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Royal Rumble 2008

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Royal Rumble 2008
John Bradshaw Layfield vs. "Y2J" Chris Jericho

Career Threatening Match
If Ric Flair loses, he will be forced to retire from the WWE
"The Nature Boy" Ric Flair vs. Montel Vontavious Porter (United States Champion)

World Heavyweight Championship
Edge vs. Rey Mysterio

WWE Championship
Randy Orton vs. Jeff Hardy

The 2008 Royal Rumble Match
30 Superstars from Raw, Smackdown, and ECW compete for a Title shot at Wrestlemania 24.

Royal Rumble Participants:

1. Umaga 2. Snitsky 3. Hardcore Holly 4. The Miz 5. John Morrison 6. Hornswoggle 7. Mick Foley 8. Batista 9. The Undertaker 10. Kane 11. Finlay 12. Jamie Knoble 13. Cody Rhodes 14. Satino Marella 15. Carlito 16. Shawn Michael 17. Shelton Benjamin 18. Mark Henry 19. The Great Khali 20. Mr. Kennedy 21. Triple H 22. Tommy Dreamer 23. Big Daddy V 24. Chuck Palumbo 25. CM Punk 26. Super fly snuka 27. Rowdy Piper 28. Elijah Burke 29. Chavo 30. Cenamoreless

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  • The royal rumble was terrible and it was only saved by 4 stars of Hardy, Orton, JBL and Chris Jericho. Nothing truly happened, no stories worked on and the WWE writers are going down hill in quality.moreless

    The match that stood out for me the most this night was not the Royal Rumble but the match between JBL and Chris Jericho. There is defiantly bad blood between these two here and seeing Jericho's face was something of a wince. Even still, the carnage these two are sporting is off the chart and when the chair came out the fun almost ended. But not for poetic justice which was served in plenty.

    Not to say that Hardy wasn't showing all the stops. I just wish he would of won the that dam belt. Why that didn't happen is obviously plan for all to see at the end of the night. But the match with Orton was off the chart. Hardy showed why he should be in the WWE and Orton also showed why he has the title. Orton can endure a hell of a lot and still come out with counters and then his patented RKO to win the match. There is this quick burst of pace about Orton that says match winner. Shame it didn't go to Hardy this night, but I am sure there will be others to come. I hope!

    Thank the stars that Edge is still Heavyweight champion and the fact that New York cheer for him. I am really bothered by Mysty. I don't want him anywhere near that belt. He is a cruiserweight and should of never held the Heavyweight belt in my own personal opinion. At least he 619ed Vickie because she really annoys me and I don't want to see her in the WWE.

    Flair and MVP, well I have nothing to say about that, it's just part of a storyline to WrestleMania where Flair will retire.

    As for the Royal Rumble it's-self. Well, three Legends in there tells me they could of filled it with three more stars who deserved places over them. It started off well with Undertaker and HBK but half way through I got bored watching the dam thing. Nothing special really happened, the out come was even worse. How I wish Triple H would of thrown Cena out of the ring. Cena came back from what was it? 4 months out? So much for the year, he is still on peoples hate list which is good. But the chosen one of 2007 comes back to put a spanner in WWE and weaken it's appeal to me yet again.

    Cena is such a bad actor and bad acting makes for lousy main events. I hope Orton will break his neck this time around so he can't come back!moreless
  • Royal Rumble 2008

    Career Threatening Match

    Ric Flair vs. MVP

    No one expected Flair to lose here, so there was no real surprise value to the match. But these to work well together to put on a solid opener. It was an improvement on their match at Vengeance, as they picked up the pace.

    Winner: Ric Flair

    Match Rating: 6/10

    Chris Jericho vs. JBL

    I really liked the rivalry between these two, and the cap it off here with a pretty good brawl. Back and forth offense, with Jericho bleeding a lot. The DQ ending worked with the match, as Jericho never got to release his anger for JBL costing him the gold. The aftermath beatdown was pretty brutal as well.

