WWE Pay-Per-View

Season 23 Episode 2

Royal Rumble 2007

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 28, 2007 on

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  • Royal Rumble 2007

    The Hardys vs. MNM
    Not as good as their December to Dismember match, but still a very solid back and forth match. This was a pretty technical bout throughout. In the end the Hardys defeat MNM once again
    Winners: The Hardys
    Match Rating: 7/10

    ECW World Championship
    Bobby Lashley vs. Test
    Just a bad match. A few minutes of slow paced Test action, working on Bobby's shoulder, until Lashley comes back but Test counts himself out.
    Winner & Still ECW World Champion: Bobby Lashley (Countout)
    Match Rating: 2/10

    World Heavyweight Championship
    Batista vs. Mr. Kennedy
    This was a better match than I expected. I admit I though WWE would have Batista run down Kennedy, but this was very different. Kennedy had a lot of offense, working on Batistas leg. In the end a Batista Bomb puts him away.
    Winner & Still World Heavyweight Champion: Batista
    Match Rating: 7/10

    Last Man Standing Match for the WWE Championship
    John Cena vs. Umaga
    This was similar to the Hunter Umaga street fight at Cyber Sunday. It was violent, back and forth, and very fun to watch. In the end Cena wins after locking in the STFU with the top ring rope (which was taken down by Armando ealier)
    Winner & Still WWE Champion: John Cena
    Match Rating: 8/10

    30 Man Royal Rumble Match
    Another good main event. It started with Flair & Finlay, and ended with The Undertaker & Shawn Michaels, which is funny as they are the four oldest in the match. Anyways this was pretty fun to watch, as usual. Sometimes it was clustered but it eventually clears up for some decent action. In the end Taker gets his first Royal Rumble win.
    Winner: The Undertaker
    Match Rating: 7.5/10

    The Royal Rumble was overall a good pay per view. It was pretty much 4 great matches, and one bad match. Worth a watch
  • This is not the greatest Rumble ever, but it is pretty good.

    Tag-Team Match
    MNM vs. The Hardys
    I really liked this feud. In my opinion these are the two best tag-teams in the WWE currently and they have great in-ring chemistry. This is a solid match and it makes me long for the days of the ‘Attitude Era’ when the tag division was at its peak. Great finish and overall one of the better recent tag-team matches.

    ECW Championship
    Singles Match
    Bobby Lashley (c) vs. Test
    At this point the ECW title has less credibility than the WCW title had when David Arquette held it. I really couldn’t have cared less about this match when buying the DVD and it still managed to go beneath my expectations. Awful, nothing happens and the finish is horrid.

    World Heavyweight Championship
    Singles Match
    Batista (c) vs. Mr. Kennedy I still don’t see Kennedy as a main-event superstar yet. It is pretty obvious that Batista will hold the belt, so this match lost some of its edge due to that. It was not a horrible match though. Kennedy carried Batista for the most part and the finish was rather weak, but there was some entertainment to be dished out during this one.

    WWE Championship
    Last Man Standing Match
    John Cena (c) vs. Umaga w/Armando Alejandro Estrada
    This was the first match on the card to actually surpass my expectations. Not solid from a technical standpoint, but it was entertaining and there was some nice use of weapons. A good hardcore match that deserves recognition.

    Royal Rumble Match
    30 Superstars from Raw, Smackdown! and ECW
    This is the match of the night for sure. The Royal Rumble is always one of my favorite events each year, mostly due to this match. Its always fun to guess who may enter next and who will end up victorious. This one in particular has the most talented group of contestants ever as well was one of the best endings in history. Intense is one of many words that can be used to describe this match.

