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Season 22 Episode 14

Survivor Series 2006

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 26, 2006 on
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Survivor Series 2006
Ric Flair, Dusty Rhodes, Sgt. Slaughter & Ron Simmons def. Kenny, Johnny, Nicky & Mikey (Traditional Survivor Series Match) U.S. Champion Chris Benoit def. Chavo Guerrero Mickie James def. Lita (new Women's Champion) DX, CM Punk, Matt & Jeff Hardy def. Rated-RKO, Johnny Nitro, Gregory Helms & Mike Knox (Traditional Survivor Series Match) Mr. Kennedy def. Undertaker (First Blood Match) John Cena, Kane, Lashley, Sabu & RVD def. Big Show, Test, MVP, Finlay & Umaga (Traditional Survivor Series Match) Batista def. King Booker (new World Heavyweight Champion)moreless

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  • this was the best survivor series in my opinion bc there were 3 10 man tags, a first blood match, and championshp matches. i got to see cryme tyme steal litas gonads, rated rko, helms, nitro , and knox get killed,moreless

    i think that when survivor series has more than 2 10 man tag team matches, its very good. plus when there are rare matches like first blood or last manstanding. becasuse i like those and i never see them. this was my favprote sirvivor series. and kennedy got his nuts squahed on the unprotec ted turnbuckle during the first blood mnatcg. that was a classic. but it sucked that taker lost. and oim glad that mickie james and batista regained their gold. iver been waiting for that. but something negative is that they didnt use a bunch fi superstars.it was good tho.moreless
  • One of the best PPVs.

    Survivor Series was the best Pay Per View in 2006! The match between the legends and the Spirit Squad was good. I liked how Ric Flair defeated 3 members of the Spirit Squad! After Ric won the Spirit Squad attacked him! Why did they attack him?!?!?!

    The next match was excellent. I wanted Benoit to win and he won. Mickie James became the new Women's Champion! I'm glad Lita didn't won.

    The match with DX was the second best match! DX's matches are always funny! In this match it was funny how DX eliminated Mike Knox. :lol: Team DX wasm't eliminated! All 5 members of the team stayed till the end! That was amazing!

    The First Blood match was bad. The good part was when Kennedy made the Undertaker angry! The Undertaker destroyed Kennedy after the match!

    Cena and Lashley won the second Traditional Survivor Series match! Cena pinned the Big Show. Lashley helped a LOT Cena. RVD helped his team a lot too! It was the best match!

    The Animal finally became the World Heavyweight Champion! This was a great final for Survivor Series 2006! Survivor Series 2006 was the best PPV in 2006!moreless
  • what a great night for survivor series.

    this ppv was great ppv i loved it but it was lita's time to go. you know what lita is a HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. but she did a lot for the wwe. she is a four time women's champion. well this show had a lot of good match ups like DX vs Rated RKO no one got eleminated from DX's team. what a tag team. Also batista the new world heavy weight champ. now the animal rules the smackdown kingdom. and lita in her final match. lita vs mickie james for the women's championship. they were on and off. but in the end mickie james pick up the victory to become a two time women's champion. she won the women's title twice in her rookie year and she made a name for her self. john cena's team vs ECW world champion big show's team. what a match well john and bobby lashly were the last mone's standing and won the match. and the legends won and beat the spirit squad. and what was a goof up for MVP he hit undertaker with a chair and made him lose the first blood match. ken kenddey won. but MVp was aming for kenddey. well a good show. and cyrme tyme was funny what they did to lita HOOOOO sale. hahahahahamoreless
  • The 20th anniversary of the Survivor Series. Some good parts. A few bad parts.

    Match 1

    Team Legends Def. Spirit Squad - Ric Flair survives

    Good. I don't like the Spirit Squad, nor do I like the fact that guys that I grew up watching had to lose to these grass stains. The match was kinda short, but it was okay. 6.5/10

    Match 2

    Chris Benoit Def. Chavo Guerrero to retain the U.S Title

    The first of my predictions came true. Benoit is the perfect candidate to bring life to the U.S title. Though he should be going for the World Heavyweight championship instead in my opinion. Chavo stinks, he can't do a frog splash to save his life, he is no Eddie Guerrero so the WWE should stop pushing him to be like him. 7/10

    Match 3

    Mickie James Def. Lita to win the Women's champion

    I'm glad a woman with talent in Mickie is the champion now. Now Amy Dumas will be known as the tramp that cheated on her boyfriend (she should thank the WWE writers for dragging her private life through the gutter) and being a shell of her real self (that is not the Lita we've grown to know). Cryme Tyme comes out and embarassing her was the highlight of the night. 7/10

    Match 4

    Team DX Def. Team RKO - everyone in Team DX survives

    I love the Hardy Boys, I love DX and since this is my first time watching CM Punk, I like him too. On the opposite, ya got a girlfriend stealer, a jerk from backstage, a nobody, a guy wearing a title that is dead and a talentless joke named after a WCW show. So I'm glad DX won with no members being eliminated. DX's team won, Edge and Orton suck as far as I'm concerned, moving on..... 8.5/10

    Match 5

    Mr. Kennedy Def. The Undertaker in a First Blood Match

    I hated the outcome of this. Kennedy, who can only shout his name through a microphone and become a fast rising star, winning over the Undertaker thanks to another talentless joke in MVP. The only good thing is when Taker bent a chair across Kennedy's head after the match was over. He was gonna shout his name through the mic again. Ugh. Kennedy: Worst Superstar Ever. P.S: Kennedy is NO Kurt Angle. He rose to the top in under a year himself, only he had talent which Kennedy does not. 7.5/10

    Match 6

    Team Cena Def. Team Big Show - Cena and Lashley survive

    Why does the WWE insist on letting Umaga go undefeated? He is nothing more than a ripoff to TNA's Samoa Joe and he was the first eliminated via DQ. I am begging someone to end his winning streak quickly. Anyways, Cena's team deserved to win. Big Show had a bunch of talentless jokes except for Finlay who can wrestle (who is sadly stuck with a stupid midget). Final match...... 9/10

    Match 7

    Batista Def. King Booker to win the World Championship

    This was the blackest day in Survivor Series history. King Booker, a man who is more entertaining, has an arsenal of kicks, a good movelist and an awesome high risk move from the top rope LOSING to Batista who can only do clotheslines, spinebusters, Batista bombs and flex a muscle. The WWE has no respect for veterans and wanna make talentless bodybuilders look good when they clearly do not. Fans boo Cena, yet they don't boo Batista. What is wrong with that picture? And the WWE refuse to let Booker win matches clean. What's wrong with THAT picture as well? We'll just have to wait and see what happens at the next PPV. 5.5/10moreless
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