    Winner: JBL (DQ)

    Match Rating: 7/10

    World Heavyweight Championship

    Edge vs. Rey Mysterio

    These two put on a very good match up. Rey uses his high flying offense on Edge, but in the end Vickie Guerrero costs him the gold. This continued their feud to No Way Out, but Rey's injury made this contest the better of the two.

    Winner & Still World Heavyweight Championship: Edge

    Match Rating: 7.5/10

    WWE Championship

    Randy Orton vs. Jeff Hardy

    Jeff Hardy was really being pushed as a main eventer here, coming off a big win over Triple H. I was really hoping they would give him the big w he deserved here, but not tonight. These two put on a very good, main event worthy match. Orton wins after reversing a twist of fate into an RKO.

    Winner & Still WWE Champion: Randy Orton

    Match Rating: 7.5/10

    The Royal Rumble Match

    I really liked how HBK and Taker started the match, as they were the final two the year before. This was pretty much the same as most of the royal rubles in the past. It was a fun match to watch, with an intense finish, this time involving Triple H, Batista, and the returning John Cena. I was hoping Hunter would take out Cena, but as usual Cena wins and goes on to Wrestlemania.

    Winner: John Cena

    Match Rating: 7/10

    The Royal Rumble was a very good ppv. It only had 5 matches, but they were all entertaining. All the main events delivered, and the undercard was solid. Worth the purchasemoreless
  • The 1st WWE PPV of their calendar year. Let's see how this one stands out.

    The 2008 Royal Rumble was brought to you live from the world's most famous arena, Madison Square Garden, in the heart of New York City. As usual, the road to WrestleMania always starts here. And knowing me, the Royal Rumble makes and breaks the PPV year for the WWE. So let's see how they do with this one:

    Match #1: Career Threatening Match (SmackDown)

    Ric Flair Vs U.S champion M.V.P (Non-Title)

    So we start off the 2008 Royal Rumble match with Ric Flair and the United States champion M.V.P. Obviously, we know that Flair ain't losing until WrestleMania, so we pretty much saw Ric Flair winning all the way. As for the match itself, it was slow as ever. Obviously Flair is not at the peak of his career (the NWA days), so he couldn't hang with the younger guys. Anyways, it looked like MVP did beat Ric Flair in the match via pinfall, but Flair's foot was on the ropes. SmackDown referee Charles Robinson realised it, waved it off and the match continued. The end of the match came when Flair reversed an attempt Playmaker by MVP into the Figure-Four leglock, to the submission win. Hey, if you want Flair to go into WrestleMania strong, have him beat a lot of guys with his finisher. Smart idea on their view.

    Winner: Ric Flair by submission

    Score: **


    Match #2:

    Chris Jericho Vs John "Bradshaw" Layfield (RAW)

    The 2nd match of the card featured Chris Jericho and JBL, in what was a disappointing match in my view. With the build-up that it had, one would expect an all-out brawl between the 2. That's not what happened, since the brawling didn't start to get intense until Jericho got busted open after being thrown "shoulder first" into the ring post. How the hell do you get busted open from that, I'll never know. Now, I was uncertain about the outcome of this match. I knew that someone was gonna get the win by disqualification, either out of desperation (JBL) or out of pure anger (Jericho). Pure anger for the win. Jericho wallops JBL with a steel chair getting disqualified. Afterwards, Jericho proceeds to choke JBL out with the camera cable (if you watched Raw leading to the Royal Rumble, you'd get the idea). Despite all of that, this was the worst match of the night in my view. Wasn't all that great in my opinion. Hopefully if this feud goes to WrestleMania, they put them in a gimmick match to bring out the brawling style of these 2. Last Man Standing? As old as it is, it would work.