    Overall, this is far from being the best Royal Rumble ever, but it certainly is not the worst. It surpassed 2006's event greatly and was very entertaining for the most part. Recommended for any fans of the Rumble match or fans of last man standing matches. There have been better PPVs in the past, but this one would stand as a solid investment for any wrestling fan. Overall Rating: 6.2/10
  • Pretty good Pay-Per-View

    After seeing the card for this year's Royal Rumble, I thought it was gonna be terrible. I guess I was wrong. If it weren't for the Rumble match, this might have been a stinker. Here's my review on the entire night:

    The Hardy Boys Def. MNM - 8/10
    Pretty good tag team match between these 2. The one thing that leaves a bad taste in my mouth was the reason for this match: Joey Mercury was severely injured at Armageddon last month......and they turned his injury into a damn storyline. What a pathetic excuse for ratings. Despite that, the match was great.

    Lashley Def. Test via countout (ECW Championship) - 0/10
    The worst match of the night. Test is nothing more than a WWE reject, Lashley should not be ECW champion or in ECW for that matter. The match just plain sucked. And the ending made it even worse. Lashley retained by a damn count-out. And THAT was Vince's idea of what ECW is all about. Seriously, what the hell were we watching? It wasn't an ECW match, I'll tell you that much.

    Batista Def. Mr. Kennedy (World Heavyweight Championship) - 3/10
    I hate both of these guys, so this match was boring to me. The one thing I liked from Kennedy was that inverted figure-four leg lock he used. Other than that, I hated this match. Batista was boring as usual, Kennedy sounded like a retard when he shouted his name through that microphone yet again, thank God it was over.

    John Cena Def. Umaga in a Last Man Standing Match (WWE Championship) - 4/10
    John Cena overcomes the odds once again. Vince McMahon has got to stop with the unstoppable Superman champion nonsense that fans despise Cena for. Despite that, it wasn't your usual Last Man Standing match since Umaga did everything. The ring rope coming off was good, however, the way it was "used" killed the match.

    The Undertaker wins the Royal Rumble match after entering at No. 30 - 9/10
    I was looking forward to see J.R and JBL call the Royal Rumble match. We got JBL, but we got the King and Michael Cole instead. Lawler, I might not mind. Cole, why him? There was a graphic on the top-right part of the screen to let you know what number was coming in next, yet he kept calling the number out. What was the point of that graphic anyways?

    Despite all of that, this match alone saved the entire Pay-Per-View. Michaels was a favorite to win, Undertaker was a favorite to win (my pick to be exact). Ironically enough they were the last wrestlers left. For a second, I thought Michaels was going to win. BOY was I wrong.

    Undertaker won, he's the first man to enter at No. 30 and win the Rumble and this is the first time he has won the Rumble match too. Good for you, Taker. Next stop: WrestleMania 23 at Ford Field, Detroit, Michigan.
  • The only place where throwing people over the top rope will give you street cred. Oh wait. It won't? Well, at least you'll win the match.

