WWE Pay-Per-View

Season 23 Episode 2

Royal Rumble 2007

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 28, 2007 on



  • Notes

    • Order of elimination in the Rumble:
      1. Ric Flair by Kenny Dykstra and Edge
      2. Kenny Dykstra by Edge
      3. Tommy Dreamer by Kane
      4. Sabu by Kane
      5. Gregory Helms by King Booker
      6. The Sandman by King Booker
      7. Super Crazy by Edge and Randy Orton
      8. Jeff Hardy by Edge and Randy Orton
      9. Matt Hardy by Edge and Randy Orton
      10. King Booker by Kane
      11. Kane by King Booker
      12. Finlay by Shawn Michaels
      13. Viscera by everyone
      14. Shelton Benjamin by Shawn Michaels
      15. Johnny Nitro by Chris Benoit
      16. Kevin Thorn by Chris Benoit
      17. Chris Masters by Rob Van Dam
      18. Hardcore Holly by The Great Khali
      19. Mike Mizanin by The Great Khali
      20. Rob Van Dam by The Great Khali
      21. CM Punk by The Great Khali
      22. Carlito by The Great Khali
      23. Chavo Guerrero by The Great Khali
      24. Chris Benoit by The Great Khali
      25. The Great Khali by The Undertaker
      26. MVP by The Undertaker
      27. Randy Orton by Shawn Michaels
      28. Edge by Shawn Michaels
      29. Shawn Michaels by the Undertaker