    Winner: John "Bradshaw" Layfield by Disqualification

    Score: *1/2


    Match #3: World Heavyweight Championship (SmackDown)

    Edge (champion) VS Rey Mysterio

    Our first of two world title matches featured SmackDown's champion, Edge against the No. 1 contender, Rey Mysterio. This, was a really good title match for what it was worth. At first, I thought seeing Vickie Guerrero or the Major Brothers would make this match horrible, but they didn't. The Majors got ejected VERY quickly, though Vickie was still around. Yay for me. NOW, the one thing about this match that I REALLY enjoyed was the crowd. Anyone who watched WWE PPVs as much as I have, especially in the Garden, should learn to expect the unexpected from the New York City crowd. Rey Mysterio, the underdog babyface challenger........got booed, really badly at that, whereas the cocky heel champion Edge got a good amount of cheers from the crowd. That reminded me SO much of the 1996 Survivor Series. Shawn Michaels was the babyface champion going in against the monster heel Psycho Sid..........and the crowd BOOED him right out of the building while Sid got the biggest pop he's ever gotten in his career. Still, that didn't take away the fact that the match was really good. And the ending, made it even better. Rey Mysterio attempted a 619 on Edge, Vickie got in the way (and got nailed really good too). Just when Rey was going for the West Coast Pop, he got SPEARED by Edge in mid-air. Mid-air, 1-2-3. Edge retains the World Heavyweight title.

    1st Side Note: My predictions was Edge to retain the title. I don't see them taking the strap off him so early. One month? Yeah right. This ain't Raw, the lands which the politics fly.

    2nd Side Note: I think I get why the New York City crowd booed Rey Mysterio the way they did. If anyone can remember the way Rey Mysterio wrestled back in Mexico, ECW and WCW, would know just how great he was back then. The current Rey Mysterio is nowhere near as good as he was back then, since he has adapted to the WWE's wrestling style, one that they have been using for a long time, which has hurt Rey (not in a bad way since he has shown that he can work their style).

    Winner: Edge (still champion)

    Score: ***3/4


    Match #4: WWE Championship (RAW)

    Randy Orton (champion) Vs Jeff Hardy (I.C champion)

    Our fourth match of the evening featured the WWE champion Randy Orton defending against the strongly pushed Intercontinental champion, Jeff Hardy. Bare in mind, Jeff's title was not on the line in this match. Now, much like the SmackDown title match, this was REALLY good as well. And I couldn't help but noticine, well "hearing" something: whenever Jeff Hardy was getting the upper hand, the fans were into the match. But when Randy Orton was in control, the crowd was silent. Completely silent, as in "who gives a crap about Orton anyways" kind of way. You know you suck as the top champion when people can't get into your matches, whether it be positive or negative. Oh yeah, and of course, Orton showcases how poor of a champion he is with his annoying abusive nature of putting people in headlocks. CAPTAIN REST-HOLD Randy Orton. Nice ringer to it, huh? Matter of fact, prior to the ending of the match, when it looked like Jeff Hardy had Orton beat, the fans were even MORE into the match. Then the ending came: Jeff attempted the Twist of Fate ONLY to be countered into the RKO (and the only reaction Orton got out of the match as well), 1-2-3 and Orton retains the WWE title. While Orton left the ring, Jeff Hardy got a big pop from the crowd for his efforts. This match was very good, but not as good as the SmackDown match in my view.

    Side Note: I am so not surprised at this ending at all. I knew Randy Orton was gonna win, whether it be pinfall or blatant count-out or disqualification. Jeff Hardy got the upper hand on Orton on a regular basis on Raw during the build-up for the match, and during the PPV match, Orton..........overcame the odds (and got a rare clean win too). What strikes me as even weirder, or just downright hilarious, were the fans over the Internet whining and crying because they didn't put the belt on Jeff Hardy and coming to the extent that the WWE doesn't care about the fans. They care for the CASUAL fans, which has been their main fanbase for quite some time, but the smart marks? Or as I like to call them, the "wannabe" smart marks? Yeah right. Besides, the WWE has done this ever since 2002. They'd either have someone go into the Royal Rumble as the champion or someone chasing the championship to see if they can hang in the main event scene. Let's see:

    - Chris Jericho was the Undisputed WWF champion going into the 2002 Royal Rumble.