    30-Man Royal Rumble Match

    Order of entrance:
    1 Ric Flair 2 Finlay 3 Kenny Dykstra
    4 Matt Hardy
    5 Edge
    6 Tommy Dreamer
    7 Sabu
    8 Gregory Helms
    9 Shelton Benjamin
    10 Kane
    11 CM Punk
    12 King Booker
    13 Super Crazy
    14 Jeff Hardy
    15 The Sandman
    16 Randy Orton
    17 Chris Benoit
    18 Rob Van Dam
    19 Viscera
    20 Johnny Nitro
    21 Kevin Thorn
    22 Hardcore Holly
    23 Shawn Michaels
    24 Chris Masters
    25 Chavo Guerrero
    26 Montel Vontavious Porter
    27 Carlito
    28 The Great Khali
    29 The Miz
    30 The Undertaker Ah, the Royal Rumble. 30 men will enter, one man will win, and Lita will get AIDS. Except for the Lita bit. She got AIDS at the age of 12. Don't judge her. Her family was full of crack-addicts and sluts. To bad she was the only one in her family that did crack and slept with everybody on the block. Heck, she even slept with Old Man Jenkins. You know, the one that smelled like urine. Well, surprisingly (or not surprisingly), urine turns Lita on. Anyway, Enough about Lita. She's out of WWE now, and is most likely starting up a new career as a porn star. She'll soon be starring in "Harry **** and the Prizoner of Asskabang". First one out is The Nature Boy, Ric Flair, who most likely slept with Lita. Why do you think Edge took him out with teh conchairto. #2 is Finlay, who loves to fight... against people who hate midgets. The match starts off and Flair and Finlay go at it, with lefts and rights (punches, not pleasurement). Out next at #3 is former Spirit Squad member, now just gay without a gimmick, Kenny Dykstra (what a dyke Kenny automatically goes after Flair, because there's no way to prove your toughness by beating up your elders. #4 is Matt Hardy, who will not die. But, he will lose this match. #5 is the Rated-R superstar (yet only Cena and Kane have been in WWE Films, ironically) Edge. As these six men go at it, Flair brings in two chairs to, what I believe, do a conchairto to Edge. Kenny interferes in Flair's plans and, to my dismay, throws the chairs out of the ring. WTF?!? Somebody throw him out. Kenny then gets eliminated. Thank you! #6 is Tommy Dreamer, who now must job to everybody in ECW, including Davairi. Will there be any jobbing tonight? You betcha. #7 is Sabu, who, like Tommy Dreamer, is jobbing way too much on ECW. Then again, that is his punishment for getting caught holding weed back in Summer 2006. Sabu sets up a table on the outside and enters the ring. A little later on in the match, it is, not ironically, Sabu going through the table to be eliminated. #8 is Gregory Helms, the longest reigning Cruiserweight Champion in WWE history. Of course, McMahon totally forgot about the cruiserweight division, so Helms shouldn't be bragging. But, we'll let the former superhero go this time. And hey, what do you know. There he goes, over the top rope. Bye-bye. #9 is Shelton Benjamin, who, unlike last year, does not have his Mama with him. Or the recognition. #10 is The Big Red (Blue?) Machine, Kane. As Beavis would say "FIRE!". #11 is CM Punk, ECW's only reason it's still on the air. I need to know though. How can you be a punk if you don't drink or do drugs? #12 is King Booker. Sadly for him, nobody in the ring kneels down and kisses his feet. #13 is Super Crazy, who, though is obviously crazy, isn't in a mental ward. #14 is Jeff Hardy, the painter who, when high, forgot to paint his house and ended up painting himself. See kids. This is what drugs will do to you. #15 is The Sandman, who gets in the ring, canes a few people, and gets thrown over the top rope by King Booker. Well, back to drinking your ass off, Sandman. #16 is The Legend Killer, Randy Orton, the master of chinlocks. And, what do you know, he uses a chinlock as his first offensive move. As his defensive move, the reverse chinlock. #17 is Chris Benoit, the Rabid Wolverine. I wonder if WWE will remake "Old Yeller" and have Benoit play the dog. I can see the preview now. "This summer, The Rabid Wolverine will finally be put to sleep. Chris Benoit is Old Yeller". #18 is Rob Van Dam, the other half of ECW's Weed Brothers, opposite Sabu. #19 is Viscera, who, surprisingly, still has a job in WWE. #20 is Johnny Nitro, the man who, despite not being famous, has paparazzi following him. His idol must be Paris Hilton. #21 is Kevin Thorn, ECW's vampire. How scary, a vampire named KEVIN. I'm pissing my pants. But, not because of Thorn. Because I'm too lazy to get up and use the bathroom. #22 is Hardcore Holly. He's as hardcore as the new ECW. #23 is the Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels. Poor guy. His best friend, HHH, is injured with yet another quad injury. Well, he'll have to go it alone (unless God shows up. Oh, wait a minute. That was Backlash 2006). #24 is Chris Masters. Hey, look, it's the artist formerly known as the Masterpiece. #25 is Chavo Guerrero, who is exploiting Eddie Guerrero to where the fact where I can't even stand to look at this guy anymore. Somebody please tell me when he's eliminated. R.I.P. Eddie Guerrero. #26 is MVP, WWE's least valuable player. And he looks like a Power Ranger. Go, go, Power Rangers! #27 is Carlito, who went from Caribbean Cool to just cool. #28 is The "everything but" Great Khali, who just tosses everybody out of the ring. #29 is The Miz, who, thankfully, automatically gets eliminated by Khali (I refuse to call him great). #30 is The Undertaker, who quickly eliminates Khali. THANK YOU!!! After awhile, it's just down to HBK and The Deadman. After what has to be the most exciting "last-two-men-duking-it-out" in Royal Rumble history, Taker eventually tosses HBK over the top rope to finally win a Royal Rumble match. Way to go!
    WINNER(S): Undertaker
    LOSER(S): 29 other men. No, I don't mean the 29 other men in the match. I mean the men who keep getting thrown out of a night club thanks to those damned bouncers. Just because we're not as big as you doesn't mean we don't deserve lap dances. A-holes!

