WWE Pay-Per-View

Season 20 Episode 1

Royal Rumble 2004

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 25, 2004 on
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Royal Rumble 2004
World Tag Team Championship

World Tag Team Champions Ric Flair & Batista defeated The Dudley Boyz(Bubba Ray and D'von)

WWE Cruiserweight Championship

Cruserweight Champion Rey Mysterio pinned Jamie Noble(managed by Nidia)

Eddie Guerrero pinned Chavo Guerrero(managed by Chavo Gurrero Sr.)

WWE World Championship

WWE Champion Brock Lesnar pinned Hardcore Holly

World Heavyweight Championship
Last Man Standing Match

World Champion Triple H battled Shawn Michaels to a Double Countout

2004 Royal Rumble - Chris Benoit won the 2004 Royal Rumble Order of Entry Order of Elimination
1- Chris Benoit (1- Bradshaw by Benoit before #6)
2- Randy Orton (2- Tajiri by Rhyno before #7)
3- Mark Henry (3- Henry by Benoit before #7)
4- Tajiri (4- Hurricane by Morgan before #11)
5- Bradshaw (5- Steiner by Booker before #12)
6- Rhyno (6- Kane by Booker before #13)
7- Matt Hardy (7- Spike by Kane before Spike entered #14)
8- Scott Steiner (8- Rhyno by Benoit before #15)
9- Matt Morgan (9- Hardy by Dupree before #16)
10- Hurricane Helms (10- Dupree by Rikishi before #16)
11- Booker T (11- Morgan by Benoit before #17)
12- Kane (12- Rikishi by Orton before #17)
13- Spike Dudley (13- Booker by Orton before #17)
14- Rikishi (14- A-Train by Benoit before #18)
15- Rene Dupree (15- Benjamin by Orton before #18)
16- A-Train (16- Cat by Orton before #19)
17- Shelton Benjamin (17- Rico by Orton before #21)
18- Ernest "The Cat" Miller (18/19- Orton & Foley before #22)
19- Kurt Angle (20- Christian by Jericho before #27)
20- Rico (21- Haas by Goldberg)
21- Mick Foley (sub for Test)(22- Billy by Goldberg)
22- Christian (23- Nunzio by Goldberg)
23- Nunzio (24- Goldberg by Angle)
24- The Big Show (25- Cena by Big Show)
25- Chris Jericho (26- Van Dam by Big Show)
26- Charlie Haas (27- Jericho by Big Show)
27- Billy Gunn (28- Angle by Big Show)
28- John Cena (29- Big Show by Benoit)
29- Rob Van Dam (Winner: Chris Benoit)
30- Goldberg

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  • Royal Rumble 2004 is one of the better ones of the past five years.

    1. World Tag Team Championship-Fans who went to get a beer missed this match. Could've been something special if given time. 2/10

    2. Cruiserweight Championship-Great while it lasted, and much like the previous match, it ended too soon and should've been given at least 10 minutes. 4/10

    3. Eddie/Chavo-Anyone expecting Bret-Owen 2 was let down. I'm not sure how wise it was to make Eddie do what he did after the match. 6/10

    4. WWE Championship-Pretty much what we could expect out of Holly and Brock needs a better opponent. Hollys push has to be over after this. 3/10

    5. World Heavyweight Championship-Not what these two are capable of. Not a bad match but it was missing that special something. 7/10

    6. The Royal Rumble Match-The Rumble is usually good and this was nothing short of great. The performances of Benoit, Big Show, Orton, Cena, Angle, and Jericho are definately worth noticing. Benoit winning was the only way to go. 10/10

    Overall, Royal Rumble 2004 was above average. Some matches weren't given enough time to amount to anything beacause they were saving for the Rumble and World Title matches, but alls well that ends well. This is definately worthy of a couple viewings.moreless
  • overall this payperview was okay. It was quite better than the past few royal rumbles. I dont know what the wwe is doing with the cruiserweights the match should of gone on easiy anoyher 10 minutes, Chirs beniot winning the royal rumble was the right waymoreless

    Cruiserweight Title: This would have been a great match if i didnt go on for 3 minutes. The wwe needs to give cruiserweights more push and stop giving the title to rey.

    Worldheavy weight title: It wasnt as great as michael/hemsley past encounters but it was pretty good but shawn should of won the the title and gone to wrestlemania the champion.

    Wwe championship: Holly put on as good of a math as we could expect from him. Holly needs to get into the united states hunt instead of fueding with top dogs like brock

    Eddie/chavo: It was an okay match it could of easily had more counters but it didnt steal the show like everyone thought it would

    Royalrumble:even though it was predictable it was enjoyable to watch especially foleys return and elimating orton

    Tables match: Long time since we saw a tables match it wasnt as exciting still a passing matchmoreless

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