    - Chris Benoit was the challenger going after Kurt Angle and the WWE title at the 2003 Royal Rumble. And those 2 put on a hell of a match as well.

    - Bob Holly was the challenger going after Brock Lesnar at the 2004 Royal Rumble.

    - JBL was the champion going into the 2005 Royal Rumble.

    - Edge was the champion going into the 2006 Royal Rumble.

    - Bobby Lashley was the ECW champion going into the 2007 Royal Rumble, while Kennedy and Umaga were challenging for the World Heavyweight and WWE titles respectively.

    Jeff Hardy was just like all of these names. Placed in the title picture at the Royal Rumble to see what kind of reactions they would get. If they get a good reaction, they would get a future title shot. And judging from the reaction that Jeff Hardy got, it wouldn't surprise me to see him become the WWE champion anytime soon this year.

    Winner: Randy Orton (still champion)

    Score: ***1/2


    And now we move to the main focus of the PPV and the road leading to WrestleMania: The Royal Rumble match. A match which I love to death. No matter what names you have in there, this match delivers (unless you count the 1994, 1995 and 1999 Royal Rumble matches). Anyways, to anyone who remembered WCW, would probably go crazy when they saw Michael Buffer being the lead ring announcer for the Royal Rumble match. This is something else, seeing as how Vince doesn't like to give WCW any kind of credit whatsoever.


    The 2008 Royal Rumble Match

    We start the Royal Rumble off with the No. 1 entry: The Undertaker. This scared me, since my pick to win was the deadman himself. And to join him as the No. 2 entry: "HBK" Shawn Michaels. Anyone who picked these to win probably were biting their nails because of how low they started. In any event, this was good. These 2 put one of the best endings to any Royal Rumble match last year, so to have them start off this year's Rumble in Madison Square Garden was the icing on the cake.

    After 90 seconds went by, Santino Marella came out at No. 3 to a decent reaction. Oh yeah I almost forgot, during a Maria Kiss-Cam segment that should've happened on RAW, Santino came out and bashed New York's sports teams, even getting me to laugh at his cheap crack at the now Superbowl winners, New York Giants. Knowing Santino, comedy would be coming.....and did it ever. No sooner than he hit the ring, he got nailed by Michaels via Sweet Chin Music followed by his immediate elimination by The Undertaker.

    The fourth entry to the Royal Rumble was The Great Khali, and boy the New York City crowd did it again. Much like the Edge/Mysterio match, they were vocal. When Khali's music hit, everyone's reaction was like "holy crap it's Khali." Then the best part: "You Can't Wrestle." Yes, the New York crowd chanted "You Can't Wrestle" directly at Khali........and can you blame them? This Andre The Giant wannabe doesn't deserve to be nowhere near a ring, let alone the WWE (even if Vince loves big men a lot). Good thing he didn't last long, cause Taker eliminated him quickly.

    No. 5 was Raw Tag Team champion Hardcore Holly to a decent reaction as well. This reaction surprised me, cause fans were complaining about the WWE pushing Holly over the younger guys and here he gets a pop. Then again, this is New York City. ANYTHING can happen with them.

    Former ECW champion and SmackDown Tag Team champion John Morrison came out as the sixth entry to a really good pop. So now he have 4 guys in the ring at the moment.

    Speaking of ECW, who would come out as No. 7, but ECW original and full blooded New Yorker, Tommy Dreamer. He got a really good pop, followed by ECW chants from the Garden.

    No. 8 was another favorite to win, and my least favorite wrestler in the WWE (next to Khali), former World Heavyweight champion Batista. His reaction was somewhat decent, and almost immediately he cleaned house. When it was down to a staredown between him and Taker, the fans went nuts. These 2 had some great matches last year so it was no surprise. Unfortunately, Tommy Dreamer was eliminated by Batista, much to the disappointment of the crowd.