    WWE Champion John Cena vs. Umaga (Last Man Standing Match)
    What a surprise! The match was actually exciting. It started off horribly, exceeding my worst fears. But, after a while, it started to pick up. Umaga gets clocked with flying steel chairs, misses a big splash and goes through ECW's announce table, Cena cuts himself open on the steel chairs, finally hits the FU on Umaga, and, with the ring ropes, chokes Umaga out with the STFU, twice, to win the match. And this is just a little sample of this match. I never thought I'd say this, but, besides the Rumble, this was my favorite match of the night. WINNER(S): John Cena
    LSOER(S): Umaga, for losing to Cena twice, and for having a paint job that would put Jeff Hardy to shame.

    World Heavyweight Champion Batista vs. Mr. Kennedy
    A year ago, I would've been all over how great Batista is. But, ever since he returned from his injury, he has not been as good of a wrestler that he used to be. It was Mr. Kennedy, not Batista, who carried this match on his shoulders. It was also Kennedy who dominated during the match. Obviously, Mr. Kennedy can't stand animals. I wonder what he did with his dogs when he was a kid. Probably hit them repeatedly, got on top of the couch, flipped onto them, and then yelled his name into their faces. That'll teach them to crap inside the house. Anyway, a so-so match here. If it wasn't for Kennedy, this match would've most likely been a disaster. I say put the Animal to sleep and train him again.
    WINNER(S): Batista; Mr. Kennedy for carrying the match
    LOSER(S): Mr. Kennedy, for carrying the match, yet not carrying the World Heavyweight Championship

    ECW World Champion Lashley vs. Test
    Ugh. The match I was dreading the most. The untalented and undeserving Test gets a title shot. What's next? The Gobbledy **** gets inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame? As for the match, the Gobbledy **** was more exciting in the ring than this match (I'm hungry for chicken, so the **** keeps popping up in my head... MMMMM... Gobbledy ****). I'll skip the action and just tell you Lashley wins after Test gets counted out. Wow. Exciting. NOT! Borat, what are you doing here? Never mind, you can help me out. Here, sit down and help me write this wrestling review. No, I don't want to wrestle you naked. I don't care if your buddy likes it, I don't! Keep your pants on! That's it, get the hell out of here! WINNER(S): Except for Lashley, nobody
    LOSER(S): Test;Everybody

    Hardys vs. MNM
    Not as good as their former encounters, but still pretty good. Like their last encounters, this match went for about 20 minutes, and delivered. The Phantom of the WWE, Joey Mercury, wants revenge on his broken face (but not his broken fame), and is in the match more than the more talented Johnny Nitro. Nonetheless, a good match in which the Hardyz pick up the victory. Too bad for Mercury's revenge.
    WINNER(S): Hardyz
    LOSER(S): MNM; Phantom of the Opera fans, for Mercury's horrible portrayal of The Phantom. What do you mean he wasn't acting? He's really disfigured? HAHAHAHA! Take that, pretty boy!

    Match of the Night: The Royal Rumble, as always

    Worst Match of the Night: Lashley vs. Test (I feel sad that I had to mention that match again)

    Moment of the Night: Undertaker finally winning the Royal Rumble match.

    Overall, a pretty good PPV. Two great matches, accompanied by a decent match, a so-so match, and a horrible, atrocious match. Not a bad way to spend $40.00.
  • Not so fast!!!

