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WWE Pay-Per-View

Season 24 Episode 9

Summerslam 2008

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Aug 17, 2008 on
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Episode Summary

Summerslam 2008
Edge vs. Undertaker (Hell in a Cell Match)

WWE Champion Triple H vs. The Great Khali

World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk vs. JBL

ECW Champion Mark Henry vs. Matt Hardy

John Cena vs. Batista

MVP vs. Jeff Hardy

Winners Take All Tag Team Match Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston & Women's Champion Mickie James vs Santino Marella & Beth Phoenix Shawn Michaels announcement

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  • This summerslam was okay. It wasn't good nor was it terrible. This took place at the conceso field house in indianapoilis, indiana, It was on August 17th. This is my first ever summerslam review and I look forward to type out my opinion about this ppv )))moreless

    1.The first match to kick of the show was mvp vs jeff hardy. 2/5. It was not that great of a match but it was okay. There could have been a little back and forth action but oh well. Shelton interferes and m.v.p. wins.

    2. Winner takes all intergender tag team match for both the womans and intercontinental championship. Kofi Kingston and Mickie James vs Glamerella. 3/5. This actually was a really good match. Lot of great wrestling and highflying by kofi. Glameralla wins when beth performs her facebuster to mickie.

    3. Matt Hardy vs Mark Henry for the ecw championship. 0/5. Matt was kicking his a*s for the first few seconds but didn't get a fighting chance when Tony Atlas interfered. Matt wins by DQ. Matt and Jeff will eventually take out mark henry.

    4. Hbk announcement. 5/5. This was a really interesting segment and Hbk was about to announce his retirement until Chris Jericho comes out and confronts Shawn. Y2j gets mad and punches Shawns wife in the mouth.

    5. World Heavyweight Championship match- C.M. punk vs Jbl. 3.5/5. This was a really entertaining match with many muay ti kicks my c.m. pumk and physicality by JBL. C.M. Punk wins with the G.T.S.

    6. WWE championship match. Triple H vs The great khali. 2.5/5. This was really slow and boring because khali as usual takes control. Triple H wins with the pedigree.

    7. 1st time ever. John cena vs Batista. 4.5/5. Match of the night but what disappointed me was no hype at all. As for the match. A lot of power displayed by both men. My favorite part was when Cena countered the attempted powerslam by batista into an f-u. The other flaw was that it ended a little too fast. But Cena hurt his neck and will return in 3-4 months. This was a summerslam classic but batista won.

    8. Hell In a Cell. The Returning Undertaker vs Edge. 4/5. This would have surpassed Cena vs Batista but they did not fight on top of the cell. Thats what I was hoping for. Edge controlled most of the match with punchs, a ladder, multiple chair shots, etc etc. The Undertaker spears edge through the cage which was awesome. Undertaker wins with the tombstone and at the end he chokeslams edge through the mat and fire came out through the mat.

    This was a pretty good summerslam but not the best. But This summerslam to me, just barely makes it as one of the best summerslam's in summerslam history.moreless
  • OMg have you ever seen such a beautiful night

    this episode was awesome. and guess what made it better? I am going to tell you, it is the return of the UNDERTAKER. not only did he return but he also took out Edge and made sure he burned in Hell. It was awesome the way they ploted it and made sure the undertaker doesnt return no matter how hard edge tried to make him break his awesome comeback. i loved his character as the phenom. another nice match was the winner take all match. it is so pathetic how santino takes joy in defeating women. he is not even stron and the sad part is, he didnt win the title the girlfriend also known as the Glamazon won the belt for him. How pathetic and ironic because he always said women belong in the kitchen not ring or entertainment industrymoreless
  • Pretty good, not the best Summerslam but def not the worst

    I actually enjoyed the ppv, I was upset about how crappy the 3 world title matches were but the HHH match was better then I expected. The MVP/Hardy match was decent. The winner takes all would have been better if Santino would of won the womens title and beth the IC it would have led to funny backstage stuff. The Cena/Batista was a great match way better then I thought. The hell in the cell even though there was no blood was still great with tons of sick spots like the spear on the table and threw the cell, but when he got choke slammed threw the ring after the match, and the fire came out of the ring that was classic. I give it an 8 out of 10. Like I said The worst match was JBL/Punk. I am not a fan at all of JBL and find him incredibly boring.moreless
  • Edge vs. The Undertaker inside Hell in a Cell.

    WWE returned with "the biggest blockbuster of the summer" Summerslam on Sunday August 17th. How did the event hold up?

    MVP defeated Jeff Hardy

    - This was a decent opener and a win for Hardy would have gotten the crowd excited for the rest of the event. I'm glad that MVP won and he is getting pushed, but I wish he had done it cleanly and not with assistance from Shelton Benjamin.

    Beth Phoenix and Santino Marella defeated Kofi Kingston and Mickie James

    - Not a good match, but it did have some okay comedy moments. It was obvious who was winning but I'm glad Santino might be better utilized now that he has the IC belt.

    Shawn Michaels announcement.

    - This went on for too long and was none different than what we have seen week after week from these two. Jericho hitting Rebecca was funny, but the helping to the back took way too long and killed the momentum of the show.

    Matt Hardy defeated Mark Henry

    - This was absolutely ridiculous. Mark Henry was completely buried and made to look like a joke, and it just left a sour taste in my mouth. CM Punk defeated JBL

    - An okay match, but I expected better from these two. Punk and Layfield are two of the best in the business at pyschology and putting matches together, but there were a bunch of blown spots, in addition to a weak ending.

    Triple H defeated The Great Khali - Terrible. Triple H didn't work hard at all and Khali simply cannot be in a title match. This was a really bad ten minutes.

    Batista defeated John Cena

    - This was pretty good, but again, had a bunch of blown spots, including the Batista Bomb counter to Cena jumping off the top rope. Cena worked hard and deserved to win, but I guess he'll take the rematch at Wrestlemania.

    The Undertaker defeated Edge

    - We all knew Undertaker was taking this, but there were several spots where the mark in me truly believed Edge might steal it. There were some decent bumps taken by both men, but this was a huge disappointment based on all the hype and time dedicated to the bout on Smackdown. Edge lost a lot of credibility by losing this match. Final score is a 7.2/10. Better than most WWE PPVs, but all the big matches turned into letdowns.moreless

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