WWE Pay-Per-View

Season 21 Episode 2

Royal Rumble 2005

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 30, 2005 on
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Royal Rumble 2005
Edge defeated Shawn Michaels after using ropes for leverage and later both superstars entered the Royal Rumble The Undertaker defeated Heindereich in a cakset match when Gene Snitzky and Kane interfered. WWE Championship WWE Champion J.B.L defeated Kurt Angle and The Big Show after a clothesline from hell by JBL onto Kurt Angle World Heavyweight Championship World Heavyweight Champion Triple H defeated Randy Orton after Randy suffered a concussion during the match and was laid out by a pedigree Batista won the Royal Rumble Order of entry: Order of elimination: 1- Eddie Guerrero (Daniel Puder by Hardcore Holly during #5) 2- Chris Benoit (Hardcore Holly by Benoit & Guerrero before #6) 3- Daniel Puder (Hurricane by Benoit & Guerrero) 4- Hardcore Holly (Kenzo Suzuki by Rey Mysterio before #8) 5- The Hurricane (Muhammad Hassn by everyone in the ring before #14) 6- Kenzo Suzuki (Scotty 2 Hotty by Muhammad Hassan but Scotty never entered the ring before #16) 7- Edge (Luther Reigns by Booker T before #17 8- Rey Mysterio (Orlando Jordan by Booker T before #17) 9- Shelton Benjamin (Booker T by Eddie & Rey before #17) 10- Booker T (Shelton Benjamin by Edge before #18) 11- Chris Jericho (Eddie Guerrero by Edge before #19) 12- Luther Reigns (Simon Dean by Shawn Michaels before #20) 13- Muhammad Hassan (Charlie Haas by Shawn Michaels before #20) 14- Orlando Jordan (Kurt Angle by Shawn Michaels before #21) 15- Scotty 2 Hotty (Shawn Michaels by Kurt Angle before #23) 16- Charlie Haas (Rene Dupree by Chris Jericho before #25) 17- Renee Dupree (Viscera by John Cena before #26) 18- Simon Dean (Paul London by Gene Snitsky before #27) 19- Shawn Michaels (Mark Jindrak by Kane before #28) 20- Kurt Angle (Gene Snitsky by Batista before #29) 21- Jonathan Coachman (Chris Jericho by Batista before #29) 22- Mark Jindrak (Kane by Rey & Cena before #30) 23- Viscera (Coach by Ric Flair) 24- Paul London (Christian by Batista) 25- John Cena (Chris Benoit by Ric Flair) 26- Gene Snitsky (Ric Flair by Edge) 27- Kane (Rey Mysterio by Edge) 28- Batista (Edge by Batista & Cena) 29- Christian (Cena by Baista) 30- Ric Flair (Winner: Batista)moreless

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  • Royal Rumble 2005 was a very good PPV in which every match was given the perfect amount of time and delivered.

    Edge vs. HBK: A very good match between an icon and a rising star. Edge has greatly improved in the ring and HBK can bring a good match out of anybody. A solid match and a good way to start the PPV.

    Taker vs. Heidenreich: I don't like Heidenreich. This match was good simply because of the surprise appearances of Snitsky and Kane. After that, the match picked up. The worst match on the card, and it wasn' that bad.

    JBL vs. Kurt Angle vs. Big Show: A good, fast-paced match that exceeded my expectations. The ending was a cluster **** with the Cabinet and Angle's henchmen at ringside. But overall a great match. HHH vs. Randy Orton: Much better than their encounter at Unforgiven. Randy really shines in this match and Hunter is great as usual. I liked the way they played off the concussion angle and it didn't kill the match. Very good.

    Rumble: A great match that never got boring. Rey, Edge, Eddie, Benoit, Cena, and Batista all impress in this match. Although I think we all knew it would come down to Cena and Batista, it was still very good. Overall, I rate this PPV 8/10moreless
  • 2005 Royal Rumble

    Pretty good pay per view.

    Edge defeated Shawn Micheals

    I really liked this match, it was a good match.8/10

    The Undertaker defeated Heindereich in a cakset match

    Alright, but Heidenreich should not have been in a casket match. 5/10

    WWE Championship

    WWE Champion J.B.L defeated Kurt Angle

    Good match, title did'nt change hands, but I enjoyed it. 8.5/10

    World Heavyweight Championship

    World Heavyweight Champion Triple H defeated Randy Orton

    Really enjoyed this one, there was a good past between HHH and Orton. 9/10

    Royal Rumble match

    good Rumble match, Batista and Cena at the end of the match was great.

    Overall good pay per view, the road to 'Mania began.moreless
  • Overall Good Show

    A Good PPV with only one bad match (The Casket Match). It was better that last years, apart from the Rumble match itself, I found the 2004 match better.

    Star Ratings

    Shawn Michaels vs. Edge ***1/2

    Undertaker vs. Hidenriech *1/4

    JBL vs. Kurt Angle vs. The Big Show **3/4

    Triple H vs. Randy Orton ***

    Royal Rumble Match ****

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