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Season 26 Episode 8

Summerslam 2010

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Aug 15, 2010 on
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Summerslam 2010
WWE Championship Sheamus (c) vs Randy Orton

Elimination Tag Team Match: Nexus vs John Cena, John Morrison, R-Truth, Chris Jericho, Edge and Bret Hart, and Daniel Bryan

World Championship Kane (c) vs Rey Mysterio

Big Show vs The Straight Edge Society (3-on-1 Handicap Match)
Divas Championship Alicia Fox (c) vs Melina

Intercontinental Title match
Dolph Ziggler (c) vs Kofi Kingston


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  • WWE Summerslam 2010 took place on August 15, 2010 in Los Angeles, CA at the Staples Center. This was the 23rd annual Summerslam that 1st took place back in 1988. There were two huge returns both of which were scripted returns. Daniel Brian and Undertaker!moreless

    Ugh back to school in nine days on August 24th but that's not the point. I usually tell all of the results but today I feel lazy and I'm not going to review every wrestling hold and move. I'm here to review one of the "Big Four" PPV's that took place last night and last night was Summerslam 2010. Here's the results and the rundown of the card:

    1. Dolph Ziggler and Kofi Kingston fought for the Intercontinental Championship which ended in a no-contest. It was a pretty decent match and Kofi was about to hit the Trouble In Paradise but Dolph ducked and put Kofi in his sleeper hold. The Nexus interferes and Skip Sheffield closelines Dolph out of the ring and Kofi is left all alone in the ring. Kofi tries to fight back but Nexus beats up Kofi and Barrett hits Kofi with the Wasteland. Nexus then cuts a promo stating that "This was just a preview of what we'll do to Team WWE later on tonight". They also stated that they were unified unlike WWE's massive egos. Match Rating: 3/5 stars

    2. Melina defeats Alicia Fox for the Diva's Championship. Melina comes out to a sexy yellow and red headdress reminiscent to Wrestlemania 24 to represent her hometown of L.A. Alicia and Melina put on an awesome diva's championship match and Melina wins with the Facebuster. Lay-Cool then comes out and they want to take "pictures" with Melina. They make fun of her for having cellulite and Melina gets angry and wants to fight back but Melina gets ganged up by Lay-Cool and they walk away. Match Rating: 3.5/5 stars

    3. The Big show defeats The S.E.S. in a 3-on-1 handicap match. Big Show straight up dominates in this match-up and C.M. Punk walks away at the end because he was too scared to fight the Big Show. Left in the ring is a defenseless Joseph Mercury and Luke Gallows and Gallows gets knocked out with Show's right-hand and Big Show chokeslams Mercury on top of Gallows. Match Rating: 2.5/5 stars

    4. The Miz cuts a promo stating that he will in fact be Team WWE's seventh member for the 7-on-7 match. He starts to mock the WWE Universe and tells them not to steal his catch phrases. He also says that the Lakers will be the downfall to Lebron's trade to the Miami Heat and that they won't win this year's NBA Finals.

    5. Randy Orton Wins by DQ Vs sheamus for The WWE Championship. This was a great back-and-forth match as usual between Sheamus and Randy Orton and was even better than their Royal Rumble 2010 encounter. During the end Sheamus goes for his Crucifix Powerbomb bu Randy slips off, attempts an RKO, but gets brode kicked in the face by Sheamus. Sheamus goes for the pin but Randy Kicks out at 2 and a half and Sheamus in in disbelief. Desperate, Sheamus goes for a chair puts in the ring but the ref grabs it from him and they're both gripping onto the chair but Sheamus pushes the ref out with the chair and the ref calls for the bell thus Randy winning by DQ. Randy is ticked off and goes bizerk tearing apart the commentary table and puts Sheamus on top of the table and gives him an RKO! Randy does his pose and walks away. Match Rating 4/5 stars