    Whoa, There!!! I almosty gave it a 9.3 but then I looked at the matches other than the rumble and I saw the results and you know what I said... I said BORING. Kennedy lost, Hardy's won, Cena Won, wow was this bizarre and I thought that the WWE had too mix it up so they actually tried having the Tag TEam Title change hands on RAw not a PPV but the match wasnt bad but the next couple weeks nothing has happened that wasted a chance for a great storyline. Now to the Rumble match. Undertaker won and if the WWE doesnt have atleast 1 good storyline on the road to wrestlemania "I will be extremely confused with what the McMahons are iring in therir creative and writing departments.
  • undertaker wins royal rumble

    one of the best royal rumbles ever i was going for under taker kane shawn maichels jeff hardy matt hardy sabu thats mmost of them my favirote bites were when kane choke slamed sabu through the table and when the undertaker won the royal rumble i was hopeing undertaker and shawn michelas would shake hands at the end but the didnt i loved the last man standing match with umaga vs john cena that was good i cant belive wat umaga did to the ropes and how john cena did an fu that was cool i lo ved it cool
  • An action packed Royal rumble that far exceeded my expectations.

    This is probably one of the better Royal Rumbles, the only Rumbles that I see beating this one are 1992, 2001, 2004, maybe 1995, maybe 2002, but this Royal Rumble is probably worth buying on DVD for $15 at Wal-Mart. If not for the matches than for the Rumble at least, here's how I would rate the matches that we're on last night on a scale of 5 stars. 1. Hardy's vs. MNM (Not as good as their ECW match, but good nonetheless. Mercury doesn't fit in as well as Nitro does especially with the mask, and it looked like he didn't know what he was doing) **3/4 2. Test vs. Lashley (Non stop garbage, wasn't this match already on TV during the same week) 1/4* 3. Mr. Kennedy vs. Batista (Kennedy tried his best to carry Batista as much as he could, and I guess it sort of worked, but the winner was predictable) **1/4 4. John Cena vs. Umaga (VERY VERY Predictable. Everyone knew Cena was going to win but the match was great, especially when Cena use the broken ring ropes to try to choke Umaga) ***3/4 5. Royal Rumble (The match I was most looking forward to, I was panicking throughout the whole match praying for Shawn to win, but I guess McMahon had other plans. One of, if not the greatest Royal Rumble of all time!) ****1/2
  • Classic

    This years rumble was a great one. The rumble match itself was better than most years as this year it was not overly predictable as i thought there could be a few winners rather then just knowing the guy who will win before hand like usual. I thought Orton, Edge, HBK, or taker could win, and that was a good feeling considering they were the final 4. Anyways here is a quick review of all the matches:

    Hardys vs MNM
    Solid match, which was paced really well. Can't really say much more about it other than it was a very good match. Hopefully this will build up to a TLC match between them at mania

    Lashley vs Test
    Horrible match becuase they both suck. The finish was awful with test just walking away and then getting his ass kicked for it. First off it made test look like a chump since he walked away from his "big opportunity" and then he just got barried even more when he got his ass kicked for it. Waste of 10 minutes of the ppv

    Bastista vs Kennedy
    Ok match, would be better is batista was not in it because he simply just cannot work. If you want to argue with me just look at the spot when he was in a submission and he just sat there like a log like nothing was happening to him. I really dislike him, which was unfortunate for this match because i believe Kennedy is a good talent. Anway the match was ok aside from Batista being in it

    Cena vs Umaga
    I thought this was a very solid match with a lot of interesting spots, like the run over 3 table and miss a splsh spot. Also i really like how it ended, byt taking the ring rope off and choking him with it, that was unique and effective as i thought it was a strong way to end the match making umaga still look good.

    Royal Rumble match
    These are more or less the same, but i still love them. Anway i thought this years was a good one, especially the ending, which was a little drawn out, but entertaining. On the down side i didnt like how khali manhandled everyone just doing whatever he wanted then the undertaker was just able to handle him, it didnt make much sense and it didnt really make anyone look good

    Overall great ppv, better then all the rest last year