if i left somthing big would happen and I would miss it. BRILLIANT is the only word I can say about this match. And I can say by the ending that we will see a REMATCH for the title very soon.

    Well overall the show would get about a 9/10 which is Very Good.

  • Mysterio wins!

    Only twice in history has the man who drew No. 1 gone on to win the Royal Rumble; never, however, had the man who started with him at No. 2 gone on to be victorious. In the 19th edition of the Rumble, that benchmark fell by the wayside, as No. 2 entrant Rey Mysterio went the distance to claim the main event of WrestleMania 22.

    As the match began, Mysterio and No. 1 entrant Triple H were paired off. The two battled back and forth until Simon Dean entered at No. 3. He immediately went after Rey, seemingly looking to Triple H for acceptance. Instead, The Game attacked Simon, and with a recovered Rey’s help, the unlikely allies tossed the fitness guru out of the match. No. 4 entrant Psicosis suffered the same fate, until Ric Flair entered the match at No. 5.

    Flair came in with fists flying, but the wily veteran made a rookie mistake by charging Triple H as he stood near the ropes. The Cerebral Assassin simply sidestepped the charge, and sent Flair crashing to the floor. As Rey lay beaten in the corner, the barrage continued as Big Show drew No. 6. Show hammered everything in sight, even eliminating No. 7 entrant Coach with a swat of his hand. When partner and fellow World Tag Team Champion Kane entered the match at No. 9, it seemed like the monstrous duo would conquer everyone.

    After teaming up to eliminate Lashley, Show & Kane surprised everyone by going after each other, leaving the beaten down Game and Mysterio to instead test themselves. However, as they leaned on the ropes attempting to chokeslam one another, Triple H came from behind and shoved both men out to the shock of the crowd.

    The match continued, with both Triple H and Mysterio continuing to defy the odds at every turn. Several men attempted to eliminate the No. 1 and 2 entrants, but were unable to get them out of the match. When Randy Orton came out as the final entrant, 14 men were left in the ring with a chance to go to the main event of WrestleMania, including the two men who began the match nearly one hour earlier.

    As the Rumble raged on, Shawn Michaels went on a run, causing the eliminations of MNM and Shelton Benjamin in succession to make it into the final six. At that point, Mr. McMahon’s music hit, and the WWE Chairman made his entrance. As HBK stared down the boss, Shane McMahon made a surprising appearance, attacking Michaels from behind and eliminating him from the match. An irate HBK flipped out, running back into the ring and nailing Triple H with Sweet Chin Music before chasing the McMahons to the locker room. After the returning Rob Van Dam eliminated Carlito, the final four of Van Dam, Orton, Mysterio and Triple H was set.

    RVD & Rey reprised their team, taking it to the former Evolution partners. However, as RVD went up to attempt the Frog Splash on Orton, Triple H shoved him down onto the top rope. Mysterio charged, but the Game launched him into RVD, sending Mr. Monday Night crashing to the floor.

    The Legend Killer and The Game then decided to team up on Mysterio, stacking the odds against him even further. Rey was able to thwart their efforts and hit a double 619, followed by the West Coast Pop on Orton. Orton and Triple H managed to retake the advantage, but as The Game tried to nail Rey with a spinebuster, he spun around and used a body scissors to send Triple H hurtling over the top. The Game could not believe it, and pulled Rey out of the ring. He sent Mysterio crashing into the steel steps in a fit of rage, then tossed him back into the ring, seemingly easy prey for a very fresh Legend Killer.

    Orton picked up the beaten Mysterio, and casually looked to slam him over the top. However, it was an overzealous burst of confidence on the part of the Legend Killer; as he attempted to toss Mysterio, Rey shifted his weight, grabbing Orton in a head scissors. Mysterio pulled, and as he hung on to the ropes, sent Orton over the top and to the floor to win the Royal Rumble Match.
  • In my opinion NYR sucks!!!!


    I didn't watch it LIVE, but then I went to my friend's home and I watch it, and I can say that the only 2 good matches of New Year's Revolution were the Elimination Chamber and the bout for the Women's Title (unbelievable, ah?), many matches were too long, like the boring Viscera vs. Benjamin and Helms vs. Lawler, and the bad Big Show vs. HHH.
    A very disappointed PPV as I was thinking.
  • WWE Pay-Per-View

    This show used to be great through the last 3 years until this year when it flopped. At the begining of this year it was O.K until the Draft Lottery. It just made things worse and turning nearly all the roster into a heel which is boring and nowadays there's too much yacking more than action. So I finally gave it up and switched to TNA which is much better. More action less yacking.
  • all your fave wrestling brands meet up on this extrodinary ppv event.