    6. Kane defeats Rey Mysterio to retain the World Heavyweight Championship. So Kane brings a casket to the ring to scare Mysterio because he has a fear of caskets. Kane was dominating most of the match and Rey could hardly get any high flying offense in his match. Rey hits the 619 on Kane and goes for a springboard splash but gets caught and goes for a pin but Kane gets up and kicks Rey in the face and Kane goes for the Chokeslam for the win. After the match Kane says that "You're going to pay for what you did to my brother The Undertaker". Kane drags Rey by the arm , but Rey kicks Kane in the shoulder and Kane gets enraged and chokeslams Rey twice. Kane opens the casket to find that The Undertaker is back and lying in the casket!! Scary Moment. Undertaker goes in the ring and says that he believes that Rey wasn't the one who put him in the vegetative state. So Taker stares at Kane only to get Tombstoned by Kane.

    7. THE Main Event: Team WWE defeats The Nexus in a 7-on-7 Handicap Match. Nexus comes out then Cena's team and as soon as The Miz comes out as the seventh member Cena gets on the mic and says "Miz you're Way TOO LATE to make up your mind during the event of Summerslam and the seventh meber isn't you" He says the seventh member is DANIEL BRIAN!!! *This is where I mark out*. Here's the order of eliminations:

    Daniel Brian eliminates Darren Young 0:42

    John Morrison eliminates Michael Tarver 3:42

    Skip Sheffield eliminates John Morrison 7:32

    Skip Sheffield eliminates R-truth 7:59

    Bret Hart gets DQ'd by hitting Skip Sheffield with chair with Nexus put in the ring 12:08

    Edge eliminates Skip Sheffield 13:13

    Chris Jericho eliminates David Otunga 19:13

    Heath Slater eliminates Chris Jericho 20:05

    Heath Slater eliminates Edge 20:38

    Daniel Brian eliminates Heath Slater 29:02

    Wade Barrett eliminates Daniel Brian after Brian gets hit in the head with a briefcase by The Miz 29:32

    John Cena eliminates Justin Gabriel 34:50

    And John Cena eliminates Wade Barrett with the STF 35:18

    This was an extremely fast paced match and a great opportunity by taking a bunch of nobody's who started with minimum wage at FCW to being in the spotlight at Summerslam. For a second I thought The Nexus would win and they showed a lot of heart but failed to win. At the end, Justin Gabriel tore apart the mat on the ground and Barrett DDT's Cena face-first on the exposed ground. Barrett throws Cena back in the ring and Barrett points to Justin for the exclamation point for The Nexus Victory/Dominance. Justin is on top for the 450 splash, misses, and Cena pins Gabriel for the 3 count. Wade Barrett is staring at Cena with a WTF look on his face. He runs in the ring but gets caught in the STF thus Cena winning for team WWE. I really wanted The Nexus to win though because I've been a fan of them since their FCW days because I live here in Tampa and I attend FCW almost every week. I was extremely proud to see how far they've come since being in FCW to making it to the big stage of Summerslam. I really didn't care who won though.

    Match Rating: A perfect 5/5 stars!

    Overall Opinion: This has been the PPV I've been waiting for! This was WAY BETTER than the crappy Wrestlemania 26 and every match was excellent and I don't believe there was one bad match. Summerslam never ever disappoints and I look forward to next years in 2011! So this is crazedwwefan signing off on my last days of summer unfortunately. I thank you for reading my review if you care and there will be many more reviews to come in the future!!moreless
  • Summerslam

    So, Summerslam is here and gone. Did you even know that it happened? Probably not.

    This event was sold on WWE vs. NEXUS. The match was not bad, but the only really good thing about it is that Daniel Bryan is back in the company. Bryan can be a big star, he's one of the best wrestlers on the planet, it only makes sense that WWE employs him.

    But Kane vs. The Undertaker? Seriously? Who wants to see that in 2010? And get The Miz off my television screen please.

    The women's division is such a joke right now. I don't even want to comment on this further.

    This felt like an average monthly PPV and not the major event it used to be.moreless
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