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Season 27 Episode 1

Royal Rumble 2011

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 30, 2011 on

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  • Well here I am again reviewing a PPV and I'm here to review the Royal Rumble 2011. This was the 24th installment and in the first time ever in Royal Rumble Match history, 40 participants were now in the match replacing the original traditional 30 men.....

    Summary Continued(Ugh, curse TV.com lol) Royal Rumble. The Royal Rumble 2011 was held in Boston, MA. I have ordered this event 6 years in a row consecutively since 2006 because the Royal Rumble is just my favorite match ever. If you wanna read a great review of this years "Rumble", then you have come to the right place.

    Match 1: Edge defeats Dolph Ziggler to retain the World Heavyweight Championship with Christian's "Killswitch" due to the fact that Edge was not allowed to use his "Spear". Very great back and forth contest and Ziggler showed that he has what it takes to be a main eventer someday. Crowd was well alive during this match, and every other match that was contested.(Rating 4/5 Stars)

    Match 2: The Miz(W/ Alex Riley) defeats Randy Orton to retain the WWE Championship when C.M. Punk interfered and gave Orton the GTS. Very awesome back and forth match with a lot of punches thrown and Orton pretty much had the upperhand when he close lined The Miz like 15 times. After the ref gets knocked out, Orton hits an RKO on The Miz but in comes The "New Nexus" as they surrounded Orton but C.M. Punk came into the crowd and into the ring and gave Orton the GTS when the ref and Miz were down. Many of the heel fans were marking out and Punk put Miz's hand over Randy for him to retain the Title.(Rating 4.2/5 Stars)

    Match 3: Natalya Vs Lay-Cool in a 2-on-1 handicap match for the Diva's Championship.

    "Dunana, Dunana!!!", It's Michael Cole's usual message that he receives from the anonymous general manager and he has a message regarding our Diva's Championship bout. The message said (And I Quote.....) " Teddy Long may have let Lay-Cool previously co-hold the Diva's belts, but he says he's in charge and things were about to change". The anonymous message even says that the manager has even got complaints of how utterly annoying Michael is and that he would be changing this to a fatal 4 way match. Natalya Vs Layla Vs Michelle McCool, Vs This Diva.... It's Eve Torres!

    Match 3(Changed): Eve and McCool get the pin but the ref only sees Eve's pin first and Eve captures the Diva's Championship defeating McCool, Layla, And Natalya. For a diva's match, it was pretty entertaining with a lot of back and forth action between the ladies. Eve wins with moonsault.(Rating 3.6/5 stars)

    Match 4: Our Main Event Already!!!!!!!! Alberto Del Rio wins the 2011 Royal Rumble by last eliminating Santino Marella who almost made the biggest upset the Rumble History.

    Here's The order of entrants and their respective eliminations:

    1. C.M. Punk(Announced as number one but The Corre comes out and surrounds Punk and beats him down, but The New Nexus helps Punk and there is an all-out brawl between both stables and we get another message from Cole saying And I Quote: "This Chaos needs to end now!! If both teams don't head back to their respective locker rooms, then both Corre and The New Nexus will by DQ'd from the Rumble itself!!!!!" Cole then says the only person who should be in the ring right now is the number one entrant who is C.M. Punk. Now the match starts) Eliminated by: John Cena
    2. Daniel Bryan (Eliminated by: C.M. Punk)
    3. Justin Gabriel (Eliminated by: Daniel Bryan)
    4. Zack Ryder (Eliminated by: Daniel Bryan)
    5. William Regal (Eliminated by: Ted Dibiase)
    6. Ted Dibiase (Eliminated by: Husky and Michael of Nexus)
    7. John Morrison (Eliminated by: Husky, Michael, and Otunga of Nexus)
    8. Yoshi Tatsu (Eliminated by: Mark Henry)
    9. Husky Harris (Eliminated by: The returning Great Khali)
    10. Chavo Guerrero (Eliminated by: Mark Henry)
    11. Mark Henry (Eliminated by: 4 member of Nexus)
    12. JTG eliminated by Michael of Nexus
    13. Michael of Nexus eliminated by Cena
    14. Chris Masters eliminated by Punk
    15. David Otunga eliminated by Cena
    16. Tyler Reks eliminated by Punk
    17. Kozlov eliminated by Punk
    18. R-Truth eliminated by Punk
    19. The Great Khali eliminated by Mason Ryan
    20. Mason Ryan eliminated by John Cena
    21. BOOKER T(This is where I mark out but sadly he didn't last in this match as he was quickly eliminated by Mason Ryan. Matt Striker even said "He marked out himself" during commentating and I don't think you're allowed to use "Carny Smark Internet-Talk" if you work for WWE)
    22. John Cena eliminated by The Miz(Which will lead to Cena squashing Miz once again at Wrestlemania and getting yet another boring title reign) 23. Hornswoggle eliminated by Sheamus
    24. Tyson Kidd eliminated by John Cena
    25. Heath Slater eliminated by John Cena
    26. Kofi Kingston eliminated by Randy Orton
    27. Jack Swagger eliminated by Rey Mysterio
    28. Sheamus eliminated by Randy Orton
    29. Rey Mysterio eliminated by Wade Barrett
    30. Wade Barrett eliminated by Randy Orton(NOOOO I wanted him to win:( :(
    31. Dolph Ziggler(1st entrant over the number "30" in Royal Rumble history and was eliminated by The Big Show)
    32. Diesel eliminated by Wade Barrett( Many traditional fans in the building and people booed the crap outta Barrett when "BIG Daddy Cool" was eliminated)
    33. Drew Mcintyre eliminated by The Big Show
    34. Alex Riley eliminated by Cena and Kingston
    35. Big Show eliminated by Ezekial Jackson a.k.a. Big Zeke
    36. Ezekial Jackson eliminated by Kane
    37. Santino Marella(Ok trying to be unbiased here, but I would have rather seen Santino win the Rumble rather than Alberto. I nearly marked out if Ol' Santino would have won) eliminated by Alberto Del Rio(Winner)
    38. Alberto Del Rio(Winner of 2011 Royal Rumble)
    39. Randy Orton eliminated by Alberto Del Rio
    40. Kane eliminated by Mysterio(Will he ever win a rumble lol???, people actually thought that HHH would return but no, they would never leave Kane out of it so I knew it would be him, not Triple H)
    (Match Rating 4.5/5 stars)

    Only 4 matches but hey let's not forget it was 40 men this year. Well the beginning of the match for the Rumble was incredible(From Morrison's barricade "Spot" of almost being eliminated, to C.M. Punk Vs Daniel Bryan duking it out just like in ROH) except for when it got towards the middle. It started to get severely rushed when Punk's "New Nexus" started eliminating everybody and that's when it started to suck. Alberto winning was a huge disappointment to me and I would not have paid the 40-somethin dollars if I knew he would have won. At first I was like, Nah this guy doesn't have a chance in he*l of winning because he just started in WWE but he actually won it? WOW shocker :/ I would have been very proud to see Santino win though but enough ranting from me haha. Well hope you enjoyed my review of this year's 2011 Royal Rumble match. I put a lot of time into this so please rate it as a "Thumbs Up" or a "Thumbs Down"
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