WWE Pay-Per-View

Season 26 Episode 1

Royal Rumble 2010

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 31, 2010 on

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  • The 2010 Royal Rumble Event emanated from Atlanta, Georgia which was last held in 2002 and started..

    Well This is my 1st review in quite some time because I totally forgot I had an account for TV.com and I'm here to review the 2010 Royal Rumble which occurred last night on January 31, 2010. Here's a rundown of the card(In Order):

    1. Christian Vs Ezekiel Jackson(ECW Championship)

    2. Announced when The Miz Interrupted Teddy Long, The Miz Vs M.V.P.(United States Championship)

    3. Sheamus Vs Randy Orton(WWE Championship)

    4. Mickie James Vs Michelle McCool(Women's Championship)

    5. The Undertaker Vs Rey Mysterio(World Heavyweight Championship)

    6. The Main Event: The annual 2010 Royal Rumble Match

    Here are my thoughts and scores of the matches itself:

    1. Christian Vs Ezekiel Jackson 3/5. Really Nice Opening contest for the ECW Championship which was Big Zeke's first time to shine on a big stage PPV and did very well with a lot of physicality and really took it to Christian. Christian won with the Killswitch.

    2. The Miz interrupted Cryme Tyme, The Great Khali, Teddy Long, and ECW General Manager Tiffany. Theodore gets mad and puts The Miz Vs M.V.P. for the United States Championship. 2/5. Nothing Special here, really thought Mr. 305 would bring the title home but Miz kept rolling out of harm's way by getting out of the ring. M.V.P. did a version of Monty Brown's Pounce and got about 3 two counts in a row and once both men got back in the ring Miz won cleanly with an inside cradle. M.V.P. was enraged as The Miz held up his retained Championship to his face and M.V.P. hits him with a vicious Playmaker.

    3. Sheamus Vs Randy Orton for the WWE Championship. 2.3/5. Really extremely disappointed here. Really dumb that they didn't put the Package Video they usually do for Big title matches which made this match lack some energy and excitement but oh well. This match between these two great Heels has been advertised for weeks and the majority of people have been waiting patiently to see it. This is one of the main reasons why I ordered the Royal Rumble to see Randy Orton square off against Sheamus. The long weeks of waiting for this match did not pay off because the finish was terrible. The whole arena was behind Randy as he came out to a Mega-Pop and everyone was behind him including me considering the fact I'm an Orton fan. Heavy Heat for the Celtic Warrior during the whole match. The two were starring at each other as the crowd was chanting "Orton!" "Orton!". Sheamus beat his chest and raised his hands to receive a reception but got heavily booed. They finally grapple and Orton goes for a headlock but Sheamus breaks out and as Sheamus got out of the headlock, Randy hit a wonderful Dropkick and Sheamus backs into the corner as Orton taunted Sheamus by "Slithering" away in the crowd's approval. Sheamus shoves Orton, but Orton comes back with a European uppercut, it's not enough though as Sheamus comes back and works on Orton's arm. Orton goes to the outside and Sheamus follows, slamming Orton into the barricade and slamming Orton's arm into the ring steps. Sheamus sends Orton back into the ring, and continues to work on Orton's arm, wrenching away. Sheamus picks Orton up into a powerslam position, but Orton works out of it and goes for a chop block. Orton immediately goes to work on Sheamus knee, stomping away at the leg. Another lock up and Sheamus backs Orton into the ropes, but Orton turns it around. Orton starts to wrench away at Sheamus ankle and Sheamus tries and kick him off until he finally kicks him off sending Orton's shoulder into the ring post. Towards the end Sheamus would hit an armbreaking DDT getting a near fall. This is when the "Boo-Yay" punches come into play as people booed Sheamus punches and cheered Orton's punches. Sheamus would hit his signature backbreaker but didn't win yet. Sheamus would go for his crucifix like powerbomb but Orton countered and kicked Sheamus sending him to the outside. As Sheamus got back in, it was at the count of 7 and Orton hit his awesome hang-man's DDT. Orton did not get the pin fall but Orton is now loading up for the Punt-Kick but Sheamus rolls outside and in comes Nerdy Rhodes hitting Sheamus as the Referee noticed it. As Sheamus gets back in the ring Orton hits the RKO and Orton goes for the pin but the Ref declined Orton's pin and said "Ring The Bell!" Sheamus keeps the title by DQ. A Stupid finish for freaking $49.95 and I was really disappointed by the outcome as well as Orton himself. Rhodes came back all sorrow and tried to apologize for his foolish mishap and the crowd was chanting "RKO!" "RKO!" "RKO!" Rhodes apologizes but Orton clubs Rhodes in the face and repeatedly started bashing Cody's head into the mat. Out comes Ted Dibiase trying to break it up scuffling with Orton but receives a right-hand of his own. Orton backed Rhodes into a corner and said "You're DONE MAN!" and starts stomping away at Cody getting what he deserved and eventually stopped. As Orton turned around Sheamus was up and hit Orton with his Bicycle Kick thing and laid Orton out. Legacy would walk away and Cody threw his Legacy T-shirt at Orton while he laid on the canvas. All in All, A whole lot of hype for nothing resulting in a dumb match finish.

    4. Michelle McCool vs Mickie James Women's Championship 1/5. Michelle comes out and does her usual funny jokes calling Mickie "Piggie James" and Layla came out in a pig outfit but Mickie's music hits and Mickie throws Layla into the barricade. Match starts and Mickie wins back the women's title for the sixth time ever using the MickieDt in just seconds. At the end the Diva's brought out a big cake and threw it all over Michelle and Layla's faces.

    5. The Undertaker vs Rey Mysterio for the World Heavyweight Championship. 3/5. Really Great Championship match, even better than the rip-off Orton/Sheamus match. Match starts with Rey going for kicks to the leg, and some quick strikes but Taker clutches Mysterio's neck and throws him over the top rope onto the floor. Mysterio gets on the apron and goes for a shoulder block on Taker, goes for a springboard, and Bam! gets punched right in the face. Taker goes for his patented legdrop on the outside but Rey tries to escape but got grabbed and got the leg drop from the bottom rope instead in guillotine fashion. Taker goes for the chokeslam but Rey counters into a hurricanrana sending taker for a 619 but Taker grabs his feet and goes for the tombstone, but rey fights out going for a springboard cross-body but eats a huge boot. Trying to move along here, not going to say all the results anymore but I'll jump to the main parts. Rey would go on and perform a baseball slide to Taker causing him to have a bloody mouth and at the end Rey goes for two 619's and goes for a springboard but gets caught for a huge Last Ride and Taker retains the title. 6. 2010 30-man Royal Rumble match. 2.9/5. Wow, I've never seen a faster Royal Rumble in my life. It seems as if the bookers/writers rushed the match and I have no idea why considering it's the Royal Rumble match!! Every 90 seconds felt like only 30-45 seconds it was so weird. Eliminations occured so quickly and it made absolutely no sense. Well anyways here's the main results: Dolph drew #1 and Evan Bourne drew #2. Quick exciting Offense by Evan Bourne and he would go on to hit "Airbourne" as the entry for #3 would be announced. It's C.M. Punk and he throws out both Dolph and Evan. So much for pushing new talent. C.M. Punk would talk on the mic saying "everyone here can be saved!" Not everyone can win this match! C.M. Punk would go on to throw out 3 people including Beth Phoenix! Yes Beth Phoenix took the GTS and got eliminated. Triple H would go on to throw out C.M. Punk and as Shawn Michaels came in at #18, DX threw out Drew McIntyre. HBK superkicked Triple H out of the match later on. John Cena came in next cleaning house eliminating Yoshi Tatsu, Shelton Benjamin, and Kofi Kingston. R-Truth came in at #25 and pulls off and unbelievable upset elimination by eliminating both Mark Henry and The Big Show. The whole crowd went nuts for Truth. Jericho would come in at #28 and battled a little bit only to be thrown out by the RETURNING EDGE!! at #29. Batista pushed out Shawn Michaels and Superkicked the ref becuase this was his only chance to face Taker again at Mania. Cena would go on to eliminate Batista leaving the last two Edge and Cena I believe, and Edge attempts a spear but gets kicked in the chest and Cena tries to grab Edge's head but Edge ducks and chucks Cena out leaving him the last superstar and the 2010 Royal Rumble winner. Edge would go on to soak in the cheers as the pyro went off. Sorry for the long review I just wanted to cover everything. Hope you enjoyed and If I were you I wouldn't order the replay because It wasn't that great because the Rumble was heavily rushed when it didn't need to be rushed, the eliminations were speedy quick, and The Orton/Sheamus match was a disappointment.
  • Disappointing pay per view.

    The title matches were all really forgettable, and don't even get me started on the disaster that was the women's match (why they torture us with that garbage I'll never know). But I want to focus this review on the actual Royal Rumble match.

    Each year we're guaranteed at least one surprise, and Edge was the one tonight. I was a bit shocked to see him, but to have him win the whole thing? Dumb. Shawn Michaels, John Cena, or a dark horse were your ideal candidates, but not Edge. He gets injured too frequently and needs to prove he can stay healthy for a few months before you put him back in title contention.

    Don't get me wrong, his presence will definitely freshen up the main event picture, but he'll be old news by his second show back.