    I really hate to call the ninth entry, but I must. Hornswoggle came out to a good pop........then hid under the ring. Thank God.

    Entry No. 10 was Chuck Palumbo who got NO reaction at all. God, that sucks. To come to the Rumble and get no reaction from the crowd. Pretty much shows that people don't care for you.

    No. 11 was Palumbo's rival, Jamie Noble, who got a reaction (unlike Palumbo) and was eliminated by him just as fast. Now around here is when the ring was starting to fill.

    No. 12 was C.M. Punk who got a huge pop from the crowd. New York is Ring of Honor territory, what do you expect? As soon as he hit the ring, he started delivering stiff knees left and right to almost everyone, even one that broke Shawn Michael's nose and eliminating Palumbo as well.

    From huge reaction to almost no reaction came Cody Rhodes, the other half of the Raw Tag Team champions and entry No. 13.

    The 14th entry surprised me. Umaga was next and he got a decent reaction from the crowd. They truly is something about Umaga that people find entertaining. I like Umaga's character as well and he pretty much looked dominant when he was in there, eliminating Hardcore Holly with the Samoan Spike. I loved it.

    Snitsky came out as No. 15 to a dead silence. Oh well, at least we got some jokes directed towards him from the commentary teams.

    The 2nd half of the SmackDown Tag Team champions The Miz came out at No. 16 and pretty showcased their tag team dominance on Punk, which isn't a bad thing to me.

    NOW for one of the eyesores in this Rumble: Shelton Benjamin got a good pop coming out at No. 17, did a vertical leap taking out Miz and Morrison (not eliminating them), took Punk down with a sweet reverse STO.......only to be superkicked by Michaels and eliminated. That was really stupid on the bookers' part.

    We now go to even more bigger reactions in this Rumble. "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka came out at No. 18, much to the delight of the crowd.

    It gets better from there. No. 19 was Snuka's rival, "Rowdy" Roddy Piper. He got a bigger ovation than Snuka and dear GOD, Piper. Put your shirt back on. Damn, his belly has gotten huge. And the funny thing about the whole Snuka/Piper exchage? EVERYONE stopped fighting and watched them go at it (if you wanna call it that). Either way it was pretty funny to watch.

    We now move down to the end of the Rumble, as Kane came out at No. 20 and immediately got rid of Snuka and Piper. Thank God too. Piper's belly was scaring me.

    No. 21 was Carlito, who also got a decent reaction, immediately spat in Cody's face. I guess Cody Rhodes wasn't cool. Heh heh.

    No. 22 turned out to be another full-blooded New Yorker, Mick Foley and boy did he get a pop. Not to mention some "Foley" chants as well.

    No. 23 was Mr. Kennedy to a huge pop. Somewhere around here, Hornswoggle came out and help eliminate The Miz. How sad, The Miz is a tag team champion and gets eliminated by a frickin' midget.

    No. 24 was Big Daddy V, who got zip from the crowd. Now this is where the flow of the Royal Rumble changed severely. The Undertaker eliminated Snitsky, only to be eliminated by Michaels just as fast (well there goes my pick to win), then Kennedy came up and eliminated Michaels as well. With 2 of the main winners gone, EVERYONE knew that Triple H was gonna win after all, which really sucked.

    No. 25 was Mark Henry, "The World's Strongest Man." And just like Big Daddy V, he got no reaction at all. Heh.

    Now here comes the 2nd eyesore in this match. Could someone explain this to me? How the hell did Chavo Guerrero, fresh off of an ECW championship win over C.M. Punk, come out as the 26th entrant to the Royal Rumble? Please tell me how. Are the WWE trying to show us even more how meaningless the ECW title has become? I swear, when Morrison became the champion (who got eliminated around here as well), they just thought of the title as a prop or something. Sheesh.

    Okay, THIRD eyesore. Mark Henry and Big Daddy V were about to beat down Hornswoggle when Finlay jumped the gun (sort of speak) and beat the hell out of the two with his shillelagh. And get this? Because of that, Finlay was DISQUALIFIED for it. Boy, they loved changing the rules for their matches, huh?

    Finlay was supposed to be No. 27, so then we move to Elijah Burke, No. 28. Also, Punk was eliminated by Chavo, showing even more that Triple H was gonna win.

    Triple H came out at No. 29 and immediately eliminated Cody Rhodes, Big Daddy V by himself, Mick Foley and Elijah Burke. All in less than 90 seconds.

    We now go down to the final entrant of the Royal Rumble:


    Yes, John Cena came out as the 30th entrant in the Royal Rumble, and Madison Square Garden went nuts. The fans went crazy when Cena's music hit and they went even crazier when he came out. After he got into the ring, the fans apparently realised they were cheering for John Cena and stopped. Much like Triple H, Cena eliminated 3 guys (Carlito, Chavo Guerrero and Mark Henry) in less than 90 seconds. Kennedy and Umaga were eliminated by Batista, Kane was eliminated by Triple H and Batista. We were down to Cena, Batista and Triple H who hit their signature taunts and got it on. In the end, Batista was eliminated by Triple H.

    With Triple H and John Cena left, I went with the lesser evil: Cena. Unlike Triple H who buries everyone left and right, I could tolerate Cena to a small degree. And thank GOD he won too. I couldn't stand to see Triple H win the Royal Rumble.

    The Winner of the 2008 Royal Rumble: John Cena (30)

    Score: ***1/4


    Before I conclude, I can't help but laugh at people whining and crying because the WWE made "Superman" win the Rumble. People have stated time and time again, how they hated wrestling today because it was too predictable. And what does the WWE do? They gave us the unpredictability that they wanted. Cena's injury healed a lot faster than originally planned and they kept this secret hidden very well. With all of the dirtsheets and spoiler filled websites in this day and age, it's hard for any mainstream promotion to pull a surprise us. The WWE held this secret very well and executed even better at the Royal Rumble. And instead of being grateful, we bash it. Just goes to show how we as fans, don't know what we want. And also, fans claiming that the WWE is saying "screw you" and how Cena was booed out of the building. Bull, Cena got the biggest reaction of the night when he came out. ONLY when he got to the ring is when the boos started. What happened, did the fans forget why they hate John Cena during that timeframe? Also, live reports indicate my point is true as well.


    So as for the Royal Rumble, I give it a 7.7/10. If not for Cena's surprise return, it would've been a 6.7/10. That extra point was for the way the WWE executed Cena's return. It came off very well and you gotta give them props for doing this. Anyone who doesn't must have something wrong in their head.

    And there we go. The first WWE PPV of 2008 and the did pretty well in my eyes. Here's hoping that TNA is also doing well for their PPVs. Later, people.moreless
  • Unbelieveable PPV. An unexpected PPV and weird twists to start out the Road to WM and there will be more bumps, twists and changes to come as WM approaches.

    This PPV was pretty good. I enjoyed the JBL vs. Y2J match, it was really built up as a great fight. Disappointed by the finish as it's pretty much the same way JBL won his matches in 2004-2006. I see a WM match between these two in some sort of stipulation like a streetfight. Ric Flair's match was entertaining. As we all know he'll retire at WM. It's going to be sad seeing him go but all of us have to retire sometime. Edge vs. Rey Mysterio was a great match, great finish with the spear in mid-air. It didn't surprise me seeing Edge walk out of MSG with the World championship. Randy Orton vs. Jeff Hardy really surprised me. Jeff Hardy had all the momentum in the world to win the WWE Championship. The whisper in the wind of the cage, the swanton bomb off the structure and still he didn't win. That really surprised me and i believed Hardy would hold the strap until at least NWO losing the title back to Orton. John Cena would have to be the last person i ever expected to see as #30 in the rumble match. Definitely a huge twist and an hugely unexpected one. I expect to see Randy Orton vs. John Cena for the WWE Championship or John Cena vs. Triple H vs. Randy Orton for the title. Anything can happen.moreless
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