    This is a great show it is where you can order all your faves ppvs. It has cool fans and cool quotes. My personal fave ppv has gotta be royal rumble cuz i like the ring elimination thingamijig. I also remember the wrestlemania 20 where taker made a comeback and john cena retained his title.
  • Not quite as cool as it use to be.

    The WWE isn't as cool as it use to be. The pay-per-views isn't any different. The fact is, the pay-per-views are pretty lame now. They aren't worth the thirty dollars.

    All the matches are pretty predicatable. Their really just average matches, just prolonged with extra moves. Their are still some high lights however, like Shawn Micheals vs. Kurt Angle at wrestlemania. But for the most part, the matches are real lame.

    My main gripe with the pay-per-views though is that they spend to much time having segments. The pay-per-views are really no different than Raw or Smackdown. For the most part, they're just overhyped.
  • all of the ppvs are amazing

    Now everyones who's a wrestling fan knows that every single WWE PPV is all ways outstanding there might be a few cards on the show that dont really impress people but other then that the shows ratings go through the roof. NO one and I mean no one can top WWE in the sports entertainment business. What sport out there has made more money for venues and the WWE itself throughout the WWE\'s running time? . No sport thats what sport. Any ways thats my opinion or my review.

    holla at ya boy
  • The best wrestling show ever.

    WWE Raw, Smackdown, and any other payperview are teh best wrestling shows ever. People say it's fake but ot's only half fake because they use storylines to make the matches worth watching. But the matches are real. So watch the nesxt wwe raw or smackdown and i bet you won't be disapointed.
  • WWE Vengeance

    A cool show but at the hell in a cell i was the man that was ruding for HHH.
    I my self hate when there is no title chance and aperently the challengers where not good enough for the champions that perticepeted on this not realy to be rememberd PPV
  • cool

    i think they should bring him back. he is a great wrestler. he needs to carry on the hardy name. his brother just got fired from RAW. don't know why but he did. it really sucks. both of them were really good wrestlers. they should be reinstated, they need them back.
  • Vengance 2005 Carlito beat Benjamin Victorria beat Christy Kane beat Edge Shawn beat Kurt Cena beat Christian and Chris Batista Beat HHH

    This pay-per-view marked the best Hell in a Cell in the history of the match. They went to hell and only Batista came back. I was a little ticked when The "Barbed-wire chair" didnt have the points, but when batista spined-bust HHH onto the stairs it was awsome. The Cena match was ok but we all new he was going to retain his title. Edge and Kane made me happy because the old sadistic Kane returned and caused Hell fire and brinstone. I do believe Kurt's and Shawn's match lived up to Wrestlemania 21's match. The other two were Dull.
  • A wrestling ppv nothing more nothing less.

    The PPVs were great in 2001 and before but now they lost their excitment. They are always boring and predictable not worth $35 by any means and Wrestlemania is not worth $50 at all. It has some good matches but the rest are crappy. The wrestlemania main event featureed 2 really really crappy wrestlers. The storylines suck. The good wrestlers don't get the chance they deserve. If you are thinking of ordering a WWE ppv you might as well be putting you money in the trash.
  • WWE Vengeance 2005 looks like it is going to be off the chain.

    World Heavyweight Champion Batista vs. Triple H (Hell in a Cell)
    Kane vs. Edge (w/Lita)
    WWE Champion John Cena vs. Christian vs. Chris Jericho
    Kurt Angle vs. Shawn Michaels
    Intercontinental Champion Carlito vs. Shelton Benjamin Victoria vs. Christy. This is the final card for the upcoming PPV this sunday at viva las vegas. Batista vs HHH 3 should be a epic, it should be a power house kind of match, both of them so strong, but I have a feeling that the game HHH is going to regain the world title. "Mr money in the bank" Edge and Kane have had some boiled blood since Kanes former wife Lita stole his chance of getting a shot of the title, and helped Edge win and also aligning with the self proclaimed "Money in the sack", I have a feeling Edge is going to cheat to win in this one.
    Christian has been talking smack about Cena for a while now, but since Cena has come over to raw with the draft lottery he has devoloped a rivalry with captain charisma, and also add jericho into it and you will get one hell of a match, i see cena winning this one. The Dream match is a rematch, These two athletes pushed the envelope further when they put on a wrestling clinic at wrestlemania 21, Angle vs HBK 2 should be awesome, I expect HBK to win the rematch.
    Vengeance 2005 looks awesome and we will have to wait until this sunday if it can live up to our expectations.