WWE Pay-Per-View

Sunday 8:00 PM on Premiered Nov 07, 1985 In Season





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  • Confusing, but I liked it...

    I have been a fan of wrestling since I was a young girl. I have been looking forward to this for a long time and I thought that Vince would make a big deal out of this WrestleMania considering that this was it's 25th Anniversary...not so. They did more for the Hollywood WrestleMania than this one. It was nice that they started out the night with the MITB match. However, I am not sure about Punk winning again. MVP or Christian would have been a better choice. I know alot of people do not like Kid Rock, but I enjoyed the show. The crowd was dead though.

    The Diva match...what a shame, Santina??? This shows what the company really thinks of the women wrestlers that work for them as a whole.

    Too bad the Jericho/Legends match had not been booked right, but for what it was, it came out ok. Steamboat gave a great performance for his age. I know many did not like it, but I enjoyed Rourke hitting Jericho. Rourke has a great boxing background and could had really hurt him if he really wanted to.

    Hardy/Hardy match...it was a good match, Jeff put out more than Matt. I figured Matt would get the win, but all in all a solid match.

    By this time I am wondering where was match to unify the Tag Team Titles? I found out later that they had it BEFORE the PPV went on the air. This shows me how much the company values the tag team division. JBL vs Rey Mysterio...this was a very strange match. I think the match itself lasted less than 25 seconds? Then JBL quits afterwards? I won't miss JBL, he was not a favorite of mine, but this was really sloppy.

    Undertaker vs. HBK...What can I say? I love the Undertaker, he is my all-timer favorite wrestler. These two put on a match that is worth watching over and over again, and certain parts in slow-motion. The dive that the Undertaker took and landed outside the ring that also took down a camera man was sick. These two men fought and fought and put on such a show that you almost did not want it to end. But it did, with the Undertaker winning!

    Cena/Big Show/Edge....all in all, I really did not care who won this match. They did put on a good show, and the lift that Cena did at the end was great...Cena wins the belt.

    Triple H vs. Orton--title match...for all the build up of Orton as a heel, I really thought that they would keep him there, but no, Hunter won the match. So where does that place Orton? What was all that build-up for? To make him the top heel in the company and then shut him down? Does not make sense...

    All in all, a